Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Spring in Leucadia (so where are all the flowers?)

The Leucadia/Encinitas/Cardiff coast highway was once famous for it's wildflowers. This year even the state flower, the California Poppy is a rare sight. What is the deal?

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  1. Where are all the flowers. I encourage all leucadians to spread wild flower seeds along all Leucadia streets. Its the best we can have.

  2. The city will kill them or NCTD will kill them as soon as they begin to grow. The city hates Leucadia. Remember they hired a consultant that advocated the WACO solution.

  3. the flowers were blocking the view of some condo owners, so they too, had to go.

  4. Actually, it was George Wardner a former member of the chamber who advocated the Waco solution for Leucadia at a committee meeting with consultant Ted Krines present (and laughing). But I'm impressed anyone remembers that headline from 1993. (The other cute solution was to barbwire it off and sell it to Carlsbad.) But Ted's solution for Encinitas at large to become a "can do" city was to hire an Ombudsman to facilitate proper growth here and attract new businesses. But when the job went out to bid only 5 people applied. 2 of them were Ted Krines and his wife! They wanted 120 k per year for the both of them. For a husband to apply for he and his wife to fill one job that he dreamed up has gotta be worse than nepotism. IMIO. Ted was paid 40 k for his 40 page report that is now taking up precious space somewhere at city hall. Fortunately, the council did not heed Krines' conclusion. And that's my boring bedtime story for tonight.


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