Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leucadia Gets Budgeted

The budget is where you find out what the city is really thinking. Here are some of the Leucadia projects in this year's draft budget.

La Costa Ave widening gets money, but only $375,000 three years from now and then no construction money in the following 3 years. That's interesting that they plan on designing and not building.

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The streetscape funding gets to $2.3million for construction next year and then a half million gets added each year thereafter for a long time.

Can you build much for $2 million or even $3 million? The council is always talking about economies of scale and how it is a good idea to do one big project instead of piece meal, so if we could do something for $2 million would it be a good idea? Shouldn't there be more money?

How much is it going to cost to do the southern leg of the project?

Okay, the city budget has money trickling into the L101 project for over 6 years. Is this a sign that the city's budget doesn't have the steam to make the 101 "tree-ready"? Why the slow trickle?

Remember this quote from city council member and former Encinitas mayor, Dan Dalager describing the current state of the city budget, "We have a glass that is full and overflowing." If it is overflowing howcome the Downtown Encinitas streetscape is in deep freeze and the L101 streetscape won't be done for who knows how many years?

Anybody know about this one? The way I read this, it looks like the city is going to close off the Leucadia Blvd rail crossing. That is interesting.

I have to admit I was surprised to see funding for the Hygia roundabout. They have funding for that project 4 years out and they are budgeting $2 million dollars. That is a lot of money especially when you consider how much is budgeted for the L101 streetscape.

If they close the RR crossing does that sink the justification for another roundabout?

The draft budget document doesn't have a few things:
1) It doesn't include unfunded projects. We can't see what the alternatives are and what they might cost.
2) I didn't see funding for Leucadia drainage issues. There are a lot of drainage issues across Leucadia.

You can follow these links to the budget documents.


  1. I am glad to see they are budgeting money to help out Leucadia.

    I always hear, "I pay huge taxes to Encinitas and see nothing in return." Well now you are seeing something.

    I am curious about whats planned for the Leucadia crossing. What is the plan?

    The $2 million for Leucadia Blvd. is to complete the landscaping, walkways and traffic calming on a project that started in 2001 and will be finished in 2013. 12 years. Its needed mitigation for the traffic flows that slammed Leucadia after the connection of Leucadia Blvd. to El Camino Real and Olivenhain Road in 1999. Sante Fe streetscape started at the same time and was completed in 2004. Leucadia's similar streetscape project in longer and large and will be completed 9 years later. I am happy the City is committing to finish this project. I just wish they would quite slipping it back each year.

    I hope once the conceptual plans are approved for the hwy101 streetscape, the first phase of the project would include planting trees and providing recycled irrigation along the whole stretch. Not just in the southern area.

    Anyway, I am happy to see the money budgeted. Without budget, nothing gets done. And these projects are worthy.

  2. I wish they'd stop messing around. Nothing needs to change. Save the money, pay down debt, or give it back to us taxpayers. Leucadia is fine.

  3. anon 828,

    Where is the connection to recycled water anywhere near downtown Leucadia? Are you just dreaming?

  4. Use the money to pay for going back in time. Resist any change at all cost. Especially positive change!

  5. I don't want to go back in time, but I don't want to go to Solana Beach, either. I don't want my hard earned tax money given to silly developers to study traffic patterns.

    I find that the people who WANT change are always the ones that work at the architecture firms, the building companies, etc. Ask any local resident and they LOVE living around here. They get scared, as do I, when they start talking about a new railroad crossing, landscaping, roundabouts, trees, etc.

  6. If it was up to the L-nn B--ns of the world, in late 1880s they would have been petitioning against planting Cypress and Eucalyptus trees along our corridor.

    Can you imagine what they would chant if someone proposed to use an old historic train station building for a coffee house, or a couple of trailers for Record Store?.... ha.... they'd scream the world was ending!

    Some people's mode of operation is to bitch about anything that's not in the past.

    They don't realize that time causes change and without creating positive change, things just deteriorate into death and renewal.

    If Leucadia's deterioration continues to deteriorate without some maintenance and safety upgrades, you will see a huge redevelopment district come into the area.... you can not stop market forces. (i.e. Look at the real estate crash)

    Support improvement projects with plenty of public input. Its the best way to keep Leucadia out of a redevelopment district.

    The one thing for certain is change.

    If you don't believe me, look what Leucadia looked like only 50 years ago and look what it looks like today. Change happens quicker than you think. You might as well be a part of positive change.

  7. Why does the Hygeia roundabout cost 2 million? Why didn't they install it with the other ones when they had the equipment and workers already deployed?

    Where will streetscape funding come from with retail dropping like flies?

  8. The library was an excellent addition to our community. I wish they'd spend some more of the money on books instead of architecture and solar panels, but that'll happen eventually.

    $2 million on a roundabout is just silly. It's thievery. Greedy lecherous developers have their claws in the city council.

