Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flower Capital?

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  1. It looks really does.

    I'm sure JP and everyone else will find something to complain about.


  2. Seems to me that JP likes the pink flowers.

  3. I was just about to leave that bar around the corner the other night when someone stepped on my hand.

  4. Wouldn't five roundabouts with pretty flowers like these be great on 101?

  5. Yes. I agree.

  6. More flowers everywhere in Leucadia.

  7. Flower Capital for one month and then back to dirt and weeds for the rest of the year.

  8. Indeed, I too like stop signs, dirt & weeds, cheep beer, good waves, country music and big tall hair.

  9. just an observationMay 12, 2009 7:45 AM


    you can have pretty flowers without installing roundabouts.

  10. 9:45 sounds like you like to live in Lakeside by the sea.

  11. Roundabouts provide much more growth area to highlight landscaping or art.

    Signals have pavement, ugly poles and cabinets, and more pavement.

  12. Where have all the flowers gone-long time passing.
    Where have all the flowers gone-long time ago
    Where have all the flowers gone
    Gone to gravesides, everyone.
    When will we ever learn,
    When will we ever learn.

  13. Just An Observation--

    Sure. I have a bunch of flowers in my yard. But I like to see flowers where my vehicular travels intersect with others. Plus I like to have safe ways to cross streets when I walk. I was also trying to lively up this post a bit. JP and his pretty flower thing hasn't been stirring the passions like usual.

  14. 8:06
    No doubt. And if Shakespear were alive today, he'd probably say Lakeside sucketh.

  15. AJ,

    Only at hillcrest will you be crossing the 101 as a pedestrian. That is the ONLY place with a planned pedestrian crossing.

    The reason there is less pavement in roundabouts is because they are one lane.

    Should we make Encinitas Boulevard one lane and plant the other lanes with flowers? I like flowers and you like flowers so it must be a good idea.

    Should we take the 101 down to one lane and plant the other other lanes with flowers?

  16. Lively--

    My walking route now takes me from my house east of Vulcan up to Beacon's, south on Neptune and north on 101 to Leucadia Blvd. Several factors determine how far south we go.

    Roundabouts would make my trek easier wherever they facilitate traffic flow from a sidestreet I might cross. There will still be plenty of sidestreets that won't have roundabouts, but most of those will become right turn only. (If those drivers really wanted to turn left, they'll travel to a roundabout and do a smooth 180. This is why more roundabouts is better.)

    I walk and drive the roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd. every day and find them so much more pleasent than stop signs or traffic lights. Other than the initial cost being so much more than several red signs, I can't figure out why people oppose them so.

    Your tongue was in your cheek when you made your lane reduction suggestions, but the fact is that several major cities take that very approach to traffic management. It slows things down and makes life a lot nicer for the locals. How many lanes to have should be the biggest issue of debate, not whether roundabouts should control the intersections.

  17. Before the roundabouts on Leucadia Boulevard, there were no stop signs or traffic lights at Hymettus or Hermes.
    It would be one thing if they had installed a roundabout to replace the stop sign at Hygeia, but that brake-burning stop is still there.

    All the roundabouts did was create two additional barriers to traffic flow into the Leucadia business area. That might make it easier for Longhairs to walk around, but it also causes Orange County and LA County dollars to bypass Leucadia and keep on trucking down the I-5. Any barrier to traffic flow along the 101 will have the same effect.

  18. Before the roundabouts were installed on Leucadia Blvd., people that lived on Hermes and Hymettus had a helluva time getting off their streets because 45 mph cross traffic was endless. There was talk of 4-way stops at each of those intersections, but the city determined that roundabouts were better at "controlling" the intersections without making everyone stop whether they needed to or not.

    I can't wait till the red octagons are gone at Hygeia and replaced with a flower-filled roundabout and other amenities.

    If people are bypassing Leucadia because of the roundabouts, they're lugheads and shouldn't be in Funkyville anyway.

