Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who will continue Nanninga's mission?

Bob Nanninga's untimely departure from Earth leaves a void in Encinitas. There was nobody like Bob. Who else has the time, energy and tenacity to play Bob's roll as chief advocate and defender of environmental issues in Encinitas? I didn't always agree with Bob but he was always interesting and he put a lot of effort into his causes. Who in this town will step up to the plate and not only represent enviro issues, but who can also handle the backlash?

The Coast News invites you to leave a comment about Bob here.


  1. Not I.

    Support more growth at any cost.

    Don't worry about water, the environment or anything else.

    More houses are good.


    Your developer friends

  2. 'tader loving local politicianFebruary 18, 2009 7:26 AM

    Not I either.

    Crazy growth encouraged by politicians, outrageous lucrative government workfare salaries and pensions, and free money and policies to promote massive debt at every level pushed us into this mess.

    Now the only clear thing to do is encourage more growth at all costs, higher government employment and pensions, and push people and businesses to borrow more money and increase debt.
    I agree, don’t worry about water use, traffic, and impacts to the environment.
    Local politicians like James Bond, Dan Dalager and myself no what’s best, and we say build more Boxes!
    It can work trust me!

  3. These past two posts remind me of a song by Peter, Paul and Mary. I know, I know you are all getting sick of my stupid, old, songs. However, Mary, Lynn, and bbondi, will play-right? Let's face it, there was only ONE Bob. So, we need a combination package. A really funny person; a person that truly cars about the "little guy or gal'; a passionate person; an envirnmentalist at all costs; an inspirational person; a "drama king or queen"; a talentd person; have I left anything out. So, let the search begin. If we find one quality in a person, we nominate them to be a part of Bob's legacy. I nominate 3 people. Kevin C, for his committment to the "litte guy or gal", J.P., for his humor, and Mary for her talent. There are a lot more, so can we have yet another conest, J.P., to find the people who best represent Bob?
    Also, as long as we are mentioning polls, I have the infomration regarding Term Limits for City Council. Anyone with thoughts about this please contact me. J.P. Could you post a poll on this, if at all possible? I really need to know how much interest there is in this if I am going to take more time on this. Thanks. BTW, BOb was for term limits. My e-mail is lgreene98@aol.com

  4. One last thing. What browser has a spellcheck on it? I am sick of looking like the village idiot with all of my typing errors. Right now I am on Safari.Thanks for any help.

  5. It occurs to me that every single city council meeting we have the opportunity to honor Bob. When the public is allowed the 3 minute blurbs, we can each begin "In honor of Bob Nanninga" and then proceed with whatever needs to be addressed. I suggest this as an aid to any and all of us who need to feel the power and passion of speaking boldly - as Bob did. You know that would delight him, would certainly annoy the obstructionist bully boys and hopefully embolden others to reach for the theatre and drama Bob used to bring attestation to the urgent issues.

    I praised him in life for his audacity and would like to bite off a chunk of that to help tow our community towards better ways of treating each other and our resources.

  6. Go to the Secretary of State website for information on how to start the initiative process.

    Read the guidelines then call Deb Cervone for Encinitas specific requirements.


  7. Fact Checker: Thank you for your suggestions. As it tuns out, I have already been there and done all of that. Now I need to know if there is enough interest in doing it? It would require volunteers, a bit of money and an attorney, which I have l already lined up, as well, if we decide to go for it. Just waiting for some communication from all of you who are interested. I can't do it by myself. Too much work for one person.

    Also, thanks for the suggestion for Firefox. Am going to try it.

  8. Steve Aceti can do it!

  9. Last poster-You are kidding aren't you?

  10. We need someone who will continue to be an arts advocate! Not only for the good of the city but to carry on Bob's passion for theatre in the Encinitas schools! He made a tremendous, life-changing difference to students! You've no idea what an immeasurable impact he's made!

  11. Bob did a lot of things and regardless of one's evaluation of his opinions he remains a role model for all of us in getting involved.

  12. It is a known fact that people who are depressed are more susceptible to illness.

    It is very likely that Bob would still be with us today if Jerome had not gotten so many votes in the last election.