  9. "If Leucadia's deterioration continues to deteriorate without some maintenance and safety upgrades, you will see a huge redevelopment district come into the area.... you can not stop market forces. (i.e. Look at the real estate crash)"

    Get thyself to a library my friend.

    - learn to construct a proper sentence.

    - never use fear of uncertainty to sell your point.

    - think about what you write before you write it. Just because one word sort of flows into the next doesn't mean you're expressing coherent thoughts.

    - real estate didn't crash in Leucadia like it crashed in other parts of california. I'd say we're doing OK!

  10. fantastic information. thank you!!

  11. the hygiea roundabout will not cost $2 million....

    The rest of the landscaping, road, drainage and sidewalks will require most of the $2 million.

    The difference between a roundabout at Hygiea verses the existing all way stop at Hygiea with all the remaining streetscape elements is between $200,000 and $400,000. Well worth the cost.

  12. Vote on 1A-1F!! No more taxes increases!!!

  13. Response to:

    "- learn to construct a proper sentence."

    Its a blog post not a published item.

    "- never use fear of uncertainty to sell your point." I was sharing my thoughts about reality not using fear in any manner to sell my point.

    "- think about what you write before you write it. Just because one word sort of flows into the next doesn't mean you're expressing coherent thoughts."

    You seemed to understand me.

    "- real estate didn't crash in Leucadia like it crashed in other parts of california. I'd say we're doing OK!" the real estate market is much bigger than Leucadia

    No need to go to the library. Go to - Leucadia is down $100,000 on average from $750k to $650k with no bottom in sight. I would call that a crash.

  14. Houses in Leucadia still cost 2x as much as they cost 10 years ago. I wouldn't call that a crash at all.

    Riverside, Detroit, Suburbia in general, where houses cost 20-30% of what they normally cost. THAT is a crash. Down 10%-20% after 5 years of 10% annual gains is not a crash.

  15. What is with that T intersection plan at Leucadia Blvd. and Vulcan about? I read it that the intersection would close across the tracks to create the T. That makes no sense. Wouldn't that force more traffic onto the too-narrow Vulcan to make the crossing at Encinitas Blvd or La Costa? Anybody know?

  16. Thank you for publishing this information. The local newspapers don't do it.

  17. anon 313,

    It would be easy enough to test the effects of closing the crossing, buy putting up a temporary barrier.

    Biggest housing correction of all time?

    If it is going to cost $1.5 million for less intensive landscaping/streetscaping (w/no medians) on a couple blocks of Leucadia Blvd how much is it going to cost to landscape one mile of L101? Anybody have any ideas?

  18. The discussion about closing the RR crossing at Leucadia Blvd. involved creating new crossings at spots north and south of there. Computer traffic modeling indicated it worked well, but problems came up, including cost and other political considerations. I don't know that it is dead, but it's pretty close to it.

    As previously posted, improvements to Leucadia Blvd. from Orpheuus to Vulcan have been on the drawing board for almost 10 years. The process involved workshops and hearings and much public input. Roundabouts were always controversial but the Council demonstrated some leadership and approved them.

    When the money wasn't available to complete the entire project, the idea of constructing the roundabouts at the two uncontrolled intersections and improvements at Vulcan were put forward and approved as Phase I. It has made the neighborhood significantly nicer and much more pleasant to walk in.

    The proposed budget reflects the Council's commitment to complete Phase II of the project. It will complete the walkways, landscaping and an intersection at Hygeia that fits in with Hymettus and Hermes. Skimping by cutting the third roundabout would be a terrible idea.

  19. The Leucadia Blvd. Streetscape has medians and are more than a few blocks. It goes from Hermes Avenue up to I5. I agree with AJ. To make the project whole we need to finish it.

  20. AJ,

    Has Phase II been pushed back? If so, does that demonstrate lessen of commitment?

    Read the project description on closing down the RR crossing. It no longer says anything about putting in another crossing and if it is dead isn't this the point in time that it should be dropped from the budget? It has not been dropped from the budget.

  21. It’s only the most deadly intersection in all of N. County with kids crossing the deathzone daily.

    The City has known for years that intersection is not safe.

    Waite until the next victim dies-Likely a kid on their way to school. Then you will see the true cost of not doing a project.

  22. Why is the city installing new streetlamps on San Elijo in Cardiff?

  23. Once rural is developed, there is no going back and without maintenace you get decrepit buildings,cracked cement, potholes and trash. Some see the rural left in Leucadia, and others just see the decrepit. Can't we preserve the rural and give a face lift to the decrepit? Isn't there a comfortable meeting place between no touching and historically unprecedented change?

  24. "Once rural is developed"

    I don't consider a 4 lane 70mph highway right through town Rural. I call it dangerous and stupid.

    Rural landuse is regulated through the zoning laws. Our downtown area is zoned very high density. The rural is doomed.

    If you don't do something with the infrastructure to make a desirable, funky, walkable community you will end up with a dense populated community with unsafe non functioning streets. If you want to look at an example of dense pollution with no infrastructure, just go look at Tijuana.

