Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trippy Leucadia Gal

I see this girl everywhere, I think her name is Leah. I've talked to her before, she is really nice. There used to be a lot more girls like her in Leucadia. Photo taken from the Beyond Toothpaste blog which is also kinda trippy.


  1. Yep, that's Leah! The Patron Saint of Postcards, AND the new Beyond Toothpaste Tooth Fairy. I was honored to have her as the ghost of Frida Kahlo here at Caldwell's Antiques on Halloween. We had food, a one of a kind slide show Leah made herself and a few ghouls and gobblins that migrated to Swiv Tackle Circus art gallery in O'side afterward. Leah's a talented soul who makes very special postcards and has numerous videos she's made for Youtube.com
    Check them all out!

    Here's her Halloween one...


    or look under "Stellabelle"

    Love ya Leah!

  2. wow, Thanks so much Fred, you are so extremely nice!!!! That's so cool!!! You are the first person to post multiple links. I'm still looking forward to your Youtube videos about THE THING!!!

  3. Rusty Trinket, Chocolate Diamond, Flirty Mango and myself are thrilled to see someone with such fashion cachet, something that goes a wee bit beyond ugh boots, skinny jeans, baby doll tops and pants with those annoying little strings.

    All hail Leah!!!

  4. Funny thing ... the toothpast works. It's expensive, it smells like sulphur, its for sale at Seaside Market, it works!

  5. Lets keep an open mind and believe in accepting diversity.

    There is nothing wrong with skinny jeans and baby doll tops.


  6. 7:07

    Yes, we should tolerate the dull and the ignorant.

  7. Don't forget the standard issue lower back tattoo aka the tramp stamp.

  8. It's the Tooth Fairy herself, here to say thank you for helping to spread the knowledge, both about beyond toothpaste and fashion. Actually, that postcard apron idea came to me in a dream, so it really had nothing to do with fashion at all. It had to do with function: I couldn't figure out a way to distribute my postcards, so the apron idea just appeared to me one night.......

  9. By the way, Fred is Beyond Brilliant!

  10. Well, I have good taste in Tooth Fairies. But only mildly brilliant by accident once in a while.


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