Thursday, February 05, 2009

Arts Alive Banner Project 2009

Arts Alive Banner Project

On Saturday, February 7th, 2009 from 2pm-5pm at Cabo Grill located at 1950 N Coast Highway 101 on the corner of La Costa Ave and Highway 101, the 101 Arts Alive Banners will be unveiled. After the unveiling the Banners will be on display on the lamp posts along Hwy 101 in Downtown Encinitas, Leucadia and the Cardiff Towne Center where they will remain until May. The live auction will take place on Sunday, May 31st, 2009 at 2pm at the Cardiff Town Center.

DEMA spearheads the Arts Alive Banner program that is presented by the 101 Artists' Colony, Cardiff 101 Chamber of Commerce and Leucadia 101 MainStreet. The proceeds of the banner auction are split 50/50 between the artists and the three presenting groups.

Leucadia Blog: Art Banners 2008


  1. That last one says it all. ….. The City Staff and Council have proved they could care less about trees. Its more about moving Carlsbad traffic through Leucadia, so Jerome Stocks can try and gain the Carlsbad residents vote when he makes his move to state office. God for bid.

    Stop the loser called Jerome. Save trees and stop Jerome any further in his political quest.

    He is the type of Politician that is killing America.

    Next time think before you vote.

  2. Louie Gonzales is a Leucadian hero.

    We love you Louie!

  3. You'll never meet a more decent guy than Louie Gonzales.

  4. Pepople need to attend the City Council Meeting next week and speak during open comments. Tell them to save our trees along 101. More people need to speak out.

  5. These banners are more than just banners.
    They are works of art produced on canvas.
    If many of these artist created these works as non banners on canvas they would sell for hundreds more.
    Take advantage of this oppertunity and support the arts in our community.

  6. I wonder if the City can honor an unwritten agreement that they made with the condo owners about a view, if I can sue the City when they allowed a height variance of 29'6" to Marion Ross
    and blocked my only whitewater view. 6 other neighbors views were also affected. According to real estate brokers we lost a great deal of property value because of it. Are there any attorneys out there?

  7. Jru - Leucadia's unofficial new leader seems to be making progress. Why no interview with him on the blog yet. Some seem to be putting him down because he is invading our turf and becoming popular. Maybe he could teach us something.

