Sunday, March 08, 2009

Regional Sand Plan

Did anyone know about this?

The draft regional sand plan came out in early December '08 and the comment period officially ended in February. Here is the link: SANDAG Sand Management Plan.

This seems like something a lot people in Leucadia would be interested in. Did anybody check this out?

I noticed that Aceti was a "community adviser" to SANDAG on this issue, which is odd because he is directed and paid by SANDAG and its members.


  1. Yes I have reviewed this document and the proposal is not only to pump lots of sand but to also build jetties at Cardiff and re-engineer those at Ponto. There are other so called Sand Management Devices proposed. They are really jetties and breakwaters but they will call them artificial reefs to get surfers onboard.

  2. Where is the location of the proposed jetty at Cardiff? Would it impact the reef?

  3. It would be at Georges. Georges would PERMANENTLY become Tamarack jetties.

    We got lucky with Ponto but Ponto is too good and they want to re-engineer it.

  4. these photos show a large sandy area above the tide line...which used to consists soley of dirt from the creek. Sand isn't being dumped to preserve the tidal area, it is being dumped to expand the sandy beach area inland at the expense of the real sandy coast. It doesn't pay to fool with Mother Nature, have some butter.


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