Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Fifth Annual LeucadiART Walk

We're looking for artists for our upcoming LeucadiART Walk, Aug.30, 2009. The deadline for the regular participation fee has been extended to June 15th, and after that a late fee will apply.

There is plenty of space available, and we welcome all artists to submit an application for this ultimately cool art and music scene. For more information, call the Leucadia 101 office 760-436-2320 or visit our website www.leucadia101.com to download an application.

It's ALL good!


  1. Love that LeucadiArt
    And we will have the Coastal Cruiser and the double decker bus. Fun and practicality.
    I will be showing. Contact all the artists you know. Good ones first. Let's all help and mmake this even better this year. I heard the stilt people will be there.
    Spread the word
    Thanx or Thanks

  2. Anon 12:17--

    I would like to come see your art but you have posted anonymously.

  3. That sounds a little pervy

  4. What a great idea. I will now sign all my work "Anonymous"

  5. Actually this is the tenth LeucadiART.
    It began in 1987 and had a five year run. It was sponsored by the Leucadia Art Association, a group of nine galleries, some of which are still in business. Back then it was a two day event. Five years ago Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Assoc. became the sponsor to revive this community art showcase. To theie credit, they kept it an all art event.

  6. Who died at Cottonwood creek?? the coroner is there now picking up the body.

  7. Are they stepping up and closing the south bound 101, and placing the booths on the street this year?

  8. The Should or it will be another unenjoyable Leucadiartscare.

  9. With the new sidewalks I thought it was pretty safe last year. It would be nice if the speed was reduced. I sure didn't see or hear about anything scary though.
    It seemed like everyone was safely enjoying being there.

  10. I'll never bring my grandkids along that road again. Cars flying by within a foot of my grandchildren walking on a sidewalk. Never again.

    It’s not peaceful. Its stressful. loud and dangerous.

    Have fun with your freeway traffic artists. I can think of more enjoyable areas to walk and check out fine art.

  11. To Who Died-

    Oh that old soul... that was American Liberty.

    They were murdered by the current Politicians. IF you want to see justice for the murder, vote against incumbants.

  12. the speed on 101 should be reduced to 35mph for the entire length it runs in the city of Encinitas. This would open the street up to neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV). something we should encourage.

  13. I don't think it was American Liberty, I think it was her brother American Free Enterprise that was murdered. I heard the government labor unions are a suspect.

    I guess we will have to what for truth, if that is ever told.

  14. Check out the below. Our Council should be run out of town for giving a 50% increase in pension benefits outside of the public's awareness.

    The only one that did not vote for the huge public crime was Teresa. The public should fire all the City Council supporting this crime.

    Fire every employee with the higher pension rate.
    EXCLUSIVE: City managers meeting privately with unions on pension-cut proposal
    Group to meet privately with union leaders

    By CRAIG TENBROECK - ctenbroeck@nctimes.com | Wednesday, June 10, 2009 9:40 PM PDT ∞


    Most San Diego County cities currently offer 3 percent to public safety workers. Nonsafety plans vary.

    For example, the 3 percent level allows a typical firefighter or police officer to retire after working for 30 years and earn 90 percent of his or her highest salary for life, a figure that rises with inflation. The draft proposal would reduce the maximum pension to 60 percent.

    Trimming pension benefits could eventually save cities millions of dollars over decades, but for unions it would represent a setback for new workers.

    Because public agencies can't take away promised pension benefits under state law, a lower rate could only apply to new employees.

    The association is meeting with labor unions Thursday to solicit feedback. The discussion will be closed to the media and the public, said Gould, one of seven officials on the committee.

    Pension costs are a growing concern for agencies who have watched revenues decline in the economic recession.

    Most cities in San Diego County use the California Public Employees Retirement System, the nation's biggest government pension fund. Since the system is funded partly by investment earnings, a stock market decline can require member cities to contribute more each year.

    The draft proposal suggested that all employees start funding a portion of their pensions (this already happens in some cities, such as Vista) and also listed the recommendations for the second-tier benefits.

    "When the majority of employees are under the second tier, cities can expect to save approximately 2 percent of payroll per year," the document states.

    The committee also suggested that local cities seek pension reform at the state level.

    The local recommendations will eventually be presented to the San Diego Division of the League of California Cities, according to Vista City Manager Rita Geldert.

    The pension reform committee is made up of Gould, Geldert, and the city managers of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, San Marcos and Solana Beach.

    Cities have handed employees increasingly lucrative pension benefits over the last several years and have said the deals were necessary to stay competitive with other agencies. Agreeing on a scale of benefits could level the playing field.

    "We were all leapfrogging for years," Geldert said Wednesday.

  15. still glad ya'll voted for Maggie? Where's the clown now that we need her?


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