Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Ride

The newly formed Leucadia Bicycle Club is organizing an event called First Ride. They sound like a refreshing change from the other bike clubs of hyper-intense swarms of Lycra clad 10 speeders.

Everyone Welcome!!!
When: 11:00AM Saturday, February 14th (Valentine's Day)
Where: Meet at the Pannikin Coffee House
From their website:
We are a family of local cyclists looking to grow our group! No matter your age, style, or experience, we just want a fun positive group of people to ride the streets of this amazing coastline we call home.
We will start out at the Pannikin, in Leucadia, and can travel as far as the grassy parks in Del Mar. Some days might not permit us to ride that far, so we will plan a suitable destination for each ride. If we are capable of making the ride to Del Mar, plan on stopping for lunch!

We want this to be fun for all, so all bikes are welcome...

* Cruisers
* Fixies
* Road Bikes
* Tandem
* Unicycles
* Tricycles, etc.
*No motorized bikes please


  1. Parks Superintendent John Frenken needs to be fired. He is the best friend of the arborist and the worst enemy to trees in Encinitas.

    Cut the real dead wood, Cut John Frenken.

  2. Getting my fat ass on a bike is a bit of a challenge nowadays, but this sounds like the kind of club that might get me to try. Top notch logo, except that trees are out here in funky Leuc. You might try some crossed chain saws for a more current look.

  3. insider...

    send an email to JP so he can follow up on your unsubstantiated rumor.

  4. Walking or riding bikes saves the planet and brings world peace.

  5. Riding bikes can also rescue the economy.

  6. Rumor nothing.

    Who is responsible for a 15 year old tree being downed at leucadia park? John Frenken

    who is responsible for the ridiculous planting placement of 20 trees in orpheaus park after the downing of 11 trees without due public process? John Frenken

    Who is a certified tree surgeon (oh I mean arborist)? John Frenken

    the list goes on and on.....

    Cut the City Dead Wood.....

    Cut out the parasite tapping the energy out of Encinitas canopy.....

    Cut out John Frenken, and preserve Encinitas Canopy


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