  8. This is a letter sent to the City by the Coast Law Group. Marco Gonzales is the attorney. Kind of cool what a little "civil disobedience" can do.
    February 6, 2009
    Phil Cotton Via First Class Mail and Electronic Mail
    City Manager
    City of Encinitas
    505 S. Vulcan Ave.
    Encinitas, CA 92024
    Re: California Public Records Act Request
    Evidence of Illegal Serial Meetings
    Pattern and Practice of Violations of the Ralph M. Brown Act
    Dear Mr. Cotton:
    Please accept this letter on behalf of numerous citizens of the City of Encinitas
    concerned with the integrity of decision making by the Encinitas City Council.
    An email thread among City Council members and staff, including yourself, was recently
    disclosed to the media and public by Councilman Dan Dalager. The emails pertained to the
    removal of private view-blocking trees at Orpheus Park in Leucadia, a matter with which I am
    certain you are familiar. The attached article by Logan Jenkins of the San Diego Union Tribune
    discloses the substance of those emails, including the fact that the entire City Council was
    included in this “behind the scenes” communication thread.
    As you should be aware, the Ralph M. Brown act governs the ability of elected
    legislative bodies to conduct meetings outside of the purview of the public. Section 54952.2(b)
    of the Act (found in the California Government Code) makes clear that a “meeting” includes any
    congregation of a majority of the members of the City Council at the same time and place to
    hear, discuss, or deliberate upon any item that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the
    Council. Subsection (b) of this section clearly indicates that use of direct communication,
    including electronic mail, by a majority of the City Council to develop a “collective concurrence”
    as to an action to be taken by the Council is expressly prohibited. Unquestionably, the removal
    of the trees from Orpheus park, and the public relations debacle that has ensued, is within the
    subject matter jurisdiction of the City. The email thread reflects discussions that could lead to a
    collective concurrence.
    The purpose of this correspondence is twofold. First, to the extent any City Council
    member has repeatedly in the past communicated on City matters via electronic mail copied to
    a majority (if not all) of the City Council, and by doing so reflects a pattern and practice
    evidencing the readily foreseeable continuation of such practice, the City is hereby on notice of
    Coast Law Group LLP’s intention to seek declaratory relief in the San Diego Superior Court,
    North County division, of both past and prospective violations of the Ralph M. Brown Act
    (Government Code Section 54950, et seq.). Section 54960 of the Act provides for such relief,
    and in light of Council member Dalager’s email, it is undoubtedly warranted.
    Notice of Brown Act Violations and CPRA Request
    Encinitas City Counci
    February 6, 2009
    Page 2 of 2
    Second, this correspondence is a request pursuant to the California Public Records Act
    (CPRA, Government Code Section 6252, et seq.), seeking access to documents reflecting the
    above-referenced violations. To be specific, I would like to review all records, as that term is
    used in the CPRA, in the City’s possession that reflect electronic mail communication
    originating with any City Council member and copied to a majority of sitting City Council
    members within the last three years. This request includes situations where a Council Member
    has sent such correspondence to a majority of the Council utilizing the “reply all” function in
    electronic mail programs. Because I am certain there are hundreds of such electronic mail
    threads, you may provide a representative sample of the same constituting not less than twenty
    examples of serial illegal meetings outside of the public’s purview via electronic mail.
    Should the City desire to avoid litigation of this matter, and the payment of significant
    attorneys’ fees as a result thereof, please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss
    what actions the City intends to take to ensure these violations do not continue. At the very
    least, the aforementioned pattern and practice of utilizing electronic mail to conduct discussions
    of City business among a majority of the City Council must be expressly forbidden within the
    Municipal Code.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss a time and date for reviewing
    the documents, and to initiate settlement discussions if the City is so inclined. In addition,
    please contact me prior to taking any action that would cause any costs for document
    cc: All Via PDF
    City Attorney
    City Council Members
    Logan Jenkins, Union Tribune

  9. This is just a shake down on the part of CLG. Ignore them!! I do!!

  10. Shake down? Shake down for some public documents, or shake down for some money or power?

  11. Money, money, money. Just another reason attorneys are the lowest form of life on the planet.

  12. Not nearly as low as our Dumb Ass Council members who sold out the future of Encinitas by agreeing to the huge pension increase that will tap the City Finances forever.

    The Council of 2008 is the lowest scum ever.

    Money, Money, Money.... Just another reason to hate the City and its employees unions and our dumb ass Council members.

  13. Finally someone is taking the three stooges to task. Bond, Stocks and Dalager have repeatedly violated the Brown Act to the detriment of Encinitas but have been successful in keeping it under the radar. Now the City Attorney will declare all the emails "drafts" so they won't be divulged and/or pruned so they don't look like violations. I can just hear the defense now "I'm not a computer person...I didn't know I was replying to all....."

  14. At least Jru has brought attention to the ways of the City Council. Now if we get enough people to speak out during the public comments. Maybe they will think twice about taking down the trees on 101. 6PM Wed Feb 11th
    be there!

  15. I have been aware for some time that Dan Dalager has been circulating emails among the council members, using extremely intimidating language and what amounts to bullying tactics. His choice of words shows his disrespect and desire to stir up discord.

    There is no question that he has been seeking "collective concurrence" on city policy. I have been forwarded some email that I would have loved to release to the public, but couldn't. Those of us who have known him many years are well aware of his dark side. Many other times he uses the same threatening tactics in face to face contact with people in the city. I can't divulge names and circumstances without betraying confidences, except to say it involves members of commissions.

    All I can say is that I am delighted all of this has finally been exposed. I have known Dalager since before incorporation, but I never voted for him. Let's all work to prevent his reelection in 2010.


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