Friday, May 22, 2009

Token Step for a New Leucadia Park

The second revision of the city's draft budget fixed some of the errors and made a few minor adjustments. It was still lacking entire sections.

The budget now has the Piraeus/Olumpus Park in the budget. Way out in Fiscal Year 2013/2014 there is $212,600 for planning the park. There is no money for construction.

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  1. I wont be alive when its built. Oh well, hopefully its nice for future generations.

  2. How did the City aquire this land?

  3. The school district is offering to sell the Pacific View property to the city. It will be on a June agenda. The city doesn't have the money for the Hall property or the Piraeus park.

    Where would the city get the money to buy it. From a bond issue? It sounds like a ploy by the school district to get around the Naylor Act so the property can be sold for commercial development.

  4. $200,000+ just to plan it? That's crazy!

    It sounds like they want another overdone, cookie-cutter park. I live a few blocks away and would like to see some new thinking go into this. Something that reflects the area and it's past use, that is unique, not matchy-matchy as the city prefers.

    If they're going to spend that much money on planning, could they pay someone creative, please!

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  6. I am glad to hear about Pacific View being offered to the City. I don't see how that would get EUSD around the Naylor Act, either. Bob Nanninga was more expert on this, as he had researched the Naylor Act. I miss him . . . Preserving Pacific View as a historic site, for a pocket park or a future school was a favorite cause of his.

    According to the Naylor Act, from my understanding, the City would get to pay less money than market value for the property?

    We DO need more open space. Maggie Houlihan, when she first ran, campaigned on buying land for parks and open space, and worrying about budgeting its development, later.

    That sounds like a fine idea. It is true that our City spends far too much on consultants and outside contractors for planning instead of actual capital improvements.

    Parks are wonderful, and I'm glad that this plan is in progress, although the process should not have to be so lengthy and expensive.

  7. Hey l__n-

    the park is going to have a roundabout in it.

    I hope you like it.

  8. Make it a regional sports park with lights and loudspeakers. Where are the soccer mom's on this park. A teen center, skate park and swimming pool seems to be lacking.

  9. If the city cannot come up with the money to buy the Pacific View property, then the school district would be free to dispose of it. That's how it would get around the Naylor Act.

    My suggestion is that the city put General Obligation Bonds on the ballot and let the citizens decide. No sneaking through Lease Revenue Bonds with 3 votes on the council to approve it like on the Hall property.

    This would be a win-win for the council. We taxpayers would decide. But the park would need an outstanding design for the bonds to pass. Lighted soccer fields won't do it, no matter how much the 3 men cry about the lack of fields in the city.

  10. It should be a performance art theatre where people can learn, create and perform the arts. If the city could foster it properly, it could become a positive cash flow for them. Imagine that. The building and the landscape would be the attraction with not one car in sight, because of the ample parking underground. But it would have to be a one of a kind design, world class and not mundane. Only then would people regard it. But what a fitting tribute to the learning center it had been for 140 years.

  11. Make it illegal to drive to the park. Walk or ride then everyone at the park will be happy.


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