Friday, August 29, 2008

The Leucadia Blvd intersection functions better without the stoplights

The Leucadia Blvd/Hwy101 intersection works better without the long red lights. It sure does need some new asphalt and fresh paint though.

After a week of flashing red lights the city has finally finished a temporary fix for Leucadia Blvd and Hwy101, the worst intersection on the coast highway.

It is my opinion, and I think a lot of people will agree, that the intersection flowed much more smoothly with the stoplights. Sure there was a little confusion, especially from the scowling woman in the black BMW SUV who tried to mow down a jogger and then crash into me, but it seemed like most drivers could grok the intersection as a 4 way stop. Normally, leaving Beacons beach and heading east takes an agonizing longtime and the traffic backs up way past Gary Murphy's house and the roadside park, but with the flashing reds there was no delay or backups.

It looked like the southbound traffic was flowing good, although I never saw it at peak rush hour. It seems like the southbound traffic has been staying on the I-5 for most of the summer ever since gas hit $4 bucks a gallon and more people started taking the Coaster train.

I think the Leucadia Blvd/Hwy101 intersection should stick with the flashing reds. What do you think?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

2008 Leucadia Art Walk Poster

By Kevin Doyle.
click poster for full size view.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

City Council Meeting, Wed Aug 27

Issues of importance:

Drought Response Conservation Ordinance.

Three Presentations at the beginning of the regular council meeting including an update from the Environmental Advisory Committee Chairman

Council to meet applicants to fill the vacant seat on the Environmental Advisory Committee.

Discussion on draft ordinance to limit ground floor uses along Hwy 101 in the downtown area.

Consideration of modifications to public road standards for a project proposed at 125 Mozart (Cardiff)

Staff request for approval to proceed with a Citizens Satisfaction survey.

View the Agenda online, click here.

Remember, you can watch Encinitas City Council meetings live online, click here.

What does the RED in Red County Blog stand for anyway?

You've seen the Red County Blog right?

Jerome Stocks Red County Blog post, My Answers to a Questionaire (he spells questionnaire wrong in the his blog post title).

Posted by: Jerome Stocks | 08/21/2008 11:08 PM

It comes as a surprise to some first time candidates for public office that various interest groups send out questionaire's to get a feel for where you as a candidate stand on issues they care about. Candidates receive these from public safety groups, the building industry, the right to life folks, the sierra club, organized labor, and more. This blog is a sample of one from a local group, along with my answers...

click here to read the rest

Jerome does not mention that the questionnaire is from the Encinitas Taxpayer's Assocation. In the comments section somebody ask where the questionnaire came from. ETA president Kevin C. then posts a comment and says, The select questions came from the...

The answers are not yet due and after they have all been returned we will comment on all the responses. I can say now that Mr. Stock's responses include some positions that will be welcomed but there some serious problems in other responses.

Until we gather all the responses, check out our latest newsletter at:
Here is where Kevin adds a link to the ETA website but that link is quickly edited out and this comment appears, ...Sorry. We don't advertise other blogs for free here...

Kevin attempts a follow up post with a link to Encinitas city council candidate and republican Joe Sheffo's NO Tax Challenge, but again his post his edited with, Sorry. We don't advertise other blogs for free here...

The San Diego Red County Blog is run by an anonymous person who calls himself The Mighty Thor.

It is odd that "The Mighty Thor" would edit a link, especially to a taxpayer watchdog group. The Red County Blog often post links and stories relating to the San Diego Taxpayer Association. I wonder why Thor is so nervous about the Encinitas Taxpayers Association that he felt compelled to resort to censorship?

The statement "we don't advertise other blogs here" is just downright bizarre. It's hardly advertising, it's not like it's an ad for Monster Energy drinks or something, it's a link to a public taxpayer watchdog group made up of mostly republicans. The whole point of the internet is to link to each other, that is why it's called the web.

There was some serious avoidance of mentioning the name "Encinitas Taxpayers Association." on the San Diego Red County Blog.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Leucadia Merchants at work in 1994...

From the files of Fred Caldwell,

Hi JP,
Going through a stack of local pics I took, it's staggering how many things have changed in the last 15 years. But wanted you to see the "boat" in it's home grown glory day. We replenished it twice, and it actually did have some water, but not enough.

