Monday, April 20, 2009

Mid-Morning Leucadia 101 Tree Canopy

I took this photo this morning around 8:45 am while taking my 19 month old son for a stroll. The temp was already into the 70's and the tree shade was pleasant and refreshing, demonstrating the importance of a healthy tree canopy for Leucadia's 101 merchant corridor. My iPhone camera didn't quite capture it, but the blooming wild flowers in the center median looked really pretty. This location is in front of Le Papagayo restaurant.


  1. Liar.

    It is not possible to stroll on L101 with a roundabout.

  2. Keep posting these beautiful reminders. This morning was just beautiful. Just maybe this reactive, dismissive hate and fear will dissipate.

  3. "A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. FDR

  4. The city's current 5 planning commissioners - the five bozos.

  5. Yeah, looks really trashy, junky, and in need of redevelopment. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...As for the planning commission, they have been spanked and are now in line with the three bozos who approved their appointments. The only solution is kick out Dalager in 2010 to break the trokia.

  6. That and the North entrance to Leucadia remind me what the whole corridor used to look like. Sweet!
    The photo also shows why we need to restore the canopy and continue the sidewalks. Having a safe place for the young and elderly to walk is key to keeping our community people friendly.

  7. Its not safe to walk on a street with people racing by at 50mph plus.

    Trees are great. Speeding vehicles suck.

  8. Time to kick out the five planning commission bozos. They ae now getting paid for their outrageous yea votes on projects that should never be approved. They act like the surrogate majority Council, with a big inflated vision of themselves. Kick out the planning commission bozos.

  9. Factually, the planning commissioners have done a find job of looking out for the interests of the city.
    The problem is that the 'majority' council members discount their recomendations pretty regularly.
    The planning commission does a very responsible job.
    A clasic example is the hall debocle.

  10. If you want positive change get out and campaign against Dan Dalager. As Jim Bond said, last I check 3 votes makes a majority in our city.

  11. Factually, the current five commission bozos have done a poor poor job of looking out for the city. The Hall property was high profile and the planning commission decision was a farce and the residents were duped. Look at all the other projects that come before the bozo commissioners and you will find that ALL get approval. The bozo commissioners do it with a combination of continuations and ignoring the General Plan and the Municipal Code. The planning commission bozos are the frontline problem. Kick out of office ALL FIVE OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION BOZOS.

  12. How was the public duped concerning the Hall property?
    The commission recomended a reduction of fields because they acknowledged that many if not most of the public wanted more passive use and that it would be a detriment to the surrounding neighborhood.
    then the majority rejected their recomendations.
    This has occurrd In the last three major commission recomendations.
    What commission recomendations are you refering to?

  13. The planning commisioners loved the look of the 3 story monstrosity planned for the corner of Phoebe St. But since they approved it, the architect has actually changed the design. I love the red curbs painted all the way around the corner though. Who needs street parking when you can make a building bigger?

  14. The Planning Commission is not an elected body. As they are appointed by the Council, they serve at the Council's pleasure.

    Like any other appointees, they may also be excused at any time by the Council. As you may have noticed, adjustments are occasionally made at the end of a commissioner's 2 year term.

    I would expect from the comment presented, that anon 5:46 should apply for seat on the Commission.

  15. Anon 10:42, If a 3 story monstrosity, is not to your liking, ask Morgan Mallory why he and his fellow writers of the N101 Specific Plan thought that was appropriate for Leucadia.

    There is nothing short of amending the Specific Plan that will keep these kind of oversized projects from occupying every site along 101. Simple math.

  16. On the Hall property, answer this question -- how many planning commissioners voted to approved the EIR?

  17. At the time that the N 101 Corridor Plan was drafted there was no such thing as density bonuses and other allowances for low income housing mandated by the state if a city wants state funds. The city chose that they wanted the money. No one could foresee that.
    I agree that the Specific Plan should be amended. Even the planning commission acknowledged that the current development guidelines are not ideal for Leucadia but they have to abide with the guidelines on the books.
    There is support on the council to make ammendments to the Specific plan for Leucadia.
    Contact the council and share your opinion.

  18. Anon 1:16 I'll call BS on that excuse.

    None of these mixed-use projects are forced to employ density bonus laws. They do however, employ a clever clause that the writers of the N 101 Corridor Specific Plan allowed that lets them exceed the ratios for living units to commercial uses beyond 50% with a major use permit. In addition, it allowed 3 stories or 33' if a garage was on the ground floor. By right a developer can build to the front property line 3 stories, it wasn't the state baby.

    The entire description of what is possible for development is very clearly written in the plan. They wanted 3 story mixed-use to front the 101 corridor period.

    The Specific Plan Committee we have to personally thank for this travesty includes; Rick Smith, Doug Harwood, Morgan Mallory, Delores Welty, Patricia Fry and others.

    Clearly, this type of development will have a far greater impact on the future of Leucadia than roundabouts or no roundabouts.

  19. "They act like the surrogate majority Council, with a big inflated vision of themselves."

    Sir, with all respect, most members of the Planning Commission try to check their egos at the door prior to a meeting. You will find that most are very approachable and willing to listen to your concerns. You will also find they love their City as you do.

    It is not an easy job and they rarely please everyone.

    One of the Planning Commission's tasks is to provide the Council with their best advice and recommendations for each action. The Council is not obliged in any way to follow those recommendations. In fairness however, the Council has a far greater obligation with farther reaching responsibilities to the local populace and beyond.

  20. Kick out of office the 5 planning commission bozos.

  21. Left coast, the only thing the commissioners check at the door is their intelligence. Many projects that come before them smell so bad that the city staff should provide tomato juice to take the stink out of the council chambers when the commissioners vote in favor of the staff's recommendations. Left coast doing that little, "well, why don't we continue this" act doesn't cut it any more. The bozos have been found out. Five bozos on the planning commission that love their city? That love equates to destroying the city.

  22. 3:53
    Don't forget, that committee of 20 or so locals who developed the Specific Plan had NO control over the changes that a former Planning Commission took 2 years to amend. Many of the original committee look at what developers get away with now and say "This is NOT what we put together in our Specific Plan report!" But like a former poster says,SB 1818 came along and ran roughshod over every Califoria city's Specific Plans in allowing density bonuses. And then developers found a way to abuse that by counting the "bonuses" on other propertys.
    It's a city with loopholes out of control. Yes, our Specific Plan does need revision to supply adequate parking and human scale projects.

  23. And the current planning commission bozos will be working on the General Plan update in addition to the Cardiff Specific Plan. Kick out of office the 5 bozo planning commissioners before they do more plundering to the city.


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