    If you want to try and preserve rural in Leucadia, you better get crackin on changing the current zoning ordinance.

  25. Leucadia is fine. Stop being so negative. If kids are really dying at that intersection then it's the parents fault, not the taxpayers.

  26. Leucadia is fine, but there it could be much better with trees, safe routes for pedestrians, and bike paths.

  27. Cardiff watchdogApril 29, 2009 9:01 AM

    The new street lights along San Elijo in Cardiff are part of the undegrounding project. It is a continuation of the undergrounding done further south between Chesterfield and the Cardiff School.

    The city only pays for part of this. Other money comes from SDG&E. The old street lights were on poles and had to be taken down. They have been replaced with free standing lamps. Homeowners are responsible for the cost of hooking up to the new underground cables, which include electricity, cable TV, and telephone.

  28. The city hired a consultant for the downtown street scape. He noted in a slide show he gave that certain streetlamps look like big Q-Tips and discouraged their use locally. It was a put-down for whimpy lampposts, and I agreed with him. Downtown got healthy authentic looking lampposts, but what did Cardiff get? Cheap, skinny Q-Tip streetlamps. I hope they don't settle for those in Leucadia with our street scape.
    And 7:10, I agree with you fully.

  29. Anon 9:01 AM,
    That money from SDG&E came from a tax placed on your SDG&E bill. You and everyone else in Encinitas is paying for the undergrounding of the poles. Also, before when the streetlights were on the electric poles, SDG&E paid for their operation. Now the property owners close to the new stand alone streetlights will have the privilege of be taxed or fee-ed as part of the Landscape and Lighting city assessment district.

  30. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch......thats all some people can do.

    Did you ever think about how nice the view is now without all those fricken ugly lines and poles. Geeze people what the hell is wrong with you?

    If you like living in crappy coastal towns, go live in Oxnard or some LA beach town like RB. Encinitas is all about the ocean, clean earth and good living.

  31. This is great. While most people are losing their jobs, our City employees gets a 15% pay raise and a huge pension increase last year, and you and I get higher fees by our City forever. In addition, now we get less money for our community projects each year forever.

    Boy that sounds great. Thanks City Council!

    You are really looking out for our best interests. Oh sorry, I am not a City Employee. In that case, I know you don't give a shit.

    What a clan of circle ass kissers.

  32. 7:10

    70 mph 4 lane highway? Talk about zoning, that is not what 101 is zoned for. Ergo, enforcement is lacking, not roundabouts. From Leucadia through to Torrey Pines Road, the 101 exists, but other cities put money into law enforcement, traffic lights and traffic calming. Encinitas would rather declare blight and redevelop. The tension is between preserving orignial, natural, historic infrastructure, and that doesn't mean never maintaining it, and the polar opposite of razing our historic corridor to "improve" it. If speed is the problem there are many cheaper solutions that building a new throughway. One cop would cost $70k a year to cruise 101 in the City. Nothing deters speeding more than being dinged for it, $300-$500 ticket. Your catastrophizing isn't logical or economically sensible. Are you Doug Long or Jerome Stocks, or maybe Dan Dalager? If you really are a concerned citizen, start talking facts instead of whining opinions.

  33. L__n:

    I am sorry that you just don't get it.

    To show how far off you are about reality all I need to do is repeat your "fact"-

    "One cop would cost $70k a year to cruise 101 in the City."

    You are so far off from reality.

    Other Cities along the coast recognize that their 70mph highway is promoting negative consequences along their mainstreet and most within San Diego County and are going something about it.

    Unfortunately, we know you will never get it and there is no way to educate you on the matter.

    Best of luck with your remaining life. Peace be with you.

  34. Previous anonymous coward, this is the first time I have posted here, on this thread, or on this blog, first time in about a week. You, "unknown jerk," are in such denial, you want to imagine that every single person who doesn't support five roundabouts in less than two miles and reducing northbound traffic to only one lane on North 101 is me.

    I am ONLY posting under my name, now, and have NOT been coming here much at all thanks to the antics of anonymous cowardly bullies such as yourself, sir.

    Why don't you stop with your raging paranoia and obsession with me, stop demonizing me? Did you fall off the wagon again, Charley?

    This is not a "black and white" question. It's not either 70 mile per hour traffic and junky Leucadia, or YOUR WAY.

    Most of the public speakers at the last Council Meeting did NOT favor five roundabouts, and did not favor Alternative Four or any other alternative presented. That is why we are paying, as taxpayers, over $86,000 more for another workshop and more traffic studies, all of which could have been done "in house."

    Get off my back and give yourself a break. Put down that drink, start taking walks again.

    Your agenda does not control Leucadia. You only make yourself look bad by your assuming that all who don't favor roundabouts are me.

  35. OK Lynn-

    Whatever you say. Now relax and take some deep breaths.

    Peace be with you.


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