Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nanninga Tribute Monday Feb 23

Bob's tribute is on Monday, February 23rd, One Less Monkey Jumpin' On the Bed at the E St Cafe in downtown Encinitas 6-8 pm.

March 12th at the La Paloma. The Full Moon Poets led by Danny Salzhandler will be hosting and Invitation Only Poetry performance of Bob's poems.

Sign-ups to speak about Bob on stage Monday night are at the DEMA office.


  1. Why can't we leaders for Councilmembers like Bob ?February 22, 2009 1:51 PM

    Sanders pursues benefit, pay cuts
    Concessions sought from unions in talks
    By Matthew T. Hall
    2:00 a.m. February 22, 2009
    ……………The council is expected to vote in April on new contracts for the city's five labor unions. They would take effect July 1 with the new fiscal year. The groups, representing about 9,500 blue-and white-collar workers, police officers, firefighters and deputy city attorneys, received the city's initial proposal Feb. 11.
    It proposes cutting pension, health and retiree health benefits, instituting furloughs and eliminating two of 11 worker holidays, all aimed at cutting city costs by $54 million to make up the entire projected deficit.

    Sanders is good Mayor of SD who is looking out for its Citizens……

    I wish our Council would look out for our best interests.

    They are full on sell outs to the Union and Jerome Stocks is the biggest wimpy Republican I have ever seen.

    I know Bob would have the strength to address this huge problem Council created last year with the 14% raises and huge pension increased doled out last year.

    Bob is missed already.

  2. What happened to the Leucadia polls on the blog??

  3. It"s my understanding that the employees payed for the bulk of enhanced pension.

  4. Bob might have the strength address the City's problems if he was around.
    Maybe a health evaluation should be a requirement for City Council candidates.

  5. "It"s my understanding that the employees payed for the bulk of enhanced pension."

    Now why would they do that? Any financial adviser is going to tell you to diversify your retirement investments.Instead of taking their contributions and investing in a 403b plan that they control they want to put more into the pension plan. Gee, why would they want that so badly if it was such a raw deal for them???? Why no complaints from them? Why wasn't it made optional for staff it was such a raw deal....

    UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS staff are contributing UP to 80% of the new costs. That is still an increase for the taxpayer to cover and it is going to be a damn bit more than 20%. That is why James Bond voted against it!

  6. That information about the City Pension increase is old news and was only news in 2005.

    In 2008, council ended up picking up most of the Employees contribution for the increased 100% pensions of their highest paying year and they received a 15% increase in pay over 4 years. I think most people would love a 15% drop in pay over the next 4 years.

    The council's actions on the 2008 pension issue will prove to be the downfall of Encinita's future. Waite and see. All but Teresa Barth voted in Favor of the increases.

    The Republican party, as screwed up as it is, should throw Jerome Stocks out for being a reckless grower of Government and loyal union supporter.

  7. I went to and spoke at the tribute for Bob at E Street Cafe tonight.

    Bob is still alive in spirit, in the love for community and activism we share, here.

    Bob is gone.

    Long live Bob,

    And he is laughing, reciting poetry, encouraging us, now, in love, peace and undying enthusiasm for environmental sustainability and compassionate humanity.

    Bob was a man of courage and integrity. I am so honored to have known him and to have fought with him, side by side, for open government, and an aware, involved community who understands how the trees and all living things are interconnected and interdependent.

    He will be missed, but never forgotten. Yes, Bob lives on!

  8. Why all the pension cut and paste on the Bob tribute post?


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