  19. Good points AJ, and do you think we should neck down Encinitas Blvd or El Camino Real to a single lane?

  20. robbie the robotMay 12, 2009 8:17 PM


    "Danger w2!!! Danger!!!"

  21. You can do what you like to El Camino Real or Encinitas Blvd. Maybe the area folks around those street should wake up?

    This blog is about the coast and even more so about Leucadia.

  22. Roundabouts suck. Just like a circle, it always comes back to the same thing, they SUCK.

  23. Anon 5:39--

    I was wondering where all the Roundabout Haters had gone. Finally, you're back with that old circular, illogical argument. They work dude/dudette.

  24. Anon 5:39 has a hard to reasoning why they think something is awesome or suck.... they just go by "do I understand it or does it frighten them because I don't understand it?"

    Try and yielding to the left and your fears will disappear.

    Can you try and describe why you don't like roundabouts?

    I like them because they are proven safer, better for both cars and pedestrians, better for the environment, and better looking. What's not to like?

  25. Roundabouts increase tire wear. Maybe the wise councilmen of our fair city should initiate a $300,000,000 study on tire wear.

  26. 5:39-Where have you been?? So nice to have you Leucadia haters back on the blog!! Welcome back!! I guess you are over your mourning for BOB, your leader. It is nice to know that the I HATE LEUCADIA crowd is well represented.

  27. 5:39
    I agree. They suck traffic through town like there's no stops.

  28. 8:29
    I'll take tire wear over brakework, cars in gridlock and excess poisonous emisission anyday.

  29. My apologies about the "LongHair" comment.
    I went a decade or so without a haircut myself--back in the 1970s.

  30. THE JIM, DAN AND JERRY SHOWMay 13, 2009 2:20 PM

    Tune in tonight or show up at City Hall to see the three stooges "debate" the appeal of the Scripps hospital plans. Get ready Leucadia, this is a preview of how they will handle the streetscape proposal. Residents' opinions and needs are railroaded for special interest and business.

  31. Transplants love roundabouts.
    Long time locals know they suck.
    Transplants love Leucadia, thats why they moved here. Then they try to screw it up.
    Locals and cool transplants know: don't fix it if it ain't broke.
    Transplants need to wake up, traffic ain't that bad. Drive El Camino Real or any other major road around here.

  32. 7:53 sounds like some NYer that tries to act like a local Hawaiian.

    whether I am a local or for you transplants, smart people like roundabouts because of their merits and they look much better in the community.

    Retards can't figure out how to yield and fear any change even if its for preserving and enhancing peace in Leucadia.

  33. 7:53

    How long have you lived in Leucadia?

  34. Fred, I've lived here all my life, which is longer than you.

  35. I see the highway everyday of the year and sometimes it gets backed up. I'll give you that, but not backed up enough that we need to install roundabouts. A lot of the time there are only a few cars on 1o1 and its easy to make a left turn to go north from any side street from A to Grand View. Roundabouts will completely change Leucadia and Encinitas forever, there is no going back, this is a MAJOR change to the entire area. We are only here for a short time, do you really think this major change should be done on your watch?
    Yes, I wish I didn't have to deal with the cars and crowds, but roundabouts are not going to solve the fact millions want to come here. First lets try lower speed limits and a police force that enforces it. Or maybe wait for the freeway to be widened to Carlsbad to see if that stops cut through traffic.
    I think some business owners want the streetscape to go through so they will benefit financially with the improvements to their properties. Somebody has to pay for it, just a few owners on one side of 1o1 sure as hell aren't. Sounds like redistribution of wealth to me.

  36. Oh Lynn-

    Give it a break!

    And don't say you are not Lynn because we know your comments. We hear them over and over and over again.

    You are not well.


