Sunday, March 29, 2009

All Sand and No Parking

Grandview Parking Lot, March 28

It seems like a symbiotic relationship between Ed Joyce and Aceti has developed.

KPBS Beach Sand Funding On Hold
Projects to restore sand on some San Diego County beaches are in limbo. Federal and state funding for the projects has been cut or delayed. KPBS Environment Reporter Ed Joyce has the story.

First, California cut funding for beach sand replacement programs.

Now, California Coastal Coalition Executive Director Steve Aceti says federal stimulus money for those projects isn't coming to San Diego either.

Blogger's note: Aceti is a taxpayer funded lobbyist and simultaneously represents bluff top property owners.

He says the Office of Management and Budget has pulled funding for every beach replenishment project from the stimulus list.

Aceti calls it a double whammy because two months ago California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger froze funding for coastal projects.

"In Solana Beach and Encinitas they're almost done with a feasiblity study that would lead to engineering and design of a beach project," he said. "Both of those areas need the sand and if we don't get it, it's going to hurt the region's economy."

I've put considerable effort into discovering how much of the study considers recreational aspects, like surfing. Here is a quote from a response I got last July, "The [Army Corps of Engineers] does not have the authority to look at artificial reefs for recreation. I'm not aware of any funding of designing a recreational reef/ jetties at Georges?" That caused me concern. I didn't see Aceti with the same heartburn, an observation that is consistent with him being primarily motivated to protect bluff-top property owners, not enhance our recreational infrastructure.

He says the lack of funding could delay or even doom those projects and one in Imperial Beach.

Many surfers in Imperial Beach will be happy to hear about this.

Studies show that beach tourism contributes tens of billions of dollars to California's economy each year.

Ed Joyce, KPBS News.

There is no doubt that tourism is an important economic element of coastal San Diego and our sand levels are not the limiting factor in the rate of beach attendance.

It is a reality that the beach (our best natural feature) is not as enjoyable as it once was. As the population expands and more locals and tourists want to head to the beach it is ever more common to find it difficult to find a parking spot at our local beaches in the middle of a summer day. I usually avoid the beach on holidays and sunny days during the summer.

Yesterday the water was cold and the waves measly, yet there was no parking available at Grandview. Grandview is near where the city paid to drop dirt from Pacific Station. The sand level at Grandview has not perceivable increased since the drop. It doesn't matter. More sand would not have put more people on the beach.

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  1. What they put on the beach at Grandview is a drop in the bucket. Hopefully its the last time they ever try that. The beaches from there south to Swamis and Pipes show no increase of sand deposits from this attempt. All we see is a foamy residue in the water and on the shore. Kinda gross. I hate to think of the effect on the marine life, hopefully they can make a comeback or come back later.
    And if we are trying to increase the amount of tourists that visit our area, we don't need to spend millions on sand dumping, they will come anyway. Anybody see how crowded the roads were this Saturday. I hate to think of how bad it will be this summer, unless you are a carpetbagger trying to make a buck.

  2. I agree no more sand and one but us surfers will frequent the beach.

    With no more sand, we will get 100% armored coast line, wet cobble beaches only available at low tide.

    What ever tiny bit of dry beach is present will look pretty funny with hoards of beach goers flocking to it like seagulls on a tuna boat.

    That sounds great to me. Now if there was only a way to keep the sponge heads out of the water.

  3. sea gulls don't need parking spaces.

  4. And not a porta pottie nor bathroom to be found... Oh yeah BOB said it was ok to shit and piss in the ocean. That is your bathroom Leucadia, the ocean.

  5. The dirt dumped at north Grandview is seriously funky and not in a good way. If the city of Encinitas wants increased tourism at Leucadia beaches they need to install restrooms at Grandview and Beacons.

  6. Steve Asseti is a fraud who wants to make a living off the taxpayer.End of story.Perhaps the city could spend 200k on a study to prove me right.I find it bitterly ironic that for the last 40yrs people like him have in fact supported politicians who have voted in favor of every and any project that permanently covers the source of beach sand.You can pile sand halfway up the cliffs and a new or full moon tide in winter combined with a 6ft+ swell will take it away over night.Dats a fact jack.Bite me steve.You are a discusting wannabe leach.Go crawl under an effing cobble.That goes double for the idiot SRFers who voted for his wife.
    Paul Therrio
    por vida

  7. lol@last post.

