Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Del Mar Solution

Del Mar frequently has a flock FIVE motorcycle traffic cops hiding up and down the 101 and I rarely see drivers exceeding the speed limit in Del Mar.

When was the last time someone saw traffic cops working the 101?


  1. Encinitas can not afford the Del Mar Solution and afford 5 motorcycle cops. The city is trying to pay for the 15% raise and huge 50% increase in pension contributions by the City approved last year.

  2. We can not do the Del Mar solution. Del Mar has 4 all way stops in one quarter mile. Leucadia has one all way stop in 2 miles. The cops would only get tickets at Marcheta. For the Del Mar solution to work, we would need 24 all way stops through Leucadia.

  3. Hey, where is J.P.? He is much more funny than Kevin. I do not like this one bit. Let's argue over it instead of f---ing roundabounts. The City is going to have their way anyway. Haven't you all figured that out by now? They could care less what is said by the citizens, unless, of course that citizen has money. Then, they will talk to you.

  4. 9:58
    Shut up. You are an instigator and a fungal like appendage. Saw this post on three other topics, are you Aceti? If you have an opinion then post, if you are just going to irritate, then I suggest you remove your appendage from your keyboard and reposition it to affectuate an actual irrigation of your irritation. Cheers:)

  5. Actually I see chips on the north bound 101 south of la costa frequently. Not so much in the last 6 months or so.

  6. Yeah. Those are Encinitas paid sheriffs popping tickets to Encinitas drivers helding from Encinitas North to Carlsbad. Why would they be spending Encinitas tax money to benifit Carlsbad?

    Is that smart?

    Why wouldn't they want to pop speeders heading southbound into Encinitas? All they need to do is sit just south of La Costa. People fly through that stretch of road.

  7. Hey Kevin-

    Ly_nn is throwning you under the bus. That has to hurt coming from such a thinker! Haaa

  8. We know L__n cant understand it but roundabouts are much better for the community than traffic signals. More approved on Hwy101 in Oceanside. Solana Beach is next.

    OCEANSIDE: Council OKs plan for Coast Highway

  9. More on the approval of the Oceanside Hwy101 Plan.

  10. They aren't goint to build anything in the near future anyhow. How about having Council or staff get together with the Sheriff to fund traffic patrols for 101 during the times of day speeding occurs. During any 24 hour period the highyway really isn't so bad that it warrents such radical measures as round abouts or single lanes or stop signs or traffic lights.

  11. Enforcement is temporary as long as a sheriff is present. The road physical features need to be changed from a 70mph freeway.

  12. We need traffic lights and traffic light cameras!

  13. 8:55- That may be nice for El Camino Real, but not really a nice pleasant feeling or look. They do not slow traffic one bit.

    I prefer something other than traffic signals.

  14. Anon 7:28.

    Tell that to Jason's family. I don't think they would agree.

  15. His name was Joshua and I would guess his family would think the road is unsafe.

    To refresh your memories

    By: North County Times | Saturday, January 6, 2007 10:13 PM PST ∞

    ENCINITAS ---- A 29-year-old Encinitas man, who worked as an executive chef at Today's Pizza & Salad restaurant, was killed Friday night when his car was struck broadside by a speeding pickup on North Coast Highway 101, authorities said.

    Joshua Tiscareno was going to the store in his 2006 Chrysler 300 at about 9:34 p.m. He drove out of Athena Street to make a left turn onto North Coast Highway, when his car was struck on the driver's side, said Encinitas sheriff's Sgt. Randy Webb.

    A 16-year-old Encinitas boy driving a 2000 Toyota Tundra southbound at about 85 mph, with a female passenger, saw the car pull out and swerved, but was unable to stop in time, Webb said. The Toyota pickup rolled onto its side, Webb said.

    Tiscareno was pronounced dead at the scene, he said.

    The 16-year-old boy and his passenger were both taken by ambulance to Scripps Encinitas for evaluation, Webb said. The extent of their injuries was not available.

    Deputies do not suspect drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash, he said.

    "High speed on the part of the pickup appears to be the primary cause of the collision," Webb wrote in a news release.

    The medical examiner's office said Tiscareno is survived by his parents, Craig and Teresa Tiscareno. He is also survived by an older brother, Spencer Tiscareno, and a girlfriend, said Mike Corbin, a friend of Joshua Tiscareno's and owner of the restaurant where he worked.

    "He was the guy that everybody liked ... He's a real Encinitas local boy," Corbin said.

    Tanya Corbin said the restaurant staff is devastated, and the customers will be once they find out.

    "Really and truly, people who knew Josh loved him," she said.

    Tiscareno had worked as a bartender, then went to culinary school and worked as a chef at other restaurants before opening the restaurant with the Corbins.

    Tanya Corbin said he helped them build the restaurant.