  37. to 7:53

    Do you agree that downtown is better esthetically and more efficient with their streetscape?
    Could you imagine that Leucadia could improve it's future with a well planned streetscape?
    Three lanes and roundabouts could answer the needs of our future.
    The area is unique. Three lanes and roundabouts could allow for reestablishing the tree canopy, offer needed parking oppertunities, safer roads for cars and pedistrians, safe bike lanes, walking trail and beautification.
    That is a bad thing? Don't you, a Leucadia lover, want these things for Leucadia? Aren't they important to you and our future?
    Imagine if no plans were made and executed for downtown. This is a plan for our future, all our future.
    It is not just for some 101 businesses.
    Open your eyes. Leucadia is going down hill, just as downtown was before their well thought out streetscape.
    We will see all that we will have to give up, if we just leave things alone and just put in stop signs and plants and lower the speed, when alternative 5 is designed.
    Support the streetscape plan that supports solutions to the issues that are importat for our future.

  38. 6:16am. Sounds great to me. Thanks for the nice vision. that existing speedway is ugly and sucks.

  39. 753--

    Your timing was pretty good for proving your "localness": Our phone number when we moved here in 1960 had the 619 area code and started with 753.

    And so what. If I plopped down a million bucks for a local shack two days ago, shouldn't I be able to advocate for some change that I think will make my community better.

    Roundabout Haters need to bring some facts to their argument. Forget the Red Herrings. Cost is about the only negative to roundabouts, because it is a fact that they move traffic better. That is until the person comes along that doesn't have a clue how to enter and is too timid to keep things moving.

    If you are claiming more localness than Fred, that must mean you've got a few gray hairs. And I know that change comers harder for old folks.

  40. 8:30

    I'm older than I look.

  41. well I've been here since 1973 and I love round abouts. Get rid of all stop signs and replace them with roundabouts. Put them on all residential streets where you "locals" like to speed.

  42. Fred's been heavily influenced by Walt Frazier and Keith Hernandez.

  43. When you are talking of a streetscape for 2.5 miles of Encinitas and Leucadia that benefits only businesses on one side of 1o1, that is too much tax dollars being spent. How much taxes do they pay? Add up the amount the city gets from property and sales tax from each business from Encinitas Blvd to La Costa Ave, I'd bet tens years of taxes won't pay for two blocks. It just isn't worth spending mega millions on such a grandiose fallacie.
    Any other businesses to the east benefit? How about to the west? No, just property owners on one side of 1o1. Scale it back, no roundabouts, no single lanes, no stop signs or additional traffic lights, but lots of landscaping

  44. to 7:53
    You did not respond to this.

    Do you agree that downtown is better esthetically and more efficient with their streetscape?
    Could you imagine that Leucadia could improve it's future with a well planned streetscape?
    Three lanes and roundabouts could answer the needs of our future.
    The area is unique. Three lanes and roundabouts could allow for reestablishing the tree canopy, offer needed parking oppertunities, safer roads for cars and pedistrians, safe bike lanes, walking trail and beautification.
    That is a bad thing? Don't you, a Leucadia lover, want these things for Leucadia? Aren't they important to you and our future?
    Imagine if no plans were made and executed for downtown. This is a plan for our future, all our future.
    It is not just for some 101 businesses.
    Open your eyes. Leucadia is going down hill, just as downtown was before their well thought out streetscape.
    We will see all that we will have to give up, if we just leave things alone and just put in stop signs and plants and lower the speed, when alternative 5 is designed.
    Support the streetscape plan that supports solutions to the issues that are important for our future.

    May 14, 2009 6:16 AM

  45. Like it or not, the property and sales taxes generated throughout Encinitas goes into the general fund. When the councilpeople decide to pay for a project using general fund monies, that means the entire community is contributing to the project. Whether there should be any local assessment for the L101 streetscape is another thing the councilpeople will get to decide. Obviously the city will be looking to get some money from the Transnet pot and other sources.

    But if the project is done right, the results will make for a better, safer Encinitas which will make living here that much more enjoyable, especially in the L101 corridor.

    We're at Square 1, Establish a Plan. A square or two further will be How to Pay for the Plan. That should be another good debate.

