Friday, May 22, 2009

San Clemente At-Grade-Crossings

The citizens of San Clemente have been able to figure out how to coexist with at-grade-pedestrian rail crossings. Here is world traveler Justin in front of at-grade crossing number 1.

Crossing number two gets tons of pedestrian traffic. It allows hundreds of people a day to get to the beach and pier. The crossing isn't much. The red circle shows the crossing.
Here is a link to a S.C. Pier/train crossing webcam. You can watch people cross safely.

Crossing number 3.

Yes, people have been hit by trains in S.C. People walking/riding on the tracks have been plowed. Many of them were near Trestles and they were doing dumb crap like wearing headphones or trying to race the train. Pedestrian tunnels would not help these people, especially at Trestles, where you can already opt to cross under the trestles to get to the beach.

See Also: Inconceivable and Encinitas At-Grade-Crossings.


  1. Hey how about move the f'n trackes to I5 and let the beach be enjoyed by the populus.

  2. Thanks for this. That camera is great.

  3. Wow...I wonder if Jerome has ever been to San Clemente?

    Great Post.

  4. OMG! Don't they know how dangerous that is? Maybe someone from Encinitas should alert them.

  5. Thanks for this post, Kevin, and for the fine job you did at the last Council Meeting, too.

    I feel it is crazy that Council, staff and the Planning Commission have spent so much time on the underground crossing development plans that everyone involved KNOWS are unfunded.

    All of that time and effort, which equates to wasted money, could have and should have gone into actually beginning the process of making safer at grade crossings, particularly at Leucadia Blvd.

    Every single time the underground crossings came up at the workshops or at the PC meetings, or before council, public speakers said, we DON'T want them! They are unfunded, they would attract crime and could be a danger due to flooding if pumps fail during an electrical storm.

    The money that would be needed for these ridiculously expensive underground "bridges" is being diverted from eventually undergrounding the trains. For now, our City would be wise (can it be?) to improve at grade crossings.

    If San Clemente can figure it out, then we should be able to also!

  6. Lynn, one point you are missing here is that a large part of the undercrossings will be paid for by others (not the City of Encinitas, they are only in place to take the credit).

  7. I have always felt safer crossing the tracks at location with a quarter mile of visiblity then riding my bike on Coast Hwy. After all you know the train is going north or south you never know what the nut in the motor vehicle is doing but it's most likly multi tasking.

  8. anon 511, the source is from outside the general fund but it is still the city that is spending the money and it is still your tax dollars at work.

  9. Send the POST to all NCTD directors. It will save them a ton of money. It makes you wonder where the Stcoks, Bonds, Guerins, Dalagers of the world get their ideas. Is it because someone has been paying them something in return for their idiotic ideas, Quid pro Quo? I don't have an answer but it sure looks funny when they support big construction projects.

  10. The NCTD offered the free money for tunnel design and the city bit on it. They should have known most of us don't want dangerous underpassings that when complete will cost around seven or eight million each. They could for a lot less money have shuttles that ferry people from Vulcan to 1o1 year around. Broken government doing what it does best. Being stupid.

  11. Broken public for relecting idiots like Dan Dalager. You get what you deserve.

  12. I don't think the tunnels will stop suicides or accidents. The last suicide was at the Coaster Station.
    Each of these tunnels will have a traffic light on 1o1 along with lots of lighting in the tunnels and more streetlights.
    How about the tunnels being below grade requiring sump pumps to drain them. Flooding anyone?
    What about blind spots when traversing underground, just a place for bad things to happen. That's right, surveillance cameras are planned.
    What happens when people don't use the tunnels and NCTD decides to erect chain link fencing. Both sides of the tracks lagoon to lagoon. Ugly.
    Don't waste anymore tax dollars, stop the stupidity.


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