Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moving Up

Instead of demo'ing and starting over these guys living on Leucadia Blvd (near Hygia) just lifted the ground floor up.Although large development projects in Leucadia have halted, you can still find residents carrying out construction projects.


  1. I hope they provided for plenty of off street parking, I don't want the usual whiners on this blog to complain about parking for them.

    Gee, I wonder if they did this because of roundabouts?? I can see the posting now...Roundabouts forced man to raise house!!

    Hey, maybe he can put a mini roundabout under his house and we can use that to teach the children at PEC school how to drive a roundabout!! WOW!! What a great idea!! I'm a genius!! Maybe some of those kids will grow up and be delivery drivers for Leucadia Glass??

    No, clearly he did this because his taxes are too low and he feels that a new streetscape will bring too many people to Leucadia so now he is ABOVE the CRowds!! Haha. Get it?? Above the crowds!!!

    I'm just wasting time until my date tonight and I can get me some....

  2. Thats a pretty good looking second story!

  3. 12:33 drank the Obama Kool-aid and its too late for any help.

    Moving Up should get an Algore award for saving the old house.
    Kinda neat...

  4. Brilliant approach to reworking existing housing stock. More examples Kevin, pretty please? The greenest brick is the one already in the wall. So many structures (business and residential) are available and just need creative re-use.

  5. That old craftsman house was not only lifted, it was rotated. Pretty amazing. Creative way to expand space for the grandkids while preserving an older home.

  6. These people have done more to improve Leucadia than most of the people on the so called "committees" that dictate what is right for the community.

  7. Hi folks. I'm Jeff Reves, the owner of the "hopped-up house" in the photos. It was originally built in 1925, one of the first in Leucadia. After remodeling the interior, in classic Craftsman character, of course, demo-ing this demure and diminutive domicile was out of the question. (Just having fun with illiteracy.) So I decided to honor "Lulu" by putting her on a pedestal that will house a two car garage and suite for my dad. I hope you will all consider her an asset to the community. Tami and I thank you for your support thus far and please feel free to stop by and watch the progress as Lulu gets a little lift!
    P.S. I just got turned onto this blog by Doug at Progression Surf who said he had seen the house on it. It's truly a great community resource site. Thank you for this too!


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