    Yes, and the police will stop you for picking up rocks on the beach, even if you only have a small bag, and are collecting for a stone mosaic on your wall, as one of the oral communication speakers talked about a couple of weeks ago.

    What a farce! Cobbles are made out to be the source of all evil, and it's really all about money, money, money and "armoring" the coast line, since the Coastal Commission won't allow seawalls except in cases of emergency.

    Not every beach, such as Grandview, Stonesteps or Beacons are going to have bathrooms, or parking. That's a fact, too. The beaches without more parking and without facilities, are historically more for locals, within walking distance.

    We could imminent domain some of the fancy houses on the bluffs and make them public restrooms. But even those would be unstable because of the nature of our bluffs.

  8. I can't imagine Bob saying it's ok to pour human waste into the ocean. You'll probably be haunted soon. But even Rosanne Rosannadanna said "What's so special about fish? They swim in their own toilet". I think it would be kind of nice to put wall to low tide shag carpet on the beach. It worked in Newport Beach.

    I would

  9. To anoceti 7:27,March 30, 2009 6:49 PM

    "With no more sand, we will get 100% armored coast line, wet cobble beaches only available at low tide."

    That is a little melodramatic?

    If we stop with the expensive dumping we will still have sand. If we dump sand we will still have bluff erosion.

  10. yeah right.

    keep beleiving that and lets see what the beaches look like in the next few years.

  11. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature and dumping sand on the beach is just that.

  12. Oh really? How much dirt do we have to dump "to save our beaches"?

    How much?

    What would that cost?

  13. Damming all the rivers and rivermouths with the railroad berms and armoring the coastline both robbing the ocean of its natural sand supply and is a F^*^ing mother nature and her sand creatures.

  14. I think they should replenish the beaches with beach quality sand dredged from the lagoons and ocean floor.

  15. Unicalmer- Yes BOB did say on this blog that that peeing in the ocean would have no consequences on the environment.
    So go ahead Unicalmer, pee away.. BOB would approve. Perhaps not the EPA, but hey only BOB knew what was best for us all.
    Rest in Peace BOB. I piss in the ocean knowing you approve.

  16. Batiquitos Lagoon's mouth will soon be closed by the buildup of sand. In past years Carlsbad had money to dredge the lagoon and put the sand on Ponto. No more. When that lagoon is closed to tidal flow, the whole area from I-5 to El Camino will stink. Leucadia will be the first to suffer.

  17. Move the train tracks to I-15 rip out the coast hwy to open up our lagoons.

  18. that makes much to much sense.

    Oboma our greath communistic leader rather give our futures money to people to stay home and collect food stamps.

    I call that anti-stimulous and communism at his worse.

  19. I wish that I was in investigative journalist and had some spare time. I would love to get to the bottom of who Aceti is, how big his organization is, who pays his bills and how he extorts beach communities.

    We saw that during Prop C. he pretty much funded his efforts out of his wallet. He lost that one big time and somehow still pays the bills. His wife ran a very lame campaign for city council and it was mostly funded by Aceti (who else would contribute to that sorry effort?), again he still pays the bills. Where does the dough come from? How does he get it? SRF is good for some but I doubt all.

    Aceti is not keen on anyone peeking beneath the sheets on his non profit (?????), just try it once.

    Does anyone out there have the time to take this on? I guarantee it will be interesting.

  20. No sand?
    Then where are all the vacation rental taxes going?

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. 1. Calcoast
    Aceti's Calcoast is funded by the taxpayer. Aceti also works for a separate lobbying firm. CalCoast was used in last year's election to get the sand tax passed and to get Jerome reelected.

    I've poked around CalCoast. Aceti really really wasn't comfortable with that and he never answered my key questions.

    If you have questions about CalCoast direct them to Supervisor Slater-Price ( She is one of the CalCoast directors.

    2. Rental Tax.
    Only a small percentage of the rental tax goes to the sand fund. The vast majority goes into the general fund of the city.


    3. Railroads and Rivermouths
    It is a suburban myth that the railroad and closed rivermouths are keeping vast amounts of sand from the beach. Sand is trapped in the estuaries bordering Encinitas and they are sinks not sources for the entire coastline. There is clear ACOE data to support this conclusion.