  46. All of Encinitas benefits from a succesfull downtown Encinitas.

    All of Encinitas will benefit when we have a safe, pretty, successful downtown Leucadia.

    Some people are just super frightened of any change. Even change for the better.

  47. I am a home owner 3 blocks from our N.Coast Hwy101 mainstreet. I own no property or business along N. Coast Hwy101. I would like to safely walk and enjoy a successful mainstreet businesses if we had one.

    I fully support the streetscape because that's the only way we will realize a safe and prosperous mainstreet.

    A streetscape in Leucadia will benefit all of Encinitas and the City's financial health as well.

    Anyone that can not see that the benefits far outweigh the costs has a thick skull and will never get it.

    Build a more peaceful and unique Leucadia, build the streetscape.

  48. 6:16/6:50-Yes, downtown is better now, it also serves a huge population from A Street to Swami's and from the ocean to City Hall and beyond. It supports thousands of residents and tourists each week. Or day.
    Three lanes and roundabouts are not the answer, this I and many others will never agree to. Evidently I will never get you to see my side.
    This streetscape plan seems like it is trying to make L1o1 like downtown. I don't want that, I like it like it is, funky.
    Why after moving here do you want to change the very thing that motivated you to come here in the first place?
    It sounds and looks like redevelopment to me, sorta like what Carlsbad is doing to Ponto.
    1o1 has for as long as I can remember, been run down. All it needs is some more eucalyptus trees and landscape, but no streetscape.
    9:40-The City just installed new sidewalks for about a mile and they work great, I use them all the time.

  49. 753, I agrees with you on many things, but the Streetscape is far from a redevelopment district that robs hundreds of millions of dollars from your grandkids. Only 4 percent of all redevelopment districts have ever been able to pay back what they borrowed in the state of CA since 1952. Not a good track record. Redevelopment also is a land grab that puts mom n pop shops out of business with Eminent Domain in lieu of mile long Wallmart stores etc. And like in South Lake Tahoe, when a few hundred businesses were "relocated" and a resort was installed through a redevelopment district, sure enough it went bankrupt. San Diego's RD is still around 300 million in debt. A Streetscape is a financially sound way to get improvements we need. And yes, downtown has benefited much from theirs, but by no means is Leucadia's going to look like downtown. Ours calls for 1000 new trees (for starters) that will not only fill in the gaps of our canopy from La Especial to La Costa Ave, but introduce a canopy from La Especial to Rhino Art. Nice.
    I hope they do use a few Eucs on every block though. That would have to keep Leucadia funky.
    If a camel is a horse designed by a committee, that would better fit most redevelopment agencies IMHO. But I trust our Streetscape will be built with a capital OUR. I think we'll look back on this and wonder why they waited so long to make these improvements (we've been working so hard to get them). I'd hate to see the baby thrown out with the bathwater because of some misunderstanding what's best for all of us. Proper sidewalks, street lighting, canopy, lowered traffic speeds, calming, efficient roundabouts, landscaping, more parking, safe bike lanes and better drainage.

  50. Fred,
    The sidewalks are kinda funky, but they work. The street lighting, that's a tough one, but less is better for me. Traffic calming through any means other than roundabouts or single lanes. (maybe Sheriff enforcement)
    Lots of landscaping, forget the bikers, they don't use the bike lanes anyway. And the drainage, what, do we have to pay for it twice like we will with the new sidewalks?
    I don't want another downtown, I want it rural like it is and has been for a long time. We start changing it and it will be like some place else, only enriching a few and making the transplants happy for 15 minutes.
    What does it do for the Leucadia Blvd/Train/1o1 intersection? Not that it need fixing, buts its kinda funky.
    The city can do a heck of a lot of landscaping for what the roundabouts will cost. I would much rather have landscaping than roundabouts.
    And I have had a Plateau 3 number a lot of years.

  51. "Oh Lynn- [Again anonymous coward, JERK, this is the FIRST TIME I HAVE COMMENTED ON THIS THREAD. I don't care if you believe me, you obsessive IDIOT.]

