Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Reason why I love Leucadia: Chickens

Leucadia may be the last beach community in southern California where you still see chickens wandering around. Love it.


  1. I guess you don't live next door to uncontrolled chickens. Believe me they are also in Cardiff. They are pests. No better than the tree rat.

    Bring back more coyotes. They control the pests.

  2. I have chickens and love them. They are very smart actually and fresh eggs everyday. Before I got them I checked zoning with the city as I didn't want to break any laws. They told me I am actually zoned for 10 chickens. Funny.

  3. anon 740,

    They are also in Cardiff. People in Cardiff are a little more urban than Leucadians. Leucadians are generally cool with chickens. Maybe not roosters, but chickens are pure leucadia.

  4. Don't you have to have a rooster to get eggs laid?

  5. Reply to a.j.foytunate said...

    ha ha ha ha. Common question but NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A rooster is only needed when you need to fertilze the eggs to make little babies.

    All you need is 2 hens. In 6 months, they will give you 2 brown organic eggs everyday. Mine don't even eat the food I give them. They prefer to find their own bugs and goodies. I recommend BUFF ORPINGTONS chickens. They are the quietest and calmest, most-pet friendly chickens available.

    I really have to get back to work now....

  6. First anonymous, all the neighbors on the street where I grew up had chicken coops and it was great. Do you really have a "uncontrolled chicken" problem on your street?

  7. How sweet life would be that our only problem would be "uncontrolled chickens."

  8. Check out the Cardiff chickens at the top of Verdi. I'm going to catch me one and yell WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER !!!! Hope the neighbors dont mind the noise.

  9. To JP and all the chicken lovers. You must live in a dump. You cannot even plant ground cover because the chicken/rats dig it up as soon as you get the plants in the ground. Chicken shit is everywhere. As you might guess if you neighbors don't control their chicken/rats they also don't clean their cages which attact numerous flies.

    They probably don't control any of their animals.The chickens are doing what comes naturally as the coyotes would do if we didn't run them off.

    JP we aren't in the country any more. Valley Center is a great place to raise chickens, goats,cattle, etc.

  10. anon 532

    Go for it. Maybe you can 'T' to pluck and clean it for you.

  11. 6:59-

    You have to be kidding. Two of my neighbors have 2 chickens each. All are friendly and both houses have the nicest landscaping in the neighborhood.

    The only issue I see is my dog likes to roll in the chicken shit. But then again, my dog likes to roll in any animal shit. Must be in his DNA.

    Leucadia is still rural. Get away from Hwy101 and you will see an amazing community full of trees and interesting things.

    Its not all run down businesses. That blight is the result of the crappy Hwy101 that needs to be fixed.

    We'll stay in Leucadia, you should move to PB or Carlsbox.

  12. Sounds like a person problem and not a chicken problem. Try not to beat your wife and kids tonight after you get drunk you suburban scumbag.

  13. We've got three and love them. Fresh eggs every day, they scour the yard for snails and are great composters. Despite what Anonymous 6:59 says, they are a big plus for my garden and don't seem interested in my 'ground cover' .

    Check out the flick :Mad City Chickens at:

    It might be showing at the Cottonwood Creek Film Festival this June.

  14. When I was a kid, my grandmother had chickens. It was my job to get the eggs every morning. I just don't understand why they always had to bite me!

  15. Aren't they about to ruin valley center with "smart growth"?

    I sure hope they pull up the draw bridge and keep Valley Center rural, even if that means I can't move there.

  16. I learned a lot about Chickens from these videos.

  17. Do the chickens have large talons?

  18. Anonymous March 07, 2009 6:59 AM

    Do you live off Andrew/Sheridan?


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