Friday, April 03, 2009

Trees' Internal Anatomy Exposed

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  1. For the 50th year of a potential 400 yr old tree that old Euc didn't look too "rotten" to me!

  2. Yah, that looked like solid wood to me! Waht's up with that, eh?

  3. Fire Franken and West Coast Arborists.

  4. With a fourth arborist like that, who needs the fourth horseman of the apocolypse? Great job grim reapers.

  5. are the three amigos and jar head cotton kidding? for the last three days i have heard a saw winding away on 101. now there is a huge hole in the canopy of trees. Why did these get killed? Because of a potential branch falling? maybe we should close the beach because of a potential drowning or shark attack. actually more people have been killed by sharks around here than falling branches on 101. it is really sad to see the demise of Leucadia's once-special vibe. it only takes a few complete losers up in city hall to ruin a once very special place. greedy whores

  6. Name one person killed by a falling tree in the history of Encinitas / Leucadia.

  7. It's about time they got rid of those ugly trees. Take all eucs out of encinitas and replace them with a native tree like a torrey pine.

  8. 7:41
    The Eucalyptus trees are beautiful, grow fast (60ft in 15 years) and create the arch over roads we all like, make tons of shade, smell great and have magic powers so stay tuned. Have a nice day in spite of your decision to stay here.

  9. cut em down. cut em all down.

  10. You don't need to say that.... they already cut down most.

    The once great canpopy is now a joke.

  11. I did my best by writing letters and contacting the media.

    The main reason that the trees cut down in Orpheus Park got attention was because of Teresa Barth and Andrew Watkins.

    Instead of staff through Chris Hazeltine of Parks and Recreation, this tree cutting frenzy of ELEVEN MORE TREES, SAME NUMBER AS BEFORE, was achieved through public works, the very same department that is writing the new tree policy manual. I talked to Larry Watts, personally, and he wasn't willing to wait until we could have a public hearing before our EXPERT environmental commission.

    The contracted arborists are not experts in my opinion. One was from Fallbrook. He wanted to cut down 18 trees, Larry told me. Staff felt very justified because they were supposedly concerned about "liability" from dead or dying trees. I asked that they just cut down trees that were unequivocally dead, and let the Environmental Commission do a survey to determine which trees could be revived and preserved through careful trimming.

    Many of those eleven trees could have been saved. Staff could have waited, particularly in light of the debacle in Orpheus Park, also in Leucadia. These trees were older, and as we can see from the photos, did look like they were solid.

    So did the trees cut down in Roadside Park, by the way. I saw the wood on the truck from the two giants. Mark W. stuck a screw driver in one to show that it was hollow. Many trees have hollow points, but that does not mean they are dead or dying, unless the trunk is substantially compromised.

    An arborist is an expert only in the sense that he has taken a test and he has had at least three years experience in cutting down or trimming trees. He does not have a four year degree, and can be more interested in getting a lucrative contract or more "consulting jobs," than in preserving our canopy or any particular trees.

    I do trust Mark W. more than these other unknown "outside arborists," however, but was told as he is on the Environmental Commission now IT WOULD BE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST for him to do a survey of the eleven trees scheduled to be taken down, again at the end of the month, when City Hall was closed on the preceding Friday, when many of us found out about this, for the first time, and when there was to be no Council Meeting on the first Wednesday of the Month.

    Once again the three men on Council and staff played us all for April Fools.

  12. City staff needs justification for continued employment. Arborists are consulted for fee. Consenus reached, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. Where is Jru when you need him? Ha Ha, liked the sign "crew working in trees" isn't that an invitation to take your eyes off the road to watch for the crew in the trees plunging to the ground on the rotted branch?


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