    Give it a break! [Yeah, why don't you give your paranoia a break!]

    And don't say you are not Lynn because we know your comments. We hear them over and over and over again. [Gotta mouse in your pocket? We this, we that. You and your imaginary "friends." You, cowardly jerk, are the main person posting here, besides Fred, who actually favors roundabouts. I could care less if you believe me. And I definitely don't take a thing you say seriously. You are a cheat and a cowardly LIAR!]

    You are not well. [NO YOU AREN"T, JERKWAD!]

    May 13, 2009 10:01 PM [You just can't take it that over a thousand people have signed the petitions at Leucadia Glass and Sub Palace against the roundabouts, against reducing northbound traffic to only one lane. You just can't stand that over 60% of the surveys signed at City Hall at the last workshop did NOT FAVOR ROUNDABOUTS.

    Roundabouts would benefit a few business and commercial property owners at the expense of the rest of the community. We don't have to have roundabouts and narrower, fewer lanes forced down our throats in order to enjoy the new sidewalks, or to ask for the canopy to be restored and preserved, and for more flowers to be planted and WATERED.

    I feel that some of these long time property owners like Charley Marvin and Fred are paying very low property taxes, and will benefit significantly by having more parking spaces at the expense of ALL of the taxpayers and fee payers in Encinitas.

    ALL of the fees are being raised so that Encinitas does not have to let go of any staff or use less consultants, even though our country and county is in a severe recession. Fewer permits are being pulled for remodels, and the fees just went up 40% in 2005, and now they were just raised again. This does not only affect developers, who get a 40% discount for "tract homes," but the individual who wants to put on a new roof, or add a room, instead of moving away.

    You are so full of sh~t, anonymous coward, thinking I am posting when I rarely do post here lately, thanks to scum balls like YOU. You call out my name, again and again IN ERROR, but you don't have the guts or the integrity to post under your own name, JERK.

    You got your properties for a very low price. The City forced you to clean up some of your hotels as they had multiple code violations. So did the Gold Coast for a long time. There is plenty of parking there, now, for the level of business. When you got your properties, they were CHEAP partly because they did have less parking, and because they were run down, for YEARS, including UNDER YOUR OWNERSHIP. You are one of the biggest hypocrites in Leucadia. When was the last time you actually went down to the sand?

    Leave me alone and leave my name OUT of your bogus propaganda posts. You are obsessed with me, and FYI I am only posting here under my own name, for MONTHS. Like I said, keep on thinking you know it all, when everyone knows, without a doubt, you are a con, a liar, and a coward.

  52. You people sure are whiny!

  53. Dear '753,
    You did not address the issues, other than, "forget the bikers".
    Do you wish to also, "forget" the canopy, parking, walking trail and
    safer roads?
    All these issues will not be solved by leaving thing as they are with 4 lanes. There just isn't space.
    Which of these needs do wish also want to "forget"?

  54. Why do we have to provide parking for businesses that failed to provide their own parking?
    There is a walking trail now on both sides of the tracks from La Costa Ave to Chesterfield. It works plenty good.
    A safer road could be accomplished by better enforcement of existing laws.
    And you don't need roundabouts for a tree canopy, in fact trees will be removed for roundabouts, streetscape and single lanes.
    Lynn, way to go!

  55. Poster a.j.foytunate seems to be playing fast and loose with the facts. The original area code for San Diego County and Orange County was 714. With the population growth in Orange County, San Diego County (along with the areas to the east and north) was assigned the 619 area code. More population growth and the proliferation of cell phones brought the 760 area code to North County. Now we will have a new area code as an overlay. I still have my old rotary phone I bought when the phone companies were deregulated. It has the 714 area code with my 753 prefix number printed in the center of the dial and the 619 sticker I pasted over the 714. Previously 753 had been PLAza.

    More serious is your assertion about how revenues are generated and then used. It is true that property and sales taxes can go into the General Fund. But have you looked at your property tax bill? There is a list of taxes, some of which are restricted in use, or at least they are supposed to be.

