Friday, March 20, 2009

EcoWarrior Invites You to Plant a Tree and Feel Better

From Jru, "Hi friends, I would love for you to come down to Yoga Swami at 912 S. Coast Hwy, Encinitas this sunday at 12:30pm for our first native tree planting workshop. We'll start the afternoon off with a drum circle and community gathering then begin the native oak planting workshop at 2pm. Bring any type of drum or acoustic instrument you have and jam out with us. Everyone is welcome. The workshop will be very simple and everyone who comes will go home with their own oak tree to plant and a booklet with step by step instructions to care for it."


  1. Did someone paste Jrus head on Jeromes body?

  2. No, that's Jru's torso after climbing trees. The extra cardio has improved his aim with machine guns too.

  3. This site lost all credibility when it allowed this yahoo to post


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