    "We may be the owners, but Josh is the backbone," she said. "We truly could not have done it without him."

  16. Jason was killed by a reckless driver and a shortened line of sight because cars were parked in the red zone at the restaurant. Three roundabouts won't keep people from driving recklessly.

    If you put in 18 roundabouts you will force the reckless drivers onto Vulcan, a residential street where children live and walk to school.

  17. to anon 8:13,

    BULL. Drive in Carlsbad and you rarely see people above the speed limit because their traffic cops are out enough that people know there is a chance they will get nailed for even slightly going over the limit.

  18. Sorry 9:53-

    Don't let facts get in your way.

    Report rules out alcohol, drugs in fatal Carlsbad sidewalk crash

    City records show that 132 total collisions on Carlsbad Boulevard between Pine Street and Tamarack Avenue have occurred in the last five years. Of those, 79 resulted in property damage and 52 in injuries.

    Only one of those accidents, in which a car turned in front of a motorcycle in 2004, resulted in a death. The last pedestrian fatality on Carlsbad Boulevard occurred in 1994, according to the Police Department's records.

  19. Send him to jail!!April 16, 2009 10:55 AM

    Anon9:14- What has happened since that day?? Has the boy been charged with any crime?? Why not?? Speeding?? Reckless driving?? Driving with an underage passenger?? Manslaughter?? Where is the DA on this case?? Why hasn't this case been brought to court yet?? This kid, now an adult, should be charged with some sort of crime. You can't let this go unpunished!!

  20. I guess its up to Josh's parents and the DA?

  21. 1038,

    when was the last ped death on L101?

    Give us the stats for L101.

  22. Zero. There are no peds on L101.

    It’s not safe. Leucadians are smarter than that.

    We would like to walk along that stretch and visit businesses, but it not worth our lives.

  23. Great Point. If you want to see the need for the streetscape and lowering speeds, look at the difference of pedestrians cruising downtown Encinitas, Del Mar, and downtown Carlsbad than compare to Leucadia.

    You don't see any pedestrians in Leucadia and for good reason. It sucks for pedestrians. Completely unsafe and a miserable experience.

  24. One reason there are few pedestrians is that there isn't a clear walkable space between Leucadia and Downtown.

    You can't remain on protected sidewalks for an entire block beginning at Bradley's Auto on the North and Moonlight Lofts.

    I hope the new plan closes all to continuous access to those properties and installs an occasional curb cut and driveway. We really can't have safe walkways with cars backing over peds. This includes Captain Keno's and the new fish place. We can't allow a line of perpendicular parking and no sidewalk.

  25. Once we put in a sidewalk in front of Captain Kenos thousands of pedestrians will flood north into Leucadia.

  26. 8:28
    1984 Cadilac Jean

  27. More people walk on Neptune Ave than the 101.

  28. 'cause it's safer!!!

  29. Kevin, I have not looked at or posted on this blog in days. I am not the instigator who complained about you.

    My posts are pretty recognizable. Usually too long, but I try to be objective.

    Someone is trying to be divisive, "throwing me under the bus," and trying to get us all working against one another. I have my strong suspicions who it is, but lets put it this way, the person is pro roundabouts.

    I have been signing all my posts lately, for a reason. Because whoever keeps saying my name, trying to divert from the discussion, and whose only argument is bad mouthing others without any facts to support the defaming accusations, is a coward, a liar and a hypocrite, hiding like a bully behind a mask of anonymity.

    As bonddi suggested, shut up, fungus, and get a life.

  30. like we beleive that.

  31. Delmar only has one motor unit assigned to it! It can't have five. Del Mar is part of the Sheriff's Encinitas Station. They only have about 5 motor officers.

  32. Ask the city to put radar in each of the patrol units. If your not qualified with a radar or laser you can't use it. Regular patrol deputies which are the most common need to pace a car to get it's speed. Usually the car slows down way before the deputy can get behind it to pace it.

  33. Casual CelebrityApril 19, 2009 10:18 PM

    Cause they want to be discovered!

  34. Anonymous 2:58, it's people like you who are trying to bring down this blog.

    I could care less what you believe. You want to believe your paranoid fantasies that just happen to play into your pro roundabout agenda? Go ahead, but it's obvious to anyone with a mind that you don't have the facts to back up your claims, so your revert, again and again, to character assassination and ad hominem attacks behind the cowardly cover of your anonymity.

    I don't blame anyone for wanting to be anonymous. But stop thinking, in your raging obsession and paranoia that everyone that doesn't agree with your agenda is me.

    Divide and conquer? Go ahead. You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you on the behind, and it will one of these days . . .

    What goes around comes around. I am only checking this blog once or twice a week, and I am posting under my own name. I don't care what "fungus" believes.

    Happy Earth Day!


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