    Of the legitimate portion of property tax and sales tax, the city only gets a percentage. The state and county also get a share. The city has developed many clever ways to get more money. The most egregious is through the Encinitas Public Financing Authority. This is a fancy name for an unholy alliance of the city with the San Dieguito Water District. The city took over all the assets of the SDWD and then leased them back to the water district. The city then sold Lease Revenue Bonds. It's a very sneaky way to suck millions of dollars from the water district into the General Fund.

    The problem is that SDWD only covers half the city. The other half of the city in the Olivenhain Water District pays nothing. This is how the Hall property was bought and the Library built. The city incurred $81 million of debt to be payed over 30 years and only half the city is paying for it. Additionally the Encinitas and Cardiff Sanitation divisions are involved in the same shenanigans. So if you live in the Leucadia Wastewater District you also don't pay. Who controls and is responsible for all of this? It was masterminded by former City Manager Kerry Miller, continued by City Manager Phil Cotton, and all approved by the city council. It only takes 3 votes.

  56. If all the existing businesses and new businesses had to provide their own parking we would need mega structures that we do not want.
    The walking trail is on NCTD property. It is illegal to walk there.
    40 MPH,(45 to 60) is not safe, here or downtown, or Carlsbad. Stop signs???
    Plan #4 will plant 1000 new trees and save 93% of existing trees. NCTD WILL NOT PLANT TREES ON THEIR RIGHT OF WAY. No new trees on the east to replentish the canopy.
    So you want to" forget" not only safe bike lanes but ped safety, tree canopy on the east side and legal walking trails and efficient traffic calming and parking oppertunities for our future?

  57. Anon 8:47--

    You are a Wonk and Nitpicker Extraordinaire! I don't have my old rotary phone to check out and see if the area code when we moved here in '60 was 714 or not. However, I'm pretty certain that when I was old enough to use a phone, it was 619. (Not to mention that it was a long time before I had to mention my area code, since everyone that needed my phone number lived in the same area code.) And how important was the 714 vs. 619 area code issue to the point I was trying to make?

    And the point is that the L101 streetscape is going to be paid for by everyone that lives in Encinitas because some of the funding for the project has/will come from the General Fund. Almost all the General Fund revenue comes from property and sales taxes.

    As to your paranoia about the Lease Revenue Bonds, aren't those bonds being repaid from the General Fund? Which means that while the bonds were secured with the equipment from entities that don't serve all of the city, the debt service is being borne by the whole city.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this Lease Revenue Bond matter. But if you want to call bullshit on what I'm saying, please make it something more substantial than what the area code was here in 1960.

  58. Lynn- what is your obsession with property taxes?? How much do you pay?? You and your husband have been in your house for years and years. Your property taxes must be quite low also. And if you are so worried that someone bought their property when costs were low, it begs to ask, why didn't you buy up the 101??

    No, I am not Charlie Marvin nor Fred nor any of the other people you seem to fight with and yes I do provide my own off street parking for my business.
    Thank You and good bye!! And no, I am not a jerk!!

  59. 753, please respond to 9:03.
    Thank you
    And Woops Lynn. Accusation inaccurate.
    Maybe an apology to Mr Marvin?

  60. 2:29

    "I feel that some of these long time property owners like Charley Marvin and Fred are paying very low property taxes, and will benefit significantly by having more parking spaces at the expense of ALL of the taxpayers and fee payers in Encinitas."

    There is no such thing as very low property taxes. Oldtimers may pay lower taxes than some but it's not their fault they fell in love with Leucadia early, are stubborn and never want to leave.
    And actually, if you look at the streetscape birdseye view in all of the plans, we will be losing one on street parking space right in front of our small shop. But I believe the overall increase in parking will be beneficial for everyone. I don't think Streetscape benefiting all of our businesses is a bad thing but something the local residents will also take pride in. Business parking is already an issue in places where it encroaches on private property. The streetscape will aid, not exacerbate that problem. An appealing highway will also increase adjacent residential values. It has to. But no matter what our property is worth, it cannot be replaced elsewhere, so we're staying. Others who buy out Leucadia properties as investments, basically so they can sell it and move somewhere else have no roots here. I don't consider people who don't love Leucadia, Leucadians.

