Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beacon's EIR

The Beacon's EIR is open for public comment. Download it here.


  1. We need a nice pedestrian space to gather and check out the surf without cars bumping my ass.

    We need nice sustainable landscaping. Like stonesteps, Swamis,Dstreet, or grandview.

    If you want a bathroom put it near the park were it will get more use like from the RSPB.

    That is it.

    Nothing fancy just get the cars off my ass.

    Plus how about more bike racks.... they are always overflowing on the weekends.

    Leucadia Tax Payer.

  2. The current plan calls for closing Beacons for nine months, taking away seven parking spaces, when this is a lot with minimal parking, already. The plan calls for public showers, which would further destabilize the bluff.

    We don't need or want a seawall, which this plan includes. I hope everyone sends comments to Scott Vurbeff in Planning regarding the revised draft EIR.

    Please, no seawall and no showers!

    The parking lot at Beacons was recently repaved. Why do that right before you plan to tear it up again?

    The "pedestrian space" is down on the sand, or on the sidewalk. This parking lot is so small, there isn't room for a car to drive through it, or park, and for any more pedestrian area than is already there. To the north side of the parking lot, there is some space where cars don't nose up to the sidewalk . . .

    Please, we don't need overdevelopment of Beacons Beach access. According to the engineers, Beacons access is NOT an emergency situation. We already have "sand replenishment" armoring the bluffs. We don't want a seawall, too.

    You could send a copy of your letter or e-mail to the Coastal Commission; I did.

  3. Less asphalt more green space for pedestrians..... Its a park not a freeway.

  4. Don't change it! It is perfect!


  5. The parking lot sucks.

    Some people just don't like change. Even if its for the better.

    Create a nice space to view the waves and relax. Reduce the asphalt and create some area for plants.

    I agree. Add more bike racks. The existing ones are about half of what are needed.

  6. Put the shower at the bottom of the trail like at Grandview. Install restrooms or portipotties. Do kid friendly landscaping for the sunset view area.

  7. Don't stop at Beacons. Mow down the entire sorry town. Make it look like La Jolla.

  8. La Jolla is mostly old buildings and crumbling infrastructure.

  9. I say install an escalator and a floating snack shop out in the water...

  10. 170,000 people need a place to pee, put in bathrooms.

  11. put the bathrooms in at the roadside park, so RSPB can use them.

  12. I agree with bathrooms / outdoor shower at the park. The cops could keep an eye out for and chase off any "knuckleheads."

  13. Etiquette lessons or showers and bathrooms are needed to reduce the public urination and nudity that all are currently subjected to by those from the OC and Poway.

    Leaucadia Native

  14. Yes, I agree. I saw a non local naked there once and it wasn't pretty.


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