Sunday, May 24, 2009

ACE Hardware Reopens


  1. I've been in to shop twice since the store reopened. VERY nice and helpful staff! I'm going to try to come here instead of the Home Despot for many of our routine irrigation and small home maintenance projects (the distance from our home is nearly the same).

    The cleaning supplies, irrigation, small hardware, and tool aisles are all very well stocked. The electrical aisle appeared to be well stocked, too, though I didn't pay as much attention there. The houseware and outdoor items (BBQ and outdoor toys/activities) stock was good, but could be expanded (though that would require limiting some other dept). Nice selection of novelty items and prices are very reasonable.

    The 50 foot coiled (bounce back) hose and extended water nozzle I bought were a higher quality and construction than the similar items I considered at Home Despot.

  2. I, too, found the staff very helpful. I just needed garden and work gloves, and they had a great selection. I'll buy there whenever I need hardware items. It's easy parking and even has a bike stand out front.

  3. Are the prices back to normal or are they sky high like they were before. I mean you can only charge so much for a fricken washer!!!


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