Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Moonlight Beach 1955

I found this photo while goofing around on Google Earth.
Look at all those cobblestones! In 1955! I blame atomic bomb test, Elvis and the Russians.


  1. 15 years after this photo was taken Encinitas started experiencing a long series of summers with epic south swells. Those swells pushed up tons of sand and deeply covered the cobbles. The sand did not create the swells. The swells created the sand bars.

  2. Its about the HUGE pensionsFebruary 04, 2009 7:23 AM

    You new things were bad when staff cheers when Council approves a pay and pension increase.

    Aceti is trying to help the City pay for the millions per year spent on the 90% of highest paid year pensions. Check out the City finances, without more money coming in, we are in big trouble as even Finance Director Smith explained in the goal setting.

    The City needs to turn our beaches into a mega tourist industry like PB or Newport Beach to pay for the high salaries and huge pensions approved by council next year.

    Way to go council, you sold us out just like GW Bush sold out American. You're all scum.

  3. You can call them names, but they sure know how to get re-elected.

    Anybody know the story on that concrete building that overhangs the bluff just south of Moonlight Beach (not pictured in the photo).
    I guess it was built before there was a coastal commission. Does anyone even live there?

  4. Its about the HUGE Pensions.February 04, 2009 7:31 AM

    I meant approved by the council "last" year. Pure scum sucking the future out of Encinitas.

  5. Call them names? W2 - you need reading comprehension courses.

    No names were called. The point is council sold out the future of Encinitas.

    Until this issue is addressed, the city's future is bleak.

  6. What a GREAT shot of Moonlight. And great point about the cobblestones. Like there was ever a decade that the beach was white as snow. And you're right, there was no sketchy concrete house encroaching on the beach in the background. I remember some dude patching it continuously in the 70's though. Wonder how the foundation is now? Now I know, still ugly.

  7. scum: 1. a low, worthless, or evil person.
    2. such persons collectively; riffraff; dregs.

    Meaning "lowest class of humanity" is 1586; scum of the Earth is from 1712; sense of "filthy, disreputable" is recorded from 1932. Slang scumbag "condom" is from 1967; meaning "despicable person" is from 1971.

    Sounds like derogatory name-calling to me.

    And even if the Council are scum, the majority of Encinitas voters apparently like them that way, or they wouldn't have re-elected Jim, Jerome, and Maggie only a few short months ago.

    Things are going to be status quo in Encinitas for a long, long time--might as well just accept it.

  8. That is one butt-ugly house hanging on the bluff. If the city gets some more free money they should buy it and tear it down. We all know they are loaded, they keep telling us we are in sound financial order. What with the pay raises, bloated staff with nothing to do, extra paid days off, no time card to punch, just the honor system on their hours, staff surfing at Swami's in the afternoons, they must have tons of free money.

  9. Butt-Ugly house:
    Someone must live there, altho' it is mostly dark:
    Last year they were building stairs from the B-ugly house down to the beach. Did they get a permit? I am hoping The Big Storm comes and erodes the foudation, that is encroaching on the high-tide mark.

  10. Just think, If aceti had his way we would have been paying for sand, or trucking in dirt for so many more years.

  11. W2- you are right. Scum could be construed as name calling.

    They might be around for a long time and I will call a rose a rose.

    The council are SCUM for selling out the future of Encinitas. You will go down in history as THE WORST COUNCIL IN THE HISTORY OF ENCINITAS. HUGE DEBT. BIG PROMISES. NO RESULTS EXCEPT A FEW OVERPRICED TROPHY PROJECTS.

  12. "And even if the Council are scum, the majority of Encinitas voters apparently like them that way, or they wouldn't have re-elected Jim, Jerome, and Maggie only a few short months ago."

    The public is stupid and has no idea what their crooked politicians are ruining the future of our great City.

    When its looks like Oxnard, they'll say “I had no idea what the crooked council of 2008 was up to, I wish I had voted differently"

    It our job to inform as many voters about the truth so they can make educated votes instead of voting for an imaginary double agent council member, or someone who caters to special interest and union special interests, or someone that showboats as a “good christian”. The results are not cool.

  13. It is a nice picture anyway.
    We have our memories of when it was nice around here before yuppification and the Age of Aquarius. Tree huggers and all that. (except the euc's, they're cool)

  14. "...might as well just accept it..."

    That's what people said when slavery was accepted. When witch burnings were accepted. When girls who got pregnant had to visit their "Aunt" and hide their "shame" from the community,(like Joni Mitchell, for instance). When inter-racial marriage was illegal. When long hair on men was considered "terrible". When black people had to ride on the back of the bus. When having a punk rock sticker is "probable cause" to pull you over by a cop.

    Oh yeah, just accept it. Heil Hitler!!!

    And just what was that flavor of Kool-Aid you like, W2?

  15. Council Member 2008February 04, 2009 9:23 PM

    I'd like debt filled union pension turd ball please

  16. Sorry, but outside of Leucadia, long hair on men is still considered "terrible".


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