Saturday, January 10, 2009

Many center median trees marked for removal

This center median is between Jupiter and Jason streets. Most of the small trees in this median are marked for removal. There are other very large old growth trees in the other medians that are marked for removal that I will post about soon. North Leucadia continues to lose tree after tree...

Leucadia's classic tree canopy sure ain't what it used to be.

How is the quality of our "urban tree forest" these days? What kind of tree will be planted? Will be it planted in the same spot or in say, Village Park?

Sure, this small eucalyptus tree leans a bit and needs a branch or two pruned but do we really need to chop it down?
A bit sappy. What does it mean doctor?

Removing these small trees will make this sad center median even bleaker.

The Torrey Pine is healthy and good looking.

Free condoms!

If the Eucs are dead then why are they flowering?

I have never had a satisfactory answer from anyone in the city of Encinitas about why the coast highway center medians in downtown Leucadia look like this, while work crews busily maintain center medians all over the rest of the city. Shameful.

Needs a trim for sure, but should it be cut down?

Looking north.


  1. Cut down all the fire spreading branch dropping Euc's!!!!!

  2. Surely someone can find a volunteer arborist, w/o a stake in city contracts, who can give an independent assessment of the health of these trees. I am skeptical they are sick or dying and if they aren't, we should not take them down.

  3. These trees aren't being removed because they are dead or dying. They're being removed because the city deems them undesirable and a potential hazard or eventual lawsuit. The health of the trees has nothing to do with it. Sad, but true.

  4. Once again talk to a botanist or Dendrology not a arborist. Arborists study and their whole focus is cutting trees.

    The City has the wrong objective. It should be looking for ways to help trees flurish not removed.

  5. this sounds interesting....

    I hope the new resort has alot of big trees in its plan.

  6. I don't think the city's arborist or the tree trimmer/removal arborist claimed that little euc was an immediate danger. I suggest leaving that tree for a year or more while other trees are growing and filling in the canopy. Why a rush to remove this tree?

    The signs make it seem like the trees will be immediately replaced. Why aren't we planting more trees everywhere, right now? [I think there is a good answer and the answer gives good reason to delaying cutting down this Euc]

  7. 8:09

    I'm afraid you're right. They just want to ditch all our Eukes and get the plastic looking kind of trees that will stay under 30' - like the dismal replacements for the two enormous Eukes in front of the Post Office that we were told "look just like Eucalytus".


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