Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shatto 2009 Calendar

Jim Shatto has been producing these airbrushed calendars since forever. I always liked the handmade aspect of his paintings and they have a kind of unique retro look now.


  1. shatto is a leucadia institution.

  2. The Encinitas First magazine did an excellent article on Jim this last time. Great historical record of DELUXE in pics too. I remember walking by there waaaaay back. Had a friend in High School named Darcy Baker who mastered the air brush too. Today, one of Darcy's paintings is mounted on Hank Byzak's roof at Pure Fun Surfboards. Check it out sometime.

  3. Why do Shatto and son oppose the Streetscape project?

  4. because they are actual locals/natives unlike most. they don't just pretend to be locals like the millions of transplants that are surfing right now. since when did all of the "in between" spots that were a refuge from the crowds become super crowded. 35 guys at bamboos right now. carlsbad campgrounds has 40 guys out. leucadia is done. wait until the mega resort on the bluff goes in, the massive stip mall in south cbd, and the time shares across the street from both of those are built. just venting here. might be time to concede to the masses of kooks.

  5. Can't speak for Jim, but I know two things. Jim asked that the "temporary sidewalks" be postponed until after summertime, and so the city did them during a slower period. And two, the new sidewalks robber a parking place in front of Mozy's. When I see anti-business stuff like that going on, I'm with Jim. I'm also with Jerry at Capn Keno's who wants turn in lanes (as presented on the Library "Plan 4 map") to be implemented. Such turn lanes were eliminated in the "revised Plan #4" (which I think would have better been called Plan #5 - since it is incredibly different.
    The Streetscape is supposed to have been "modified" to preserve 92% of the existing trees, but now we learn that on the 19th, 10 trees are gettin the axe which will lower the bar even further. Lastly, and I've said this before, most of the 10 listed are young Eucalyptus (not the ones "at the end of their life cycle" and what's more is the the city planted most of those 10 years ago.
    Why would they plant trees just to cut them down? Job security? I dunno. But I'm growing a distrust for those in charge of these things at the city, and everytime I call to ask WHO's idea this or that was, here is the answer I get: "You can blame me if you want to". Swell.
    I'm not against the Streetscape. I am against being lied to.

  6. anon 1040,

    Don't be afraid of change. More crowds and kooks is all good.

  7. Give me your wretched kooks from you teaming shores...

  8. I give you my wretched kook.... I give you babble.

    I fear change. I fear every waking day. I fear sunrise. I fear my neighborhood. I fear all.

    Why can't we be just like yesterday?

  9. Shatto is funky Leucadia and thats what most of us want to keep alive. Look at his shop from the outside and think "Streetscape," that is new curbs, gutters, medians landscaped with the same plants as El Camino Real in New Encinitas, roundabouts, colored concrete, benches, bulb outs and all that. How long before those with power say your building isn't up to par or is out of code or non-complying. Then what, guys like him have to sell out to some developer and we get another three story live/work loft crappy building for tourists or transplants. It ain't right.

  10. Anon 6:14- .... you are way off. Go back to sleep and try and wake up with a rested brain.

    A few points.

    The streetscape will look the opposite of El Camino Real. El Camino real is a WIDE roadway. The streetscape is promoting more appropriate lane widths for 30mph traffic. We are guiding the plantings and landscaping pallet. I am sure with Bob's screaming, we will have a good portion of it CA native. I would prefer a mix.

    "How long before those with power say your building isn't up to par or is out of code or non-complying."

    The streetscape has nothing to do with building being within or out of code. Typically, older buildings are grandfathered. New buildings need to comply, streetscape or not.

    "Then what, guys like him have to sell out to some developer and we get another three story live/work loft crappy building for tourists or transplants."

    No one has to sell their property, but they can choose to at any time. Jim is an adult and can make up his own mind every day. If you want to preserve other people’s property in the current condition, You can buy up all the land and "preserve it" in its current state.

    I understand your thoughts. The current roadway with all of its flaws helps keep the adjacent land values lower than they'd be if there was a safe and well balanced road with tall trees. That way, the owners will not be offered as much money and will be less likely to sell.

    My take is that keeping the unsafe and fast roadway promotes blight, will help trigger a redevelopment district which would really accelerate crappy redevelopment, and keeping the adjacent property values artificially low enables developers to buy the land at cheaper costs which makes their development cost breakpoint lower and more plausible.

    Some of us don't like having that wide fast, ugly, unsafe and blight causing roadway.

    The roadway has nothing to do with the architecture and funkiness of the adjacent building.

    The bottomline is the streetscape is good for all the businesses and the quality of life for all the residents.

  11. Didn't Shatto sell his parking lot to La Espeicial Norte?


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