Thursday, January 29, 2009

North Leucadia Big Euc marked for removal

The large tree in the foreground of the photo has been marked for removal by the city of Encinitas. It is in the first center median at the northern entrance to Leucadia, across from Rebel Rents. I cant quite figure out which tree it is on the list of trees to be removed in early February.

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  1. Signs are clearly posted on all the trees scheduled for removal. There are several. It's going to be a dusty, unwelcoming gateway to Leucadia when they are done.

  2. West Coast Tree ServiceJanuary 29, 2009 8:31 AM

    Because I need business. I have a mortgage to pay for my big box in Irvine. And the City has sent me a clear message that they actually believe my reports. Haaaaa.


  3. The city of Encinitas should be ashamed at how they have neglected the Leucadia tree canopy. The city is too drunk and stupid to understand the coast highway tree canopy was a tourist attraction.

  4. conspiracy realityJanuary 29, 2009 8:56 AM

    This is Plan B.

    Remove all the trees then go to streetscape Alternative A, and shrink and move the center median. No more trees, no more objection to moving the center median.

    Anyone notice that the streetscape process has stalled? Yeap, the trees were in the way.

    Hold on... we will take care of that.

  5. I enjoyed reading this well-researched blog post. As the Union-Tribune reporter for Encinitas, I would be interested in pursuing a news story on this topic if there are a significant number of people who oppose the tree removal. I can be reached at 760-476-8215. Thank you.

  6. I forgot to add my e-mail:

  7. The city can't keep the flowers in the center median watered, how do you expect them to maintain trees???

  8. Word has it that the third "arborist" found two or three MORE trees that need to come down. So much for asking for a third opinion. After 23 years of being with the city, I'm so disgusted Leucadia all of a sudden has been singled out for massive tree removal like this. Trees are the saving grace of our historic highway and icon for Leucadia for many generations. Can anyone name one person who's died from a tree falling here? No. I could name a hundred other things that are perilous in Encinitas, but this is what takes precedence? There goes the magic. It's like someone deciding: "We like that Little Tramp character, but we gotta get rid of that Chaplin guy". No aesthetics. No regard for what we want here. No sense of character. No roots.

  9. Typical attitude for staff at city hall. Just a bunch of transplants that can't live here so they want to make us suffer with such stupid decisions. Sometimes I believe that otherwise why keep cutting down trees that have been there for close to 100 years...

  10. Staff work for the council.

  11. The liability issue is a joke. The City Manager, Phil Cotton, said he is concerned with the liability of a 15 year old tree dropping a branch. As Fred pointed out, no one has died from a falling limb.

    Yet he ignores the death trap that has claimed many lives and continues to threaten children as they walk to School everyday without a safe route from west of Hwy101 to Paul Ecke Central.

    If the City is so concerned with liability, why focus on a few trees. Just like getting your ass sued off like on Sante Fe, you will get a HUGE lawsuit for the next death at the death trap. That hazard and public notice to council has existed for at least 20 years. Even my retarded neighbor trial attorney could win that one.

    The City better rethink its priorities and it better can its risk manager because he or she is fricken a retard.

    I hate to see this bitchin beach town go down the lines of just another stupid CA town.

    If Solana Beach crossed the thresshold of greatness, we can too.

    Keep the trees, Plant more trees!

  12. Next opportunity to get rid of a tree hater and one of the evil 3 bozo boys is 2010 election.

    Let’s start educating people about how bad Danny Dalager is for Encinitas.

    All you need to do is just summarize his track record.

    1. Against a community supported park at the Hall property. Keeps supporting a special interest regional sports complex that will cost the Encinitas tax payer $100,000,000.00 which equates to $1580 per person or $9523 for a family of 6.

    2. Supports reckless development which helped cause the housing bubble and this depression.

    3. Supports reckless development which was the cause of the draught and the water restrictions which you will be facing. Including cutting back your water use, so new development can continue and install green sod while your asked to turn off your irrigation and let your beloved plants die.

    4. Promotes an only Christian Holiday parade. Encinitas is way more accepting than that. All you need to do is look at Self Realization Fellowship (SRF). Now that is a great organization. Please Danny, are you telling me your anti SRF

    5. Voted for a huge staff salary increase of 15% and an even bigger pension increase for PERS which will end up causing this City Severe hardship like the City of San Diego and meaning higher taxes for you.

    6. In 6 years, he has not come up with one good idea for our City and only parrots what staff has to say. Bottom line - he is not a leader; he is a follower with no vision.

    Start Now and let make the change like the City of Solana Beach did. They are now an awesome town. We Can be Too.

  13. If someone had any money, they could file for a restraining order against the City to cease and desist with hacking down the trees. Do it tomorrow.

  14. On what grounds would a citizen have ot file a restraining order? It is not that expensive to file, however, you need a valid reason. I'd do it if I had a valid and legitimate reason that the courts would "buy".

  15. Cardiffian you sound more like Jerome Stocks.

    your a queer get off our blog

  16. The watering system has been removed from the third median north of Leucadia Blvd. for some reason. We paid for that. As a result, plants died.

  17. Cardifian-

    The grounds would be for damaging the property values of the surrounding community.

    Promoting an ugly treeless roadway promotes speed and lowers property values.

  18. Tanya Mannes. Thanks for staying informed about the happenings of Encinitas. You’re doing a good job as a reporter. Information the public about how the City is destroying or "neglecting" Leucadia would be a great story.

    "Unsafe, Ugly, and Treeless- Not all is well in Leucadia"

    The topic could be about how the City seems like it is trying to blight Leucadia’s historic Hwy101 as a pre-curser to a redevelopment district.

    First Order is to cut down all the trees and implement the scorched earth policy.

    Leucadia is known for Trees, why over the last 5 years has the City been on a mission to remove all the trees?

    If Liability is the issue, why do they ignore a railroad crossing that continually takes lives, is the only route for school kids west of hwy 101 to get to the neighborhood school, and is a likely cause of future lawsuits?

    Everyday I see schoolkids cross that deathtrap; my stomach gets tied in a knot. The City has been on notice about the condition for over 20 years; the future lawsuit will be a slam dunk for any attorney.

    Thanks Tanya. I look forward to your article on the subject.

  19. Two things I want to say:
    1. I am not Jerome Stocks, and I was really interested in filing the restraining order to help. However, not one person has given a legitimate reason that a judge would grant this request. And, the property value idea won't work. It has already been tried by Dr. Lorri on another issue in Cardiff. Ask her if you don't believe me.
    2. Not that it will make Leucadia feel any better, but Cardiff is getting screwed too. The Cardiff Specific Plan that the citizens spent a long time reconstructing after money spent on a consultant went down the sink, is being put down by the usual suspects.

  20. The eucalyptus in this photo seems to be retarded and probably should be cut down. I love to hug trees and have been plenty critical of the council and staff for the glee which with they seem to be denuding our Urban Forest.

    But when this tree split in three on top, it was destined to be destroyed. I could see the city losing a legal fight about being negligent if one of those three heads were to come tumbling down, since eucalyptus are known to be rather weak.

    But the city should wait to have their Urban Forest policy approved by council and then remove these trees according to that policy.

  21. I'll say it again. Where is our 101 CZAR, Peder Norby? Strangely silent, like the good whore he is.

  22. Wow.... Lynn started drinking early today at 4:24pm.

    I bet she's pickled by now.


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