    Opening and DREDGING Batiquitos gave us a one time burst of sand. Think about it. Sand from San Marcos does not come all the way across Batiquitos in a mass flow. That lagoon is a big bathtub, not a rushing river that can pull heavy sediment to the ocean.

  23. Once someone starts sucking at the government teat it is almost impossible to stop them. It doesn't matter if they are getting a welfare (pay) check or are a lobbyist or a consultant. Probrably like so many others they have lived here around 15 minutes and require a Thomas Bros to find the beach. They tend to be very vague when you start asking questions and immediately go defencive and then offencive. Greed with no morals.
    "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."

  24. If guys like Dalager and Stocks are in charge we will be just fine.

  25. Cardiffian KingApril 01, 2009 9:19 PM

    With guys like Stocks and Dalager in charge, you will see government grow more than GW Bush or Obama can grow a government.

    Jerome is so in the palm of the union, he should get the Ted Kennedy award. If the Republican Party had any integrity left in the party, it would tar and feather Jerome Stocks for posing as a Republican when in fact he is a tit sucking socialist.

    As for Danny, he is just trying to get income since he can seem to earn any money in the real world. He has attached is mouth to Jerome’s Ass like a leach and does anything that Jerome says.

    It’s actually comical that these two socialist votes for their own huge pension increase among the huge increase in pensions they voted for all of the City Employees, and now they will be crying that hard times is making it difficult to balance a budget, and we don’t have any money for any community projects. The Great News is we don’t have to let go any of our oh so hard working employees. Its called City welfare.

    The reality is if they didn't approve 15% pay increases for all employees and 50% pension increases for all employees for life, the City would be in great financial shape. But they did and now we are in shitty shape. Go figure. I can’t waite to hear their excuses like the union leaders told me every city was doing it, so if we didn’t we would lose all of the hard working employees. Ahhhh Haaaa Haaaa Haaaaaaaa! Great one!!! What dumb ass would believe that?

    Encinitas Employees have the cushiest job in the country. As was stated in a recent council meeting, The Citizens made this City, The Citizens elect Council to represent them, and the staff is hired to work on issues to better the Citizens quality of life. The Citizens should not be treated as just a revenue fund to support the outrageous retirements approved by Dan Dalager and Jerome Stocks.

    When will the dumb ass public wake up and tar and feather the people like Dalager and Stocks who sold out the future of our City?

  26. have to agree that the city employees have a cush job. I walked into the Planning Dept. at 7 minutes to five on a Thursday, the City was closed that Friday, and boy was there the TGIThursday feeling. Three people looked at me and not one walked over to the counter to help, but kept on talking to each other. I had to ask "can anybody help me," and with daggered stares two women began a slow motion walk towards me, and then quickly turned away when the receptionist came back into the room (she was very nice and helpful.) As for the sand, what a crock! Aceti is just another government leech justifying his existance by inventing issues.

  27. I wonder if Aceti's wife ever intended to run "all the way through" She withdrew, but over one thousand people still voted for her, which threw the numbers off. Could have made a difference for Rachelle.

    Also, that (Intertribal) "Judge" Brandenburg, didn't go by the Election Code, but of course he was just there to throw the numbers off, too, and because it was thought that James Bond would keep his word and step down.

    Council candidates should have to participate in the primaries. And we should have term limits.

    Aceti is part of big sand. Yes, CalCoast apparently gets most of its "lobbying" funds from various City governments, but yes, government entities and SRF.

    Some of the trees being cut now on 101 were in bad shape, but we saw one trunk that looked very solid. Another was hollowed out, as though that tree was beyond saving.

    Thanks to our arrogant Council and staff, we have no checks and balances in our city government and the issue of cutting down 11 MORE TREES was not allowed to go before the Environmental Commission at a noticed, open public hearing.

    Bullies and liars, power mongers and greedy control freaks are running the show here, now.

    Too bad.

  28. Dont just be a whiner or weener please add suggestions!

  29. Vista just laid off bunch of people, including their Asst. City Manager and planning department people. Perhaps we need to get rid of some dead wood as well.

  30. that is plenty of deadwood in Encinitas that should go. We should not be carrying such a heavy welfare load.

    If Jerome was a real Republican he would take the lead in reducing our bloated City Government Staff.


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