Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leucadia: Still Funky

Being funky isn't just about our physical infrastructure. It is also about our variety of coexisting subcultures.


  1. That's why I've lived here more than 40 years and why I'll leave my home in Leucadia feet first in a pine box. Thanks Kevin.

  2. I love it and hope it lasts. It’s in the old paper rose location-God rest its soul.

    That location is poisoned by bad traffic, noise and bad chi. Fast cars, minimal parking, unsafe or no walkways, 90 mph blasting dust bowl trains, and one of the deadliest and loudest intersections in Northcounty. You don't have to be a fung shui master to know if you feel safe and relaxed or nervous for your life. Unfortunately I give it 6 more months max.

    That road needs some serious help.

  3. holistic horsesh!tApril 23, 2009 9:08 AM

    Holistic Horseshit!!! Holistic health care does not stand up to the examination of scientific review. It's horeseshit!! Billions of $$$ is wasted by idiots on this nonsense with no discernible results. AS the old saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted.

  4. What would be really for Leucadia is a fix-it shop to help us move away from the disposable culture that demands we keep buying cheap goods. I have read of successful variations on this for computer repairs. This mix of businesses - and thankfully Just Peachy and El Torito.

  5. Maybe the Blast Off! Life Coach could help us all live alongside the bloviating bullys who think democracy and community mean following the dictates of a screaming, opinionated few.

  6. The Funky is fading as more mcmansions start to infill our old lots and teardowns. Enjoy it while you can (if you like that type of crap).

  7. JP should be a life coach for the city council.


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