Pres. of LMA Fred Caldwell and Vice Pres Sheila Cameron....(the boats were a gift from restaurant row in Cardiff. The other one we planted is still doing well in Cardiff, with full sun. Our Hwy 101 bookends...
Leucadia Town Council initially planted this island with flowers trees and benches about 10 years before incorporation. The original LEUCADIA sign was where the tacky arrow is, but that shortly disappeared after we incorporated in 1986. Rumored to be in some politico's backyard still. (They tried everything to abolish the term Leucadia, and that was one reason LMA formed - to preserve it. In doing so it helped all 5 of our communities retain identity. I think. )

Nanninga is looking for answers...

Encinitas council candidate Bob Nanninga files Public Records Act request asking for detailed list of private consultants hired by the City of Encinitas since 2001

Responding to concerns of citizens Encinitas City Council candidate Bob Nanninga has filed a Public records Act request asking for a lists of consultant hired by the city between January 1, 2001 and August 20, 2008.

In the spirit of transparency and due diligence, Nanninga is looking for answers regarding the amount of money being spent on consultants when the City is fully staffed with highly paid and professionally competent employees. At question is whether Encinitas taxpayers are paying twice for the same work to be done.

“As I talk to residents and voters as part of my campaign, one of the major concerns if the fiscal wisdom of hiring consultants to do the work of city employees. If city council and the city manager believe current staff is unable to do the tasks required for the proper functioning of city business and civic planning perhaps it is time they be replaced by those who can.” Nanninga continued, “I believe staff is up to the job if only council and department heads would allow them to do it.”

The Public records request covers all consultants hired by the City of Encinitas between January 1, 2001 and August 20, 2008 and includes their primary business address, job contracted, price paid and resulting actions.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're Back to Sand

Swamis Beach - Most Sand Ever. I've been surfing daily for over two decades and I have never seen so much sand at Swamis.

Normally, this little girl would be running across dry reef. Now there is no exposed reef at all, so there are no tidepools for all the tourists to explore.

This makes me wonder about statements like,

Now there's cobble in the summer where there shouldn't be cobble," Aceti said. "Over the years I got spoiled. I got used to running from Moonlight Beach or Stone Steps down to Swami's without any problems. Now, even if it's not high tide, you can get cut off. It's terrible conditions out there."

Aceti has long lobbied for more sand on local beaches, and is a proponent of Encinitas's "sand tax" initiative, which has been placed on the November ballot after failing to pass in the June election.

Aceti has also been promoting the regional quality of life tax, which has a sand component.

Aceti's wife, Betsy is running for Encinitas City Council.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August Issue of Hoodlink

August issue of Hoodlink click here/pdf file.

Hoodlink archives at

Hawaiian Shirt Night: Encinitas City Council Meeting

Surfing is the theme of tonight Encinitas city council meeting,

At the beginning of the council meeting San Dieguito Heritage Museum will present:
San Dieguito Legends and Legacy Encinitas Surfers Part 1. The video documents the recollections of Don Hansen, Linda Benson , Woody Ekstrom, Ron McCarver, Fred Ashley, Richard Dowdy and Schuyler McFerrin.

World longboard champ and Encinitas local, Schuyler McFerrin

There is also council discussion regarding commercial use of city parks & beaches, primarily by surf camps. story: Council to consider regulating businesses at city parks, beaches

"Under a broad proposal, the city would begin regulating surf camps and other business activities – fitness “boot camps,” yoga classes and personal training sessions – that take place at city beaches and parks.

Encinitas already requires business licenses. The idea of establishing additional permits for using beaches and parks began when surf camps proliferated."

It's also Hawaiian shirt night, so if you want...go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. The meeting starts at 6.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Leucadia Art Walk Sunday August 31, 2008

Sunday August 31, 2008

10 AM - 5 PM

One Mile of Talent by 101 Artists on HWY 101!

Musical and Dance Performances

Art Demonstrations

Children's Activities


Save the Date for This Great Fun Family Event

For artist application, click here.

For more information, click here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why No Final Resting Place for Encinitas?

Yesterday a fellow I know (we'll call him Quetzalcoatl) made a half joking comment that the Hall property, instead of a controversial sports complex, would be a great location for a town cemetery. I was stunned, it's so genius, so perfect of an idea. Encinitas has no town cemetery, no final resting place for all you locals who have invested all of your lives into making Encinitas such a great place to live. It's outrageous. How does a town with such a long and rich history not have an established central cemetery? Let the campaign begin for a town cemetery and all the hot disputed lands will be considered; the Hall property, the Ecke Prop A property, Pacific View, Quail Gardens, Olivenhain, etc.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1000th Post

I can't believe I just hit 1000 post on this blog. Yikes.