  13. "Little Boxes": written Malvina Reynolds, and made famous by Pete Seegar.

    (key of D)

    "Little boxes on the hill side
    Little boxes made of ticky tack
    Little boxs on the hillside
    And they all look just the same

    There's a red one, and a blue one a green one and a yellow one,
    Little boxes on the hillside
    And they all look just the same."

    (more lyrics....just as relevent.)

  14. To Dr. Lorri: You can download Firefox Browser for Mac, then add the Google toolbar. The Google toolbar works with either Firefox or Internet Explorer. I have it on Internet Explorer 7 with Windows Vista. It allows me to spell check anything I type on a web page. Here's a link to a download page.


  15. As much as I despise politicians and politics I wonder if term limits will work. The only benefit of limits is if a jerk gets in he or she will only last two terms at most. But if someone good, great or mediocre gets in they are gone just as quick. There aren't that many good citizens getting elected these days and that's what we need to fix. Get good and great leaders to run, not just run bad ones out.
    If you want someone out of office I think it would be better to educate the voters by going door to door, using the press and the Internet, just like getting them elected. We have to get off our butts and go grass roots to solve this dilemma.
    It would make for some pretty weak council members.

  16. there are plenty of smart and well balanced Citizens that would donate their time to serving their community for 4 to 8 years. Term limits are a great idea. It keep people from trying to gain power and glory from being a lifer politician.

    Stop the madness, Adopt term limits for Encinitas.

  17. Hell, I take Bob's place, if you just let me build more boxes on your hillside!

  18. Little Boxes is also the theme song for the series WEEDS. It wasn't the song that I was referring to, in case you were thinking that Mary.

    Anon:7:09-Thanks for the computer tip. I really appreciate all the help I can get, as I was not raised with computers. I will do it tomorrow and see what happens.

    To all that think term limits are a bad idea because we might "term out" a good person: I will just ask one question. Can anyone tell me the last time we had a great or good person that served on the Encinitas City Council for more than 8 years, or 2 terms? If you can, I would be surprised, and I have lived here when we incorporated.

  19. I agree fully Dr. Lorri-

    Keep wind in your sails. Term limits would be great for Encinitas!

    To the original point of this post; all concerned people of Encinitas should do their part to continue Bob's mission. People who love the parks and open spaces, support planting of native species, who would like the stores to be banned from using plastic bags, perhaps who are for term limits on the council, etc.
    Perhaps a good way we can honor Bob's memory is to create a bumper sticker or t-shirt, perhaps with his likeness from the campaign poster, and as he would say "What would Jesus say...", it could say "What would Bob say..." and it could continue to galvanize the people, be a rallying point for those sorts of issues.
    My 2 cents worth....

  21. Bob told me he thought term limits were a great idea. My last question came almost verbatim thru Bob's mouth, So Bob woul want them. I like the idea for whoever runs in 2010.

  22. Term limits sure haven't helped us at the state level. But maybe they haven't hurt either.

  23. Just think how screwed up we'd be if we didn't have term limits. Maybe they need to make them 4 years at the state level.

  24. There's already someone out there in Encinitas carrying out the environmental message everyday, just a little more quietly. He's in the schools, parks, composting, at the city council meeting. He's just not quite the self-promoter Bob was. No disrespect to Bob, that's who he was and what made him great. I don't think I need to mention the name, those in the know should already be aware of who I'm referring to.

  25. Good Point.....

    although that fellow is quite as "colorful" as good 'ol' Bob.

    More peaceful, Yes....

    More colorful, No.....

    I respect the person for there commitment to mother earth.

    Its not what you say, its what you do that counts.

  26. w2 has his/her head in the clouds if he/she thinks that Nanniga suffered from depression. He was one of the most vibrant upbeat folks around. Excitement,energy,passion were evident not moping in depression.

  27. I support term limits! Thanks for looking into it.

    We did go "door to door" for Bob, too.

    I feel he was very sad that all the incumbents were re-elected. But he tried to "cheer us up," by assuring us he would run again.

    I miss him, in person, but know his spirit of activism is still with us.


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