Thursday, January 22, 2009

8 Leucadia 101 trees to be cut down

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  1. Leucadia Tax Payer and VoterJanuary 22, 2009 9:49 PM

    Just to clarify, these people who make these reports have no valuable credentials. The way you become an arborist (tree surgeon) is to work for a tree cutting business. I don't think those guys are really into saving trees.

    2ndly staff at parks and recreation, just landed a job at our city as an entry level grunt and through time just worked their way up the chain. They know nothing about trees or landscaping, other than how to pay for something to be removed.

    We need a new order to come from council. The order needs to be ”preserve existing and old growth trees until they die or present a 95% chance of causing harm over the next year to anyone in the public”.

    this crap of cutting down trees by reports given by tree surgeons and people who haven't a clue has to stop.

    Council and City Management you are responsible for the deforestation of Leucadia. Until I see a different direction, you are responsible for killing what make Leucadia Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Leucadia Tax Payer and Voter;
    Please go down to the city with your attorney and pledge all you personal assets and real estate (if you have any) to cover the costs of any liability caused by a tree they think needs to come down, but you think should stay longer.
    Not willing to,or don't have a$$ets worth much? Then you're just a blow-hard playing with my tax dollars, so shut the #@%*! up!

  3. Dear Encinitas Citizens-

    As you can see, the uneducated staff of the parks department and all of the department take offence at all to saving some trees.
    Its amazing that trees in Rancho Santa Fe can live for 200 or 300 years plus. In Leucadia, a branch with too many leaves, or a tree with an “extra limb” is worthy of chopping down.

    Until the public wakes up, there will be no change. Dalager, Bond, and stocks care more about concrete than trees. The results are apparent.
    Do you love concrete or trees?

  4. As long as you're heaping opprobrium on the gentlemen on the City Council, unless Mayor Houlihan and Councilwoman Barth are taking action to stop this tree felling, they deserve you wrath, as well.

  5. Does anyone have any information that the three reports on the state of these trees is incorrect?
    The city does not want to take down trees, either, without resonable cause.

  6. The city is still fuming that they didn't get their precious Redevelopment Agency, so this is the result. When Peltz had their first Streetscape meeting, the overwhelming majority wanted to preserve the tree canopy, so that's all the city needed to hear to get back at us. The city staff and council are acting like immature adolescents. And that so-called arborist, Mark W., I don't trust him anymore. Yeah, yeah, he put on a good show with those trees in the Roadside Park, but now I wonder if that was just to make inroads with the Leucadia locals.


  7. Anonymous 10:22, the fear and paranoia of falling branches would not be there if the city would regularly trim branches and maintain the trees. It's obvious which branches are ready to fall. It's not rocket science.

  8. I wonder how much of this has to do with Parks and Rec., and other departments in the City of Encinitas, not wanting to get laid off? If they have nothing to do, then eventually, in this economy, that will happen. Before anyone thinks I am a total idiot, think about this. The Parks and Rec. STAFF, not the Commission (who never had a say in the Hall Property, except the periphery) filed an appeal, using our money, when the the Planning Commission wanted them to consider less fields, and no 90' lights, in the Hall Property. Why would they do that? And, why would Council accept it? Given that the Commissioners have nothing to gain by their recommendations, does it only seem strange to me? Other cities are laying off people. Our staff isn't oblivious to this. They know Phil and the 3 man Council will go with them because the pressure was on Staff to reelect the 2 men. This I DO know to be true. Sorry I have to post anonymously but it is in MY best interest.

  9. So out of the thousand trees that lines Hwy101 in Leucadia just 20 years ago, we are down to about 20. Yet the old growth still remains in Olivenhain.

    Why doesn't coucnil just get it over with and cut down the remaining 20?

    They should rename that road, Vista by the Coast Boulevard. What an ugly road!!!!

  10. Take a ride up N. Torrey Pines Road some time. The City of San Diego manages to keep those giants looking good. I agree with 7:48 that the city holds a perpetual grudge against us.

  11. Maggie Houlihan, as mayor, should be able to exert more influence on Phil Cotton, our City Manager, and on staff.

    We need to have second opinions from certified botanists, not "arborists" who are paid to cut down trees, not to preserve them.

    I do know that the trees by the Cardiff Library were given a "second chance." I am sorry that the parking lot could not have been designed so as to preserve those precious, historical trees.

    Our city does have too many people on staff, now, in my opinion. Trees can be trimmed so that they are not a liability. Also, when trees do fall, which have been maintained, then for insurance purposes, a tree falling or causing damage, is considered an "act of God," and the City would not be liable. So that is a bogus excuse to cut down more and more trees.

  12. Most if not half of the trees being cut down are only 10 years old and were planted here by the city of Encinitas. All of the trees on notice (except for one large struggling Cypress) are Eucalyptus. Somebody wants to be rid of all Eucalyptus in Leucadia. They are what identifies Leucadia and makes it beautiful, peaceful and memorable. If redevelopment had a face, the order to remove these trees would come right from that mouth.

  13. The trees by the Cardiff Library are gone.
    They were cut down Tuesday or Wednesday.
    They were half dead anyway.

  14. Maggie may be mayor, but she and Teresa do not make a majority. Phil Cotton is taking his orders from Stocks, Bond, and Dalager. The three men have been mad at Cardiff for years and are now mad at Leucadia.

    Stocks had been exhibiting an increasing irritation with our small town politics. He wants to move on to higher office, but his ambitions have been thwarted by his bumbling, the sour economy, and the lack of any open elected position in the county, state, or federal government.

    He is stuck here. We are recipients of his frustrations. And the budget dilemma at City Hall only make things worse. Hell hath no fury like a scorned city councilman.

