Friday, May 22, 2009

Supporting Local Business: The 3/50 Project

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The concept behind the 3/50 Project is this,
Pick 3 local small business that you would miss if they closed down. Spend $50 bucks per month at these businesses (not $50 per business, just $50 total. Spread it around).
Local economy saved!


  1. Or maybe just give to charity?

    If the local business is useful and offering a good value then that's all that matters. Otherwise, one should separate the 2 functions "giving" and "buying."

  2. Maybe it is more about thinking prior to buying.

    Often we just do what is easy and often many purchases work out equally between, say a big box and a local merchant, only the local merchant can provide that extra service or have the unusual/rare product that you might want once a year. Buying local could be an investment for future service and selection.

    Don't buy local if it is a less competitive buy or you see no investment value. There are better charities that give you a tax deduction.

  3. I interpret this idea not as charity but merely thinking about where and how you spend your money. Need to buy your aunt a birthday card and gift? Go to Embellishments in Leucadia instead of Hallmark in New Encinitas. Patricia at Embellishments donates a lot of time to local happenings. Hallmark does not.

  4. It is for resilience and sustainability - besides just being the right thing to do. It isn't that difficult to imagine big box stores folding, laying off all workers and otherwise not really vested in our community.

    If we treat our neighbors' businesses as more than cheap goods, tax break or investment value - we can count on them sticking around to serve us when the bottom line only stores are gone.

    And, we also can ask for products or services we want or need face to face. Now that is worthy. That is well worth paying to support. This is vastly different than charity.

  5. I needed garden gloves today and was going to Home Depot to buy. I read this, thought about local businesses and rode my bike to the ACE in the Lumberyard. Great service, big selection and reasonable prices. Ended up with 2 pair of gloves.


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