Open forum, what's on your mind?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Save the Cute Wittle kittens!

Okay, I want every single person who reads this blog to adopt an itsy bitsy, cute wittle kitty this weekend. OCEANSIDE: Shelters coping with kitten season

Monday, August 11, 2008

ETA August Newsletter & Public Art Questionnaire Online

The Encinitas Taxpayer Assocation August newsletter does a good job at explaining why it is important for us to keep an eye on city hall.


and if you have a minute, give the city some feedback with,


Saturday, August 09, 2008

North Leucadia 101 Tree Tunnel

Click photos for large view

When I was a little kid in the 1970's the north Leucadia tree tunnel was truly impressive. Hundreds of trees lined the coast, their limbs crisscrossing overhead. Some people say it was so dense somedays you had to turn on your headlights as you drove through.

Photos above were taken by me on August 5th, 2008. The tree tunnel has diminished due to lack of care and even downright hostility since 1986, when Leucadia became part of the city of Encinitas.

Several of the new Streetscape plans opt to cut down the trees in the center median and move the median one lane to the right, creating a single northbound lane. This configuration may work great for south Leucadia where the restaurants are, but in my opinion would destroy the classic ambiance of north Leucadia's coast highway.

What we need is an intelligent plan to manage and restore the north Leucadia tree canopy.

Bonus photo, Leucadia summertime traffic,

photo taken by me this afternoon, August 9th 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

FYI: City of Encinitas Website URL Change

At the direction of the City Manager, the city has implemented as a simpler domain name to be used as the new standard identifier for City email addresses and the City website.

For email addresses, the name goes after the customary '@' separator from the user name, for example,

For the City website, the address is now

This email address works for all 5 city council members:

  • The previous name will continue to work.

    Thursday, August 07, 2008

    Squirmy Explanation

    Why is Jim Bond running for reelection for Encinitas city council after stating he would not? Excerpt from Logan Jenkin's Untion Tribune column Bond's assurance unable to hold water:

    As I listened to his squirmy explanation, it was clear what was motivating him to hold on to his seat.


    For many years, Bond has served as the San Dieguito Water District representative on the County Water Authority. He's currently the CWA's man at the Metropolitan Water District, Southern California's main water supplier. In short, he's a big water wheel.

    As the filing deadline approached, Bond realized that the plush water gig likely would be stripped from him if he wasn't on the council.

    more from Logan Jenkins

    San Dieguito Water District

    County Water Authority

    Metropolitan Water District

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Nanninga calls for open dialogue and public vote regarding the Naylor Act and Pacific View School property

    For Immediate Release:

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    Encinitas council candidate Bob Nanninga calls for open dialogue and public vote regarding the Naylor Act and Pacific View School property

    Encinitas- Encinitas City Council candidate Bob Nanninga is asking all parties to come clean about who knew what and when regarding the Naylor Act and rezoning efforts by the Encinitas Unified School District in their attempt to develop the Pacific View Elementary school site .

    The Naylor Act (Education Code sections 17485-1750) requires school districts, who propose to lease or sell land used for outdoor recreation and open space land suited for recreational purposes, to offer to lease or sell a portion of the land at discount to either a city or county, whichever has jurisdiction.

    “It's clear the Encinitas Unified School District is not dealing in good faith with the City of Encinitas, downtown residents, and Encinitas citizens. At issue is who at the City of Encinitas knew what when, and why the Encinitas City Council is only now learning about the Naylor Act from local reporters as a result of Planning commission deliberations. Something is not right here.”

    Encouraging Encinitas residents to do the same, Nanninga has requested of the City clerk copies of all correspondence between City Council members, Planning director Patrick Murphy, Encinitas staff , EUSD superintendent Lean King, consultant Dee Snow, private contractor Peder Norby and developer John De Wald.

    This Public Records Act request includes all letters and emails, meeting agendas, meeting minutes and meeting dates between parties dating back to January 2006 regarding the Pacific View Advisory Committee and EUSD efforts to rezone the Pacific Elementary school site and the creation of a new zoning designation not recognized by the city general plan.

    A well known community advocate and downtown businessman, Nanninga is also on record stating any rezoning of the Pacific view property, and changes to the city's General Plan, must be decided with a vote by the people of Encinitas.

    Bob Nanninga, Candidate, cell 760-840-0838

    Two Meetings for Hall Property EIR

    FYI, the Hall Property EIR is scheduled to go before the Planning Commission on both Wednesday, September 3 and on Tuesday, September 9.