  15. A westbound car carrier loaded with 6 cars today nearly got stuck on the tracks as it bottomed out and skidded through the intersection. Had it been going the other way with no momentum it would have gotten stuck and potentially have created more havoc than any tree ever did in Leucadia. I'll never forget the car carried stuck there that was shredded by a train. Parts of the twisted steel wreckage ended up all the way in Leucadia Roadside Park. And they just "fixed" the rail there too. So what's all this fuss I hear about a canopy?

  16. Close.

    Its only been 20 years of mayhem at that intersection.

    the next time, the victim will like end up with the title to the hall property as compensation for their loss.

    there is so much history and notice on this huge liability, the City will lose its ass.

    why doesn't the City fix that death trap?

  17. OT, but likely to go unnoticed by most here:

    In effect, government workers have hijacked democracy. Instead of state employees working for the people, the people now work for the state employees. As far as the state government is concerned, people in the private sector work merely so that they can be taxed for the benefit of the tax consumers. They’ve entered a condition not unlike like that of pre-industrial serfs.

    Of course no one is being whipped, but in effect an ordinary citizen of California cannot get their desires for reduced state spending implemented due to the disproportionate power of the State’s employees and allied interest. It appears now that the government unions will not accept any solution to California’s budget crisis except increased taxes in a declining economy. Ordinary citizens have no choice but to either emigrate or just lie there and take it.

    Article about Caifornia being beyond the tipping point at

  18. anon 7:09

    you full of S_ _ _. You have no idea what you are talking about. The legislature is elected by the people. The people can change their representatives anytime there is an election if the majority doesn't like the way it is going. Look at our own city. You bitch and moan about the boys majority but they keep getting reelected. Why? Because the majority of the people like what they are doing. So if you are so opposed to what they are doing get involved. Get yourself elected. You probably can't get elected because your views are not what the electorate wants or believes.

  19. The majority of Encinitas voters are uneducated about the candidates because our local media has lost the art of journalism. Voters make choices based on glossy mailers and not hard facts.

  20. Commenter at 9:01 - The "tipping point" refers to the number of people receiving benefits and the number of people paying taxes. In California, there are now less people pulling the cart and more people riding in the cart. Once people learn they can vote themselves more benefits, they do. Productive people are getting penalized by the takers. There are more takers than productive people, hence, elections have a tendency to go to the Democrats. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own set of facts. Think the housing bubble meltdown is bad? Just wait for the government workers' unfunded pension plan meltdown this year or next.

  21. Oh, and Commenter 9:01 - I don't bitch and moan about our City Council - it's the city/state/county/federal employee union workers I have a problem with, and that includes teachers. Hogs at the trough, all.

  22. I agree with all the comments above, and I do have a bitch about our City Council. As other Cities are laying off and cutting salaries, our council approved a 15% pay increase and huge pension increases.

    Our City slackers can now can retire at 90% of their highest paid year. Outrageous. Something has to change. I think our city, state, and feds need to declare bankruptcy, so we can renegotiate these criminal pensions.

    The public has been robbed by the unions and the stupid politicians, and the public is to blame. The US public is so fricken stupid they have no idea about what they are voting for in our elected officials.

    As an example, if folks like Stocks and Dalager get elected you know the public is clueless.

    The ETA information is terrific. Great Job!

    That graph should be put up, when Dalager is up for re-election.

    I love it. “I am not a credit kind of guy”, as he votes for huge debt and pay and pension increases for all.

    No wonder he could not successfully run a business, he has no clue about finances.

    Bravo to City Council for selling out our City's future. You are LOSERS!


    Song of the Trees

  24. Anons 7:09, 10:18, and 10:43 have it right!!!
    We are only here for their benefit, Government has to keep us around to pay taxes for the sake of their employees, everything else is secondary. Parasites all. The state should lay off all the gov employees except the cops and half the firemen until the budget gets passed. That would scare the hell out of them in that they really arent needed like they think. 100% free health care, 14 paid holidays yearly, 5 weeks paid vacation, teachers get 4 months paid, paid sick leave, and they really don't have to work, just show up, and even then thats up in the air.

  25. Houlihan hates Euc's. She's got them on her outlawed plant and tree list...Especially Leucadia Euc's!!!!!!

  26. I love it. Uecs are not the issue. the leucadia canopy is the issue. YOu can have all the eucs, I want a big tall continuous row of tunnel trees 100 feet tall lining Leucaida Hwy 101.

    I could care less if they are native.

    No one is native to CA. If you were you would either be volano ash or ocean floor. otherwise you are implanted just like me.

  27. The unions have done a great job at making sure no one can get fired or get a lesser salary. At one time in our history this made sense, as the bosses really took advantage of workers. Now it seems to have gone the other way. The unions are not taking care of the people, as was intended. Instead they are setting them up to get laid off, which the City can do. However, if the union leaders were smart they would ask their members to take a little less money so all could keep their jobs. Remember when Ronald Reagan fired all of the air traffic controllers and the unions shouted that planes would fall from the sky. Well, except for the few that always fall, that hasn't seemed to have happened. Most of the jobs at the City could be done by other people, not the people that work there. How hard is it to answer a phone? How hard is it to type into a computer or research a file? I think you all get my drift. The employees of the City of Encinitas get paid really well for what they do. Too bad they got so greedy. Too bad the Council didn't have the guts to say no. But then again, they voted themselves a raise too. I sure would like to vote myself a raise. Not a bad deal. In fact, one the City employees posted on Facebook that he or she got 6 months retro pay. Not sure what that means but will find out in the near future. Even the Planning Commission now gets paid. And its a volunteer position. Seems like everyone who wants to can get paid by the City. Think I'll ask too.


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