Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Send Mayor Maggie Good Vibes, Thoughts and Prayers

Encinitas Mayor Maggie Houlihan recently announced that she is battling a recurrence of endometrial cancer. Encinitas politics are divisive but please take a moment to send Mayor Maggie some positive thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


  1. I give Maggie H. all my prays.

    Knowing her love for encinitas, I have listed a summary of my comments for the goal setting session. I don't think she'd want it any other way. God bless you Maggie.

    Evaluation of City’s financial future and goal setting.

    First off I like our Finance Director; she is at least all about the facts with not much small talk.

    1. Nice. You came forth and said that that your current projections are not what they where 6 months ago. Nice work Jennifer. Take the bad as it roles and I and hopefully the rest of Encinitas will support you as we go down to a no work no revenue, cut employees situation. Continue with your transparent actions and just report it as you see it. ….Too do so, means you’re a good public servant.

    2. Kudos’s to Phil Cotton for running a straight forward presentation with minimal BS and looking to improve efficiency of the City. Hint- Charter City and minimize staff…… staff costs and pensions cost the City the most in long term liabilities. The more you do along these lines, the more the City will prosper.

    3. Don’t quote Economists that don’t know shit or have no proven track record

    4. Don’t quote Standard and Poor’s or Moodes, which have proved they can’t accurately predict the risk of companies. The analysis is paid by the company’s analyzing them, so they are as crooked as the mafia. Examples lay with Enron, Stanley Morgan, Bank of America, Country Wide…. The list is to long to type….. All AAA rated ….. All need our Children’s blood and the solvency of the USA while proposing a bailout which try to pass our pain to our children and future generations.

    5. Just say that developer back politicians promoting reckless development promotes the bubble and worsens the problem. Hint – Jerome Stock, Jim Bond, and Daniel Dalager- you have blood on your hands.

    6. Just say that developer back politicians promoting reckless development promotes the bubble and worsens the problem on WATER USE. Hint – Jerome Stock, Jim Bond, and Daniel Dalager- you have blood on your hands. BS for telling me to kill my $50k in landscaping so you can promote more reckless development.

    7. 3.5% hourly increase for 4 years totaling 15% for all employees, plus HUGE PENSION INCREASES, was great for City Employees, but it SUCKS FOR ENCINITAS. Major bad scares for City Manager and Council Member who voted in favor. You should be ashamed of yourself. Come clean now and admit your fault and I will release you of your stupidity. Maggie gets a bye for going so much good to offset her poor vote. Karma Baby Karma

    8. PERS will be sucking the crap out of our general fund for DECADES AND WILL BANKRUPT OUR CITY. The way you reduce Pers is reduce staff. I am waiting for the Council to recommend cutting 20% of staff. We all know 40% is not needed, so 20% will be just pure FAT. The saddest thing I heard is we will be passing this nightmare off to our kids just graduating for they get to pay the higher PERs tax come due in 2012.

    9. To cut the cost for the landscaping Districts which we all pay, STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES THAT DON’T NEED TO BE DOWNED. SOME WEIRD RELATIONSHIP EXIST BETWEEN THE CITY AND THE HACKERS THAT OR DOWNING TREES ALL OVER TOWN. Look into this Someone is making money at the expense of City Trees.

    10. City expenses are 93% overhead on staff salary and pension plus rent. Less then 7% comes back t o the community as a Capital Improvement or real Improvement. I Propose that Council put a minimum 20% limit that all general fund taxes by put forth towards General Fund capital improvement projects.

    11. Richard Philips- Fun loving and not much new ideas. Hint Richard – your future is in public communications.

    12. Phil cotton is doing a fairly good job. Except he did not talk about 93% of our taxes going to staff pensions and salaries. If you want to see the City prosper, cut liability. Cut Staff.

    13. The more you Cut PERS and Staff, the more projects you have built in your community. I hope council keeps that in mind. I am shocked that the City Manager has not recommended that the City is going to cut staff. We are no longer developing new property nor do we have any capital projects. If staff has nothing to do it should be cut. CUT STAFF AND CUT PERS.

    14. Oceanside’s crossing underground sucks. It full of crime ridden and not comfortable

    15. Dan Dalager. Your might want to step down. You didn’t make to much sense. You might want to enjoy your senior years.

    16. Trees. Don’t get 3 tree cutters to tell you if you need trees removed. Bad call.

    17. Public Works Director- Don’t listen to tree surgeons. The trees are 15 years old. They will not fall in the next 6 months. You could wait 5 years or more. Most are young trees.

    18. Jim Bond- You might need to relax more.

    19. Maggie. God bless you. KARMA BABY Karma.

    Lets see where 2009 takes us.

  2. Maggie we are all with you. You can beat this just like all the many other challenges you've had in your life.

    I watch the goal setting on the archived webcasts which you promoted. I appreciate them very much.

    Please all do yourself a favor and at least watch the report by the financial manager on January 20, 2008 and see what’s coming.

    link is

    Maggie wants us all informed and transparent government.


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