Sunday, May 03, 2009

Leucadia Art Glass

A few weekends a year Richard Blodgett, one of Leucadia's many artists, opens his studio to the public. You've seen his signs.

These signs guide you to the studio.

The backyard studio

Some of the work.

At work.

My daughter is into the striking colors. My budget conscious son likes the wholesale prices.

Leucadia's other glass artist is Joel Bloomberg. Joel's known for his jellyfish lamps.
Bloomberg's H101 Storefront.


  1. We are lucky to have these fine artist in our community.

  2. Don't be fooled, vote No on 1-A through 1-F !!!

  3. I've been pruchasing stuff from Joel for many years and his stuff is awesome!!!

    Vote "Yes" on "No" and "No" on "Yes"!!!

  4. Jeez, another blog topic about sand.
    Both of these sand artists are assets of our art community.

  5. vote no on all tax increases.


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