Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sand in the 60s

Moonlight Beach, summer of '65

No cobbles can be seen in this picture taken in the summer of 1965.

Our taxpayer funded sand visionaries like to romanticize our beach history. They want us to believe that cobbles did not exist and we had football field wide beaches back in the days before JP and I were born. I don't see an unusually wide beach in the '65 photo and ten years before that photo was taken a large berm of cobbles could be found at D Street.

E Street toward Moonlight, summer 2007

Last summer there was no significant presence of cobbles at Moonlight. The beach built back up as part of the yearly cycle and there was a sandy berm from D Street to Moonlight. Qualitatively, 2007 looks about the same as 1965 to me.

Red line: most recent high tide line.
Blue line: recent high-high tide line.

You don't have to spend much time at the beach to know that the sand coloration changes across the beach face. The high berm is often lighter in color due to differences in the sand composition and moisture content.

One of the things I found interesting in the 1965 photo was that the high berm with the light color sand did not extend down the beach toward Stonesteps. I mark that edge with the blue line. The demarcation that the red line follows is less clear to me. I figure that line follows the high tide line. It is tough to follow once you get to the far bluff. I can't image that it pops out very far once the line gets in front of the bluffs.

Where is the big wide beach of yesteryear?

Cobbles present at the beginning of Encinitas
Romancing the Cobblestone
Aceti's inspiring quotes about cobbles
The entire sand trilogy

Blogger's note: I am absolutely certain that no firefighters are present in any of the photographs.


  1. Dig the lack of houses on the bluff at Moonlight. If only I could have bought that bluff in '65. . . . Oh, yeah, I wasn't even alive. Damnit, another thing I can blame on my parents.

    Cool sand analysis. I wonder what the beach would look like if building sea walls were illegal. Probably more bumpy, what with all the houses collapsing on the beach. Eh, that is what insurance is for.

  2. It sure is cool back in the 60s without all the coastal armoring.

  3. I was beautiful. It still is, just look beyond to the incredibe sea and smell the fresh ocen air.

  4. Perhaps someone could write a book entitled The Sand Trilogy. You could make a fortune on just the History of this area.

  5. Romacing th Cobblestone has a nice ring to it as well. I can see an entire collection of books, DVD's etc. Finally wa way to memorialze our CIty and make some money. Then we can get a real statue.

  6. As instructed, I am sorry Dr. Lorri.

  7. You can see that while grading for those new homes they pushed the excess dirt over the edge where most of it ended up on the beach causing sand replenishment. Forward thinking.

  8. Oops J.P. I thnk I see a fireman in the background.

  9. I think that was Captain Jack's cafe right on the beach. I remember in the 60's it had a cement floor with lots of sand on it, and a Model C Seeburg jukebox playing in there all the time.

  10. anybody born in San Diego county over the past 50 years, and who also frequented the beaches, up and down the coast, will remember years of cobbles and years of sand.. as I do. It all depends upon the cycle of weather and if we have an El Nino or La Nina year. Replenishing sand is a big joke....mother nature does that when and if needed in a measured and environmentally responsible way...not like dumping dirt dug from a hole in the ground on our pristine beaches. What a bunch of bullmanure this Aceti is selling to our City and State on our dime. What studies does he rely upon to justify this expense! Do all the councilmembers support him?

  11. Good Job Encinitas Tax Payers Association. You hit the nail on the head with your latest article which sums up the problem with paying the huge unsustainable pensions to all City Employees.

    "Current Situation
    According to city documents the city's pension is well funded. The city's unfunded liability is only $57 million and up from $38 million from the previous year. The city pension projections assume a 7.75% yearly rate of return and a 3% rate of inflation. The city does not put its pension documents online."

    First - For those you that are not quite savvy in finance. I will try and simplify- In 2008 the City owed the pension fund $38 million for pension obligations. In 2009, the City's Debt for pensions obligations grew $19 million dollars to $59 million. the increase in debt was just in ONE YEAR!

    The City owes more money for pensions obligations then they estimate the cost for the Hall Regional Sports Complex.

    Second- How can they predict a 7.75% rate of return. In the last 2 years its been -40%. Try a 2% over 20 years if they are lucky.

    Third- Once this brief deflationary period passes, we will likely see inflation well over 15% a year.

    Someone is trying to cook to the books to make the current situation look better than it really is..... and it still looks terrible.

    Dr. Lorri- How do you think the City will be able to afford this $59 Million dollars of DEBT to the unfunded pension obligations?

    Are the City Pensions worth killing the future for our grandkids?

  12. the encinitas tax payer article is linked on the main page to the left.

  13. Anon 8:08. If I knew the answer to that question, I would not be looking at a portfolio that has been cut in half since Bush came and left office. Instead I would be President. Afraid I am not scholarly enough to answer your question. However, I do know where you are going with this, and I would rather "let it be" if that is OK with you?

  14. Well. I don't think its healthy to keep your head in the sand while waiting with great "Hope" that some government program is going to save the day.

    Its not. We need to act responsibly and take our financial health into our own hands.

    This is not a Dr. Lorri issue. She is big enough to realize she does not have suggestions on how to correct the situation.

    I will make some simple suggestions.

    To balance a budget, you need to look at both revenue and expenditures. Expenditures cannot exceed revenues or you go broke.

    Encinitas Revenues are dropping (because the days of America super size spending are behind us) and expenditures are skyrocketing. Encinitas is in Big Debt and going broke.

    The largest expenditure the City has is employee salary costs and pensions.

    The huge increase in pensions over the last 4 years have obliterated the City's financial health.

    To regain our City's financial health, the City needs to do two things.

    1. Reduce employee costs to something the City can afford while still having money to better our community. Simply put- Cut Employees and save money for community projects.

    2. Address the ridiculous pension increases that the criminals adopted over the last 5 years. They need to be reversed. They were unfair to the public to begin and ushered in under stealth plans by the unions and union supporting and paid off politicians.

    Act now and voice your concern to Council members. This is THE LARGEST ISSUE facing our City today.

  15. The pension problem is only going to get much worse. There are rumors that both City Manager Phil Cotton and Planning Director Patrick Murphy will be retiring soon. That means two high-priced employees will need to be replaced, essentially doubling the cost of the position.

    Other older employees are also nearing retirement age. This will only add to the financial distress of the city, unless they are not replaced.

    Have you noticed that not a word is coming from the city about reducing expenses in order to cope with the worldwide financial meltdown? I guess the city is waiting until the last minute to give the public the bad news.

  16. Agree...waiting until after the 2010 election so Dalager gets his seat again. Corner Dalager and ask him about finances, he will burble and spurt and refer you to the "experts." Uh, thought he was an expert, at least at spending what we don't have. Anybody with half a brain knows leveraging debt is certain bad Dalager acts life he has half a brain.

  17. How about if we left the beaches to fend for themselves. Maybe unblock the sloughs at Batiquitus and San Elijo. Use some porkulous money to raise the highway and RR onto pilings. Get the sand flowing out again.
    While we are spending free money lets lower the train tracks from lagoon to lagoon. Not that we need it but what the heck. Better than tunnels for peds.

  18. Sorry last Anon-

    No such project is possible.

    All the money for the future will go towards paying for Govenment employee pensions.

    Sad but true.

  19. There was some cobblestones at the beginning of the right bluff as you are facing the water.I remember them well. You will see them in the 1965 picture.


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