Saturday, January 24, 2009

Encinitas Taxpayers Assoc Newsletter Jan '09

The Jan 2009 ETA newsletter has lots of juicy info and tasty charts and graphs.
ETA Notes
PDF link to Jan Newsletter


  1. I agree with all the comments above, and I do have a bitch about our City Council. As other Cities are laying off and cutting salaries, our council approved a 15% pay increase and huge pension increases.

    Thanks to our City Council (with the exception of Teresa), all City slackers can now can retire at 90% of their highest paid year. Outrageous!!!! Something has to change. I think our city, state, and feds need to declare bankruptcy, so we can renegotiate these criminal pensions.

    The public has been robbed by the unions and the stupid politicians, and the public is to blame. The US public is so fricken stupid they have no idea about what they are voting for in our elected officials.

    As an example, if folks like Stocks and Dalager get elected you know the public is clueless.

    The ETA information is terrific. Great Job!

    That graph should be put up, when Dalager is up for re-election.

    I love it. “I am not a credit kind of guy”, as he votes for huge debt and pay and pension increases for all.

    No wonder he could not successfully run a business, he has no clue about finances.

    Bravo to City Council for selling out our City's future. You are LOSERS!

  2. Dalager claimed the library was on time and on budget during the last election.

    JP did a great blog post about it,

  3. Teresa is a sure thing in the next election.

    I would love to see Kevin Cummings go up against Dalager....

    It would be like our very own G.W. Bush running against our town's little Einstein. How much fun would that be!!!?

    I think Kevin would win.

  4. I and many others were sorely disappointed that Stocks and Bond were re-elected.

    I favor term limits and an elected mayor. Also, if Council Members candidates participated in the primaries, we would not necessarily have a situation where Council Members are re-elected by a bare plurality, not a majority. Winning an election does not mean that Jerome Stocks and James Bond were voted for by a majority of those casting ballots!

    Also, iIf our Mayor were elected, then he or she could actually be chosen by a majority of the people, not just someone "appointed" by three out of five Council Members, or someone who simply "rotates" into office, whether or not he or she represents a majority of those voting. Dan Dalager had it "set up" so he would be mayor when he runs for re-election. That seems manipulative, just exactly what Jerome Stocks did, when rightfully, Maggie Houlihan should have been mayor. She is more representative of what a majority of the voters want, according to the published vote counts.

    If Council candidates participated in primaries, we would not have a situation where someone like James Bond waits until the very last moment, then "changes his mind" and runs again, when he had wisely stated before, that he had served long enough.

    Incumbents have a huge advantage due to publicity and public relations opportunities that go along with being in office, handing out grants, awards, etc, and accepting much bigger campaign contributions. They do not need the additional advantage of a big "spread" of candidates, which divides the opposition.

    I hope that participation in the primaries can be considered in future elections, and as part of the goal setting discussion upcoming on 1/27/09.

  5. Same mess here in NJ. The taxpayers in the towns and the State are being raped by administrations and pols that have golden salaries, pensions, and health benefits. They give themselves endless increases and perks all the while private businesses are folding up and dying like flies and taxes just keep going north while the economy goes south. How much more we can take of this is ? These slackers are totally clueless about what it takes to make a buck.

  6. Both JP and I believe that Dan is basically unbeatable. He is known throughout the city and is a friendly guy who likes to support kids sports and talks the talk of common sense government. He also has access to the deep pocket campaign support of the tripod pillagers.

    Today, there is not enough grassroots support to educate enough of the public about the inconsistency between the cult of Danny and the reality of Dalager & Co to impact an election.

    We will have Dan on the council longer than Carlsbad has had Mayor Bud.

  7. Puke!!!!!

    Oh Excuse Me.... BARF!!!

    Oh Excuse Me...... I crapped my self!!!!

    Sad day in Encinitas

  8. Kevin-

    chicken shit.

    come on. If you love Encinitas, go for it.

    the truth will set all of encinitas free

  9. I will volunteer any expertise I have to help Kevin run. It would seem as if Jerome thinks he needs a few psychological tests run first. I am not sure Kevin needs them, but I will give them to Jerome at not charge, good citizen that I am.

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  11. When reality is clouded by campaign spin it makes it harder for the truth to shine through.

    If a more active grassroots movement develops and the public becomes more aware of what is going on, Dan will lose his seat. If that happens I would expect to see a much deeper set of strong possible council candidates come forward. Encinitas is one of the smartest, patriotic, and democracy focused communities in California. Surely, there a lots of good people who have the time and the means to focus a few years to guide our city.

    Keep an eye out for opportunities to help facilitate change, and when you see it, do what you can to help.

  12. OK.

    We'll lay off you for awhile Kevin. I just cant stand the thought of our own G.W. Bush being on council for 6 more years.

    He will cause much damage to Encinitas.

  13. "These slackers are totally clueless about what it takes to make a buck"
    Boy, if that ain't the truth.
    This council will probably be the ones who take us over the 100 million mark in indebtedness, what a legacy.


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