Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"I can make it."


  1. That is the most unsafe and ugliest intersection in all of North County. I am so glad that City has paid so much lip service to the intersection over the last 20 years. Is it me, or is the intersection area even getting uglier?

    I think it has to do with being the center of the scorched earth zone.

  2. I think its getting uglier because the tall pretty cypress to the west had some deadwood on them so they were downed. That area is disgusting. I avoid it at all costs.

  3. How long has the pile of rocks been at the bus stop now? 6 weeks or more? Not only ugly, but I think it forces the buses to stop in travel lanes. The city loves 8 figure projects, but they can't maintain what they have. And, of course, the NCTD continues to hate us.

  4. ribeye2k- Take some of those rocks and throw them at council members at the next meeting and then throw them at the NCTD board of directors meeting also. That will get their attention and perhaps something will be done.
    Talk is cheap, action speaks louder than works!!

  5. Stop whining! That's a nice little area with a nice little park leading to a nice little beach. Let's just leave well-enough alone. Don't fix what ain't broke.

  6. If an infectious blight causing, dangerous piece of shit ain’t broke, don't fix it? Really?

    Not my thoughts.....

  7. It is broke. Fix it!

  8. Ahh don't tell me you whussed out on that crossing did you JP?? You coulda made it if you had tried. Just imagine if there was a 6ft swell on the other side and you had to make it across then and there or the wave was gone.. You would jumped that crossing.

  9. I make it all the time. You will heard the sirens when someone doesn't.

    Coast is clear. You can make it.

  10. Its not unsafe. And its not particularly ugly. Go over the tracks, turn right on 101. That's ugly and unsafe.

  11. The Duke boys would a done it.

  12. Leucadia is a beautiful place. All of it.

  13. Not that place. It sucks. It feels more like downtown Vista at Midnight.

  14. Don't change itApril 23, 2009 7:22 AM

    That intersection was like that when you moved here, if you didn't like it why didn't you keep going?

  15. maybe that's what happened to the Roadside Park Bum...? Or did someone blow his cover?

  16. When I moved here 25 years ago, Hwy101 had a tree canopy, there were about 12 trains a day, and the traffic was about a tenth of what it is today. I used to be able to walk down the middle of Leucadia Blvd. regularly without seeing a car.

    The people, traffic and more trains came.... but the ho down little old rural town intersection stayed the same. I'll stay thank you, but I sure don't like the way the area has packed in the traffic with no relief for the area.

  17. I made it. This morning I ran the lights and the gates and I made it, some coward tried to slow in front of me, and I went around him. Woo Hoo I made it!!!

  18. Looking down 101April 23, 2009 6:58 PM

    When I drive just about anywhere else either in town or farther I notice that the roads are very crowded. Encinitas Blvd, El Camino Real, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Escondido are always packed. We should be so lucky that 101 isn't that busy. I thank my lucky stars that as I look at 101 most of the time there are but a few cars, not that much different that 20, 30, 40 years ago. Say no to roundabouts and one lanes, Keep it Funky. If you don't like it, keep moving.

  19. Your full of shit. Anytime I look at it is has no trees and speeding vehicles. If you don't like it, change it.... plant trees and slow traffic.

  20. Looking down 101April 24, 2009 5:42 AM

    Plant all the trees you can, I'm all for that. But there is no need for roundabouts or single lanes. That intersection has always been a joke. That's what makes it Leucadia. Its a contest every time. If you put in a bridge, it will be like Solana Beach or Poinsettia Lane. And along with that will come yuppies, tourists, transplants and cut-throughs.
    Would you be happy with that?

  21. If we don't have three lanes and roundabouts say goodbye to safe bike lanes and the tree canopy on the east side.
    What is wrong with roundabouts? They have been proven to be more efficient and safer.
    Real reasons, please.

  22. Reasons:
    Look at all the skid marks. Lots of damage to vehicles.
    Person killed at Santa Fe roundabout.
    Blind spot at Santa Fe roundabout causing pedestrian to almost be killed.
    Very few people like them.
    They don't match Leucadia or Encinitas and the three we now have should be removed.
    Only transplants like them.
    Just a few reasons for the transplant above.

  23. Rebuttal to the ridiculous statements above.

    “Look at all the skid marks. Lots of damage to vehicles”- Good point- Drunks and retards should not drive.

    “Person killed at Santa Fe roundabout.”- That person was probably dead from the alcohol he consumed before he ever hit the pole and should never have been behind the wheel. He was over 3 times the legal limit for Blood Alcohol Content after closing the bar at 2am. Totally wasted and I am glad he only killed himself and not some innocent bystander.

    “Blind spot at Santa Fe roundabout causing pedestrian to almost be killed.”- BS- there is no blind spot. I have walked around that roundabout all the time and love it.

    “Very few people like them”- Wrong. Facts prove otherwise.

    “They don't match Leucadia or Encinitas and the three we now have should be removed.”- Wrong. You must tike things that don’t work well like signals. Things that add landscaping, safety, beauty and places for art are welcome to me.

    “Only transplants like them” - Wrong. Only ignorant or unintelligent people don’t like them.

    “Just a few reasons for the transplant above”.- Read some facts about roundabouts. Actually- don’t waste your time. You seem to be one of adamant haters of roundabouts. There are plenty of us that are adamant signal haters because we hate waiting for a mindless timer to tell me when I should stop or go, and they are uglier than sin. I also bet there are adamant haters of all way stops. One thing for certain, you will never please all the people all the time.

  24. You and your buddy Jru think alike.

  25. Thanks.

    You and your buddy Mick think alike too.

  26. when you hear the bells ringing. Its time to get ready, you get a free pass through that nightmare.

    I always jump when the red lights start flashing.

    Its the best thing that can happen to you if your sitting in that 5 minutes red stop zone trying to go east on Leucadia Blvd.

    If you hit it at 23 mph, you can actually get air. At 27 you could jump a big size dog. At 30mph you could jump a big fat human!

    Game on!


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