Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peder Norby is Everywhere

Peder Norby, former DEMA big wig and pastry chef, current Carlsbad green-home owner, Encinitas Highway 101 Coordinator; was recently appointed to the San Diego County Planning Commission. (That is a photo of Norby and Aceti getting a proclamation from County Supervisor Slater-Price.)

Peder was thrown into the frying pan the first day on the commission. According to the Chaparral Institute, the planning commission conducted a hearing by "Supervisor Bill Horn’s directive asking county staff to develop a massive program to burn, masticate, or graze large portions of San Diego’s backcountry and protected county lands."

The Chaparral Institute edited a youtube video about that meeting.


  1. Robert Nanninga did more for this community than all three of you kool aid drinkers. The bell tolls for thee.

  2. Which is Peder, and who is Slater-Price?

  3. the last post is the meaning of clueless Public.

    We are screwed!

  4. Larger must've voted for Betsy Aceti!

  5. Bob would be pissed. NOW they spell his name right.

  6. Alas, the life of an artist,
    Always considered a bit such and such,
    But when he dies, then it's delivered:
    His work was so loved by so much!


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