    And the uneven portions of right of way on N. Coast Hwy are not rural, charming or funky, they're dangerous. My Mom broke her leg last year on an uneven portion where she lost her balance. And the pot holes are even more dangerous at night.
    I appreciate and love dark skys for the neighborhoods that want those, but for our linear business district we need streetlamps. Cool ones! Not the crappy Q-tip kind. What was placed here in the twenties would be ideal. JP posted my pics of those once, thanks!

  61. 12:03,
    Take Calypso Cafe, it was a funky run down very little house with next to no parking. They converted it to a restaurant that took off and viola, not enough parking. They converted outdoor area to interior dining for the crowds and now they have valet parking using the east side of 1o1 which used to be illegal for parking. Somehow the city looks the other way for those they like. Or get kickbacks from. Robbies bought the parking lot behind them for additional parking with no taxpayer subsidy, so can anyone else wanting more parking.
    Nobody gets a trespassing ticket just walking along the RR right-of-way, and rarely for crossing the tracks.
    Like I said, the cops can enforce lowered speed limits, they do exceptionally well in Carlsbad. No new stop signs or traffic lights.
    You don't need need new street scape to plant trees, shrubs and flowers.
    This project will cost mega-millions and doesn't even start in Leucadia, but at A Street to North Court. By the time it gets to Phoebe we'll all be six feet under.
    Why do we have to pay for drainage and new sidewalks twice?
    1o1 just isn't as bad as you make it out to be, so get used to it.

    Plateau stood for 75-3 which was Encinitas, Cardiff and Leucadia.
    75-5 was Skyline for Solana Beach and Mar Del.

  62. It's not the city looking the other way for Calypso parking on the RR right-of-way, it's NCTD. But they don't always look the other way as there have been many tickets issued to cars parked on their land. There is certainly no payoff going on. For some reason, the city will not designate where the curb is on the east side of 101. We could be enjoying 2 miles of extra parking there right now IMHO.

    Calypso Cafe may have been a house originally, but that had to be 50 years ago. It was world famous Basil St. Cafe before Calypso (where Oprah's cook worked, and where Lindsey Wagner obtained recipies for her book), and a sports bar before that. In the early 60's it was Gil's Market then late 60's it was "Creating Feelings" that made and sold psychedelic candles. then it was the Tar Baby restaurant followed by Da Kine vegetarian restaurant. I'm sure you remeber those and maybe some I've forgot about.

    "Nobody gets a trespassing ticket just walking along the RR right-of-way, and rarely for crossing the tracks."
    Tell it to the special Sheriffs that have their own trucks that cruise the RR daily like hawks.
    Don't tell me you don't look both ways for them when you cross the tracks. Oh I do.

    There will be plenty of trees on the east side of 101 in the Streetscape without having to put them on the RR property. Check out the Streetscape maps. They're viewable at the L-101 office at 386 N Coast Hwy 101 M-F or up at City Hall.

  63. Leucadia would be ruined if they allowed parking on the east side of 1o1 or if they put in sidewalks or a hardscape trail. Just like it is now is what makes it GREAT! Other than a few transplants building some crummy buildings it hasn't changed much. Just the thought of two extra miles of parking is enough to make me puke.
    Gil's Market had enough parking for his customers, so did the old ladies at the Handcock Station.
    I don't cross the tracks illegally because there is nothing on the other side that I'm interested in. I lived on the ugly side of the tracks for a few years in the eighties and could not wait to move back to God's country.
    Plant more eucalyptus and just maybe it could have the right canopy again.

  64. L___n-

    You are flat out Crazy.

    You are the Queen of Whiners....

    You stink. Move to Oxnard.

