Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Local Sea Life

Our beaches are an important resource for our quality of life, especially if your family life revolves around the beach. (I recently had a sand lobbyist suggest I go to the beach more often so I could see the sand levels for myself <- Bwahahaha!). Leucadia isn't exactly known for its tide pools and what we have for finger reefs are frequently covered in sand these days.

In search of tide pools we head south to Swamis.
Until the recent storms, the Swami's reef was completely covered in sand. Much of the shallow reef is still covered.
The campground reefs are covered too. I might add that the excess sand is not helping my favorite campy reef breaks one bit.
Frankie Hejduk chose a pro soccer career over a pro surfing career after his favorite reef break filled in with sand (M#$*s hasn't really broken since Hejduk started playing in the pros).

I can't remember so much of Cardiff Reef being covered, even though Georges and Seaside had high sand berms for people to hang out on back in the day. Was there really a greater volume of sand back then? Was the characteristics of the sand different than today?

I think we are fortunate that there are still some reefs that haven't been covered in fine sand.

Great family fun.

Our reefs bring people to the coast year-round.

Below are pictures of my family's second favorite beach. We recently spent three days at this secret spot. The abundance of cobbles did not create despair and disappointment for my children.


  1. Cobbles? looks more like Rocks.

    Daddy - Lets lay down and let the rocks run through my toes and fingers.

  2. Ahhhh. I love the way the cobbles feel on my bare feet. Let the sand go and the cobbles stay.

    My children love playing on the cobbles and my wife love to lay on them.

    Sand or cobbles.... I'll take cobbles every day.

  3. The sand lobbyist doesn't appreciate our local beaches. He has a vision of long white sandy beaches like in the Caribbean or something. In my opinion Encinitas has some of the finest beaches in the world, you gotta learn to enjoy all the little nooks and crannies. And get a tide book.

  4. Aside from the Kelp cutter & pollution from raw sewage,
    Steve A. Hole is our reefs number one enemy.

  5. I'm waiting on big storm waves to get rid of all the sand in the reefs...screwing up my local surf spots...I've even had to start going to beach breaks to get decent waves.

  6. IDK.... there is a fine sand layer over the cobbles north of Beacons....

    Better IMHO


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