Friday, February 13, 2009

Leucadia Bird's Eye View

North coast Leucadia view from above. Photo by Fred Caldwell while hanging Arts Banners. Nice view of our old funky highway, few remaining old growth trees in the distance and the perma-puddle in front of the antique clock shop.

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  1. That sidewalk looks about as Generica as they come and the straight wide road makes me feel very comfortable traveling at 70mph.

    Funky? Maybe.
    Unsafe? Definitely.
    Dust Bowl? Definitely.
    Fast? Definitely
    promoting blight? Definitely.

    I welcome the streetscape and a chance to have a funky more peaceful, well balanced and beautiful mainstreet.

  2. I think they should hold a fourth workshop.

    This crap about 2 southbound lanes is totally unnecessary and just promotes blight. Let’s make it one lane in each direction like in Birdrock or in all other nice downtown areas.

    Secondly, forget about only 5 roundabout in a huge length like 2 miles. We need like 10 to 12 roundabouts. We will have 3 worthy roundabout that function great on Leucadia Blvd. We have 5 within a .5 mile area in Bird rock that work great. We could easily support 10 to 12 for a two mile strip.
    Look at what birdrock did, look at what Livermore just did, look at all the four lane former highways converted to mainstreets for the community did.

    Let interstate and commuter traffic stay on I5, the rest of us will enjoy a slower and more enjoyable mainstreet.

    Tell the few people who oppose the streetscape to bring up more public meeting, because my posie is going to push for more roundabouts and one lane of traffic in each direction.


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