    These are considered "Special" Meetings as they do not fall on "Regular" Planning Commission Meeting days. The two meetings have been scheduled in anticipation of heavy public comment and extensive Commission deliberations (and how!).

    The September 3 meeting will be dedicated to public comment and the September 9 meeting will be primarily dedicated to Commissioner deliberations.

    As for the Final EIR, the document is scheduled for printing on August 19 and for publishing on August 22; it will then be distributed and available to the general public (hey that's us!).

    74th District Central Committee Members Endorse Joe Sheffo for Encinitas city council

    From the Red County Blog,

    74th District Central Committee Members Endorse Sheffo

    Several members of the 74th Assembly District, the caucus which represents much of coastal North County on the Central Committee of the San Diego County Republican Party, today announced their endorsement of Joe Sheffo for Encinitas City Council.

    "It is an honor to have the support of those who have for decades worked so hard on behalf of our party in the North County," said Sheffo. "With their support, and the support of many other Republicans, I will -- as both a member of the Encinitas City Council and the many regional agencies that set policy for the county as a whole -- be able to fight against tax increases and for fiscal accountability."

    The Central Committee members from the 74th Assembly District who are endorsing Sheffo include Dr. Mary Rose Consiglio, Sherry Hodges, Mary Humphrey, Dr. Tom Sherman, and Linda Dealy, an alternate.

    Sheffo has also been endorsed by Mark Kersey, the current president of the San Diego Young Republicans and a recently elected member of the Central Committee.

    Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    All in for the 2008 Encinitas City Council Race

    ENCINITAS: Bond to seek re-election for a fifth term
    Field of council candidates grows to 10 ENCINITAS: Bond to seek re-election for a fifth term

    James Bond-69 year old incumbent previously stated he would not seek reelection decides to run again. No doubt inspired by 72 year old shoo in presidential candidate John McCain. Bond is guaranteed reelection because people think it's fun to "vote for 007", the fictional action hero.

    Maggie Houlihan-Controversial incumbent. Hated by a vocal minority but beloved by thousands of local baby boomer aged woman across town. Has a solid chance of reelection.

    Jerome Stocks-Incumbent. Stocks does well in elections especially when running as "Stocks and Bonds". New Encinitas seems to like him fair enough, Leucadia has turned against him this year as Stocks is on the board of directors of the much despised NCTD and their hostile attitude towards coastal Encinitas. Decent chance of reelection but not a sure thing. Look for ENC power brokers to back Stocks and try to take down Houlihan.

    Betsy Aceti-Carpetbagger. Betsy and her husband Steve Aceti moved to Leucadia from Carlsbad last year. Steve Aceti is famous for lobbying for new taxes. No chance of election in 2008 but she may just be laying groundwork for a more serious run in 2010.

    Joe Sheffo-Local boy and the first Gen X'er who is a serious contender for city leadership. Would do a good job on the council but may have a hard time convincing the baby boomer voting base of that, however he does have experience with how government bureaucracies work.

    Rachelle Collier-Likable coastal local gal who has a chance but will have to get her face known to New Encinitas. Would do a good job on the council.

    Bob Nanninga-Well known outspoken and fiery city player. But this is the rebooted more mature and focused Bob 2.0. He has run before but has a good chance this year. The North County Times editorial staff was fond of backing Dan Dalager due to Dalager's presence as a small business owner but Bob has that licked ten fold as owner of the popular E St coffee shop where Bob will engage any visitor on any topic.

    Doug Long-Plumber. Known as the "other Dan Dalager". Always around but never really speaks. He is the lurker in the chat room. Long got a decent amount of votes last election but it's a crowded field this year and he will get lost in the shuffle. No chance.

    Tony Brandenburg-Already has some controversy surrounding him. He refers to himself as Judge Brandenburg but a recent email chain in circulation questions if he really is a judge. Decent chance because people like to vote sheriffs and judges into office because it makes them feel safe (example: Christy Guerin).

    Harriet Seldon-Um, I think she is a dentist?

    You can find links to some of the candidates websites on the left side of this blog. If you have a link that I haven't posted please email it to me.

    Under state election laws, candidates must file papers by August 8 to run in the Nov. 2 election. If an incumbent declines to run again, the filing deadline is extended to Aug. 13.

    Candidates also recently filed campaign disclosure statements for the period ending June 30. The next deadline to file campaign contribution statements is Oct. 6, with another contribution statement to follow on Oct. 23. Campaign contributions of $100 or more are a matter of public record.