  65. a.j.foytunate:

    You are wrong about the the Lease Revenue Bonds. Technically these bonds are supposed to be paid by a revenue stream generated by the project being financed. Where is this revenue stream for the Hall property and the Library?

    Unlike General Obligation Bonds, there is no vote by the public to approve a tax increase to pay the bonds. Lease Revenue Bonds only need 3 votes on the council for approval, but the money still has to be found for repayment. The names of the two types of bonds indicate how they will be repaid.

    I don't think you can expect to be spoon fed all the information. You can google the two types of bonds to help your understanding. Then you can go to the city website and go into Archives - Financial Department - Bonds. It's all there, if you allow yourself to be a wonk and a nitpicker for a little while. It's not harmful to your health.

    You seem to have missed the main point. When the city funnels money from the water and sewer districts into the General Fund, a profound inequity is created. Not all taxpayers and ratepayers are carrying the same burden. Our city has two water districts and three sewer districts. The city only controls three. So half the city ends up paying a much larger share. I live in the part getting screwed.

    Here's a short quote from the bonds for the Hall property:
    “The bonds are not a debt, obligation or liability of the City, the State of California or any of its subdivisions (other than the Authority) nor do they constitute a pledge of the faith and credit or the taxing power of any of the foregoing (including the Authority) and the City.” The only other participant in the Authority is the SDWD. So guess who's left holding the bag, unless the city wants to default.

    The whole business about your being wrong about the area code was to show you are careless with facts and are sometimes factually incorrect. Why so defensive? A little wonkishness might help you.

  66. 7:53 "I don't cross the tracks illegally because there is nothing on the other side that I'm interested in. I lived on the ugly side of the tracks for a few years in the eighties and could not wait to move back to God's country."

    LOL. Me and Hophead neither know which side of the tracks you call ugly or which God you mean. Please clarify.

  67. If you can't tell, not only have you drank the Kool-Aid, but you must be waiting for the Hale-Bopp shuttle. It does take off in Leucadia.

  68. To Whom it May Concern:

    I come before you today to confess that I was talking out of my ass the other day when I said that my area code as a kid here in 1960 was 619. It turns out that my area code from 1960-1982 was actually 714. However, my phone number did start with 753, so the irony of an Anonymous poster claiming "local cred" at 7:53 p.m. still applies.

    And then the Anonymous Wonk wants to bust my balls for my claim that whatever happens on the L101 streetscape project will be paid for with Property and Sales tax from the General Fund. I stand by this claim. In the end, funding might also come from Special Assessment Districts, SANDAG and the state and federal goverments. But my point was and remains that the costs will be shared by the entire community, which I think is appropriate.

    From there the Anonymous Wonk wants to talk about his getting screwed by shifting the discussion from the L101 streetscape to the complicated issue of Lease Revenue Bonds vs. General Obligation Bonds. Quite a complicated screwing, indeed.

    So complicated, in fact, it would take me too much time to really sort it all out, Google or not. But he pointed me toward some documents so I checked them out and the one little bit I did read seems to suggest that the Anonymous Wonk is wrong about one thing: the Lease Revenue Bonds are debt instruments executed in our name by the Encinitas Joint Powers Financing Authority, which is made up of the City of Encinitas, Cardiff Sanitation District, Encinitas Fire Protection District, Encinitas Sanitary District and the San Dieguito Water District. The Anonymous Wonk quotes something that seems to say that the SDWD is the only agency on the hook if the Authority defaults on them. But it is remarkably remote that the city will ever be in default on the bond payments, since they are paid with Property and Sales tax revenue.

    At least that's how I read it. But I'm neither a lawyer nor a Wonk, and Bond Obligations tend to be very complex, so you are on your own to get to the bottom of it.

  69. thats like 2 or three islands on 101, doesnt really equate to Encinitas being a flower capital, has more to do with the professional growers such as the Eckeʻs for example.

    oh and by the way.


    seen you just sitting there while people were honking and you almost hit a biker!!!


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