Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Begins


  1. I love Fairy Mary. It will provide years of entertainment for all generations.

    The TP couldn't have happened to a nicer Fairy.

  2. My favorite kook enhancement was the miniskirt and bikini Top.

    My second favorite was the Sweeper.

    That thing is sooooo funny.

  3. I like your picture way better than mine.

  4. 8:35

    Wow. A lawyer who tells the painful truth. What's your number?

  5. I hope RSBP comes back in 2009

  6. Somehow I find that attractive.

  7. I cringe every time I walk or drive past that statue.
    It’s a disgrace to both Cardiff & Surfers.
    I know I should be more light hearted about it, but I can’t.
    It totally sucks.
    It’s so obvious a homosexual gardener designed it, not a Surfer.
    Not that there is anything wrong with gardening.
    Any surfer would have made a statue of Rob Machado doing a tail slide or
    Brad Gerlach doing one of his classic power turns just under the lip.
    But no, he had to make a gay boy kook with arms flapping.
    The people of Carlsbad got together to remove the bars.

    Why can’t we remove the Cardiff Kook.

  8. Gardening sucks! Just ask NCTD.


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