Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pretty in Pink

click photos for large view
Some of Leucadia's Hwy 101 center medians have pink and white flowers this year. Thank you city of Encinitas for this! Innocent question, why not in all the center medians?


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  2. What a shitty ugly highway ruining our town.

    I would like a nice safe mainstreet with a nice streetscape.

  3. The 3 blocks north and south of Leuc Blvd are the only ones with water.
    Our community donated money to have this improvement.
    Thanks to the City, L-101 Mainstreet and the caring folks who helped fund the water and plants.
    It is the only place in the city that citizens have paid to 'adopt a median'. Other area get their improvements on their medians through normal city improvement funds.
    It is probably not fair that we have had to donate funds for this, but thanks to those who helped and L101 mainstreet.

  4. My vision for the center medians is to plant nice suuccelents that flower in the spring. That would require only the minimal amount of water. The streetscape won't add irrigation, or will it? I think most Leucadians are water conscience anyway.

  5. Alas, the rock pile remains...

  6. SurySurf--Why only in the spring?? What is all this crap about water conscience?? THERE IS NO WATER SHORTAGE!!! Do you surf?? If so, then what are you surfing in ?? That's right the ocean!! Water!! Desalinate the ocean!! It is done everywhere in the world but here. Why?? THERE IS NO WATER SHORTAGE!!!!

  7. The streetscape will have irrigation. It should be recycled water for the irrigation and the landscaping should look first class- Not Baja style.

  8. surfysurfy- It's small time thinking like yours that keeps Leucadia backward and ugly. Do you understand the city sits there and says, "gee the community is divided, we won't do anything until they come to a agreement among themselves. we'll do just the minimum. That we we can say we are sensitive to the communities needs." What CRAP!!! Scream, holler, make some noise. Fix Leucadia!!!

  9. William Morrison of L-101 worked harder than anyone to get the first six medians planted with the natives that look so great right now. I know the first three years were not easy for him because everyone wanted lush plants immediately, but they look great now. I saw city crews out today maintaining the medians. Thanks Mr. M.

  10. anon 1121,

    You know that surfysurfy is JP, right?

  11. Leucadia is a darned beautiful town. It's the most beautiful place I know. I hope it never changes! I LOVE THIS PLACE!

  12. Desal is really expensive and requires a lot of energy.

    Visit the succulent garden across from the volleyball courts at Moonlight Beach to see what I'm talking about. It is really beautiful. Those plants would be fantastic in our center medians.

    Does the streetscape plans include adding irrigation to parts of Leucadia 101 that currently does not have it?


  13. We need to make sure that the new streetscape project includes construction of recycled water pipelines. Recycled water is not desalinated water, but purified water from the San Elijo Water Reclamation (wastewater) plant. The City already uses recycled water at many parks, but the closest recycled water pipeline is at Encinitas Blvd & Saxony. The pipeline must be extended west, to supply not only the 101 corridor but Cottonwood Creek Park.

  14. JP-

    The plans will include irrigation. Nothing much grows without irrigation as we know from what’s out there.

    I agree it should be recycled water, which will not be subject to cut backs in our next decade of draught.

  15. Too funny....

    RSPB ID.

    I bet he'll move to Carlsbad.


  16. Hey
    Did you notice the mulching along the sidewalks in front of Leucadia Liquor? Apparently someone finally decided anything would look better, more appealing for customers than bare dirt. Been wondering when they might landscape...

  17. 9:35
    Yeah, the rocks or mulch or whatever it is definately looks better than dirt. But what a shame the sidewalk "improvement" robbed them of 4 private car spaces while impedeing the vision of those making a left turn onto northbound 101. The Sub Palace parking that was changed encroached into the right of way & highway, but the Leucadia Liquor parking did not.

  18. Walking pass Leucadia Liquor is much easier now no worries of someone backing over you when you're walking.

  19. Those private parking spaces were not theirs to begin with, the road is safer now. If you like unsafe highway walking go to the north end of Leucadia on the 101. Unsafe walk to your hearts content.

  20. I agree though, it is sometimes extremely difficult coming east out of Cadmus by the liquor store to get on the coast highway; when the big beer trucks are parked out front.
    Sadly, its inevitable that there will be an accident there.

  21. One of the proposels at the streetscape meetings was to put in popouts at the streetcorners. With a popout you could see pass the parked cars and not risk your life turning left or right on the highway. Please go to the upcoming workshops and express you views.


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