Sunday, May 24, 2009


  1. Thanks for reminding us that this is Memorial Day....

    The best way to honor the hundreds of thousands who have died for this country is to be informed and engaged citizens.

    They died for our liberty. Don't lose it because you are too lazy to pay attention to anything besides American Idol.

  2. No disrespect to anyone in the military,then or now,but how did any war after 1870 except ww2 have anything to do with our liberty?
    I, for one am not lazy .Perhaps you should read the works of the most decorated U.S. military man in history, MR. SMEDLEY BUTLER.
    "WAR IS A RACKET".Sadly, most of them died for global corporations.
    Honor and remember them,but don't sugar coat their sacrifice with a b.s. fairy tale.That will only promote more horror for future generations.

  3. Another republican day for all republican meat heads that clog the beaches for three days...

  4. anon313
    You are an idiot. You have probably never served your country but love all the freedoms you enjoy. Please do us all a favor and move to North Korea. It sounds like that is the government you would enjoy. Take Stocks, Bond and Dalger with you.

  5. nobody has named their kid Smedley since then.

  6. I was in downtown Encinitas yesterday and recalled that as a kid I would put flags on poles in holes in front of the businesses on 101. It was organized by the American Legion. Not sure when or why it stopped.

    One of the things that makes our country great is that the military takes orders from our elected representatives. When people join the military--or are drafted--they do so knowing that they might be ordered into combat that could end with their own horrendous death. We're very lucky there are people willing to make that commitment and should honor them without raising the issues that politics brings to the process.

  7. A.J. Foytunate for City Council!

    Beat the crap out of Dan Dalager.

  8. Not to diminish the superb bravery or accomplishments of our soldiers, I think the Jehovah's Witnesses have it right. The flag - as well meaning as most belive it to be (regardless of nation), is an idol that we are commanded to serve (i.e. "I pledge allegience TO THE FLAG OF...") Read the book of Daniel and notice the parallels. King Neb made an image, a statue, for all nations to come and worship with him. And when everyone was gathered around it, they were to stand when the music began to show obediance. If they did not stand, they were cast into fire. Simple huh? An idol is a false idea of God and Daniel and his buds Shadrack, Meshack and Abignegro knew that. So with a lot more peer pressue than there is today for rising for the pledge, they refused to stand and you know the rest.
    Naw, there'll be no peace on earth till the Prince of Peace returns. (That's where I veer from the JW's they think he returned "spiritually" in 1914) But nevertheless, I think we put too much faith in man's government and that's where our problems lie. The complexities of false religion play a big part of earthly unrest as well. Meanwhile, we seem to do a lot of things right sometimes with technology.I admit, it's embarrasing to be a Christian today, simply because of ultra hypocracy. If there's anything to the scriptures, man cannot govern himself. Looks like we'd prove he could after so many tries, but he's dismally inept. We're lucky no one's dropped the big one yet. When they do, we'll probably blame the wrong party. I think thats why they called it "rumors of war" when it finally comes around. Have a nice day!

  9. anon 7:25: Perhaps I will consider your recommendation.Google earth reveals a killer left point break just north of the border.B.T.W you are right , I have never served in the military,however I've played key roles in the developement of the Apache helicopter,the stealth bomber and fighter,global hawk,f-18,ect.I've had a good career despite my idiocy.Remember this,there are two definitions of a good American.One who stays informed and questions things,and people like you who just just do what you are told and S.T.F.U.

  10. anon 937
    take your hate back to whereever you came from. Leucadia existence is because of those who fought to allow knuckleheads like you to open your mouth.

    anon 1200 ditto, last time I checked freedom of religion and speech are rights here in the land of the free.

    Show some respect and you will be respected.

  11. I wish we still had the free thinking leucadia our parents told us about back in the late 60's and 70's. Now all the awesome hippies have just turned into pissed off republicans driving beat up pick-ups covered in American flag and McCain/Palin stickers.

    "Leucadia existence is because of those who fought to allow knuckleheads like you to open your mouth"

    This is what I'm talking about, I can see this coming from Vista or Carlsbad, but man that sucks that this conservative bullshit is taking over the last "real" city in North County. First we have the yuppies from out of state moving in and building their mansions over the neighborhoods we grew up in and now the old fucks who moved here when they were 20 are turning soft on us and preaching to the dark side...What happened guys did the acid flashbacks wear off that fast???


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