Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adopt a Doggie and get Pizza

via Lillian Cox of
Hi, I am an Encinitas resident who is writing a blog about shelter animals, particularly one that I am fostering.
I thought your followers might be interested to know that Jason Bennett, owner, Flippin' Pizza in Encinitas is offering 3 FREE cheese or 1-topping pizzas to Encinitas residents adopting pets from San Diego County Animal Shelters at Carlsbad, San Diego and Bonita. Offer good at Encinitas store only with proof of adoption.
more info click here


  1. That is a cool thing to do.

    Thanks Pizza Dude!

  2. They make a excellent thin crust pizza too!

  3. I'm so happy to see this...this blog is been so serious lately. It's nice to see something good.

  4. More Happy news: How about the wonderful benefit concert Switchfoot's doing tomorrow at Moonlight...!

  5. I heard your Pizza is great, but I now know you are great!!!

  6. Recently I was driving out of the CVS store on Calle Magdelena, but I let a pick-up truck across the street make a left first. When he did, I saw something fall off the lid on the back of his truck and his rear wheels ran over it. He saw what had happened, stopped and picked it up, putting it inside the truck. That's when I realized it was a fresh pizza in a box from Oggi's. Him and the people with him in the truck saw me laughing. Then when I made my right and got to the stoplight, the guy pulled up next to me yelling: "You owe me money for that one dude!" Roling my window down I said "Me without my camera!" Then I asked him if that was one of those new flat bread pizzas.


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