    Monday, August 04, 2008

    Leucadia Streetscape "Alternative #4", Preserve the 101 Tree Canopy

    I have been one of the most vocal advocates for a streetscape program in Leucadia, but be careful what you wish for. 2 of the 3 designs offered to us will mean removal of our iconic tree canopy in north Leucadia.

    The Leucadia Streetscape design presented to the city of Encinitas by Dan Burden and Peltz & Associates offers only 3 "alternative" designs for Leucadia's highway 101 corridor. All 3 "alternatives" offer only a single north bound lane, 2 of the "alternatives" will mean the removal of the existing center median and destruction of the remaining tree canopy.

    I attended the streetscape workshops and during the presentation when it was revealed that the center median would be moved and the trees cut down the audience let our audible gasp of disgust and anger. Yet, the majority of the 61 people who voted (out a crowd of hundreds) chose alternative #1.

    There are several reasons for this,

    *Most of the crowd attending did not like the 3 options and did not vote at all.

    *The language on the choices was unclear. People saw that Alternative #1 offered roundabouts and over 300 additional parking spots with no clear mention of the center median removal.

    Alternative #1 was preferred by 77% of the respondents,
    1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes
    5 roundabouts
    1 stoplight
    328 parking spaces

    Alternative #2 was preferred by 4% of the respondents,
    1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes
    0 roundabouts
    4 stoplight
    350 parking spaces

    Alternative #3 was preferred by 19% of the respondents,
    1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes (meandering slightly to preserve existing trees)
    5 roundabouts
    1 stoplight
    261 parking spaces

    *Alternative #3 offered only 261 parking spaces and makes mention of two southbound lanes (meandering slightly to preserve existing trees).

    I believe that people voting for voting Alternatives 1 and 2 did not realize they were voting for removal of the tree canopy.

    Alternative #1 should have read,

    1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes
    5 roundabouts
    1 stoplight
    328 parking spaces
    Removal of center median and existing trees and moving center median one lane east.

    I would like to suggest that Peltz & Associates design us an Alternative #4 with 2 southbound lanes and 2 northbound lanes so that our heritage tree canopy can be preserved, maintained and improved.

    What if we remove north Leucadia's beloved tree canopy and,

    ...end up with this style of stark looking median like in Carlsbad?

    I support a streetscape for Leucadia's merchants but not a radical realignment of our coast highway and destruction of our heritage tree canopy. E-mail the Encinitas city council and Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association and let them know what you think,


    See also: Leucadia Blog: Remove Leucadia's 101 Center Median???

    Saturday, August 02, 2008

    Remove Leucadia's 101 Center Median???

    click images for large view

    On May 29th the city held the latest in a series of workshops regarding the North Coast Hwy 101 Streetscape. The workshop was attended by 88 citizens. 61 response sheets were filled out addressing the three alternatives derived from the prior workshops and citizen input.

    Alternative #1 was preferred by 77% of the respondents,
    1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes
    5 roundabouts
    1 stoplight
    328 parking spaces

    Alternative #2 was preferred by 4% of the respondents,
    1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes
    0 roundabouts
    4 stoplight
    350 parking spaces

    Alternative #3 was preferred by 19% of the respondents,
    1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes (meandering slightly to preserve existing trees)
    5 roundabouts
    1 stoplight
    261 parking spaces


    * * * *

    I'm a little concerned here. Does everyone who voted for Option 1 realize that it means cutting down the entire tree canopy and moving the center median?

    And, why no option with 2 southbound lanes and 2 northbound lanes? Do we really want to create a bottleneck in Leucadia where everyone traveling north has to merge into one lane? What is the point?

    Obviously Option #3 was not favored because of the least amount of parking spots, but I have a hard time believing we have to nuke the center median to achieve 300+ parking spots.

    I say just beautify and landscape what we have. Leave the 4 lanes and center median but install all the good sidewalks, old timey streetlamps, paint in bike lanes, etc. The streetscape was supposed to be about giving the local 101 merchants a fighting chance, not a complete cultural change.

    Trim and water and take care of the existing old growth trees and plant new ones. Don't believe the hype about our 80 year old tress "at the end of their life cycles".

    Clean up the center median and make it look nice, but moving it just sounds wacky (and really expensive! How are we supposed to pay for these grandiose schemes?)

    Leucadia's Hwy 101 was a classic rural atmosphere, let's preserve and enhance it, not destroy and sterilize it.