Saturday, June 06, 2009

Coastal Cruiser Schedule

#1 NCTD Bus Station on S.Vulcan
#2 "A" Street
#3 Avocado St
#4 Phoebe St.
#5 Basil St.
#6 Moonlight Beach
#7 "K" Street
#8 Chesterfield Campgrounds
#9 Yogi's Bar & Grill
#10 New Balance Store on Newcastle
#11 The Lumberyard

(look for the red surfboard stop signs. Free maps are available as well).

It's $1 One Way or $5 for All Weekend. (The weekend passes are also cool copies of Arts Alive banners.) The bus runs every hour from 11am till 9pm from June 6 till Sept 7. Tickets are available on the bus or at DEMA, L-101 office, Cardiff- 101 office. But exact change should be used if you buy them on the bus as the driver cannot make change.


  1. so we are using a german made bus. What is wrong with buying american?

  2. American auto companies don't make biofuel passenger vans.

    They make Hummers.

  3. American cars suck.

  4. Really....why even 1 negative comment??People, please get a life instead of wallowing in negativity!

  5. Can you take Surfboards on the bus or do they have racks?

  6. Why this won't work:

    It's not fun. Double decker red buses are fun. Open trams are fun. Sprinters are not fun. A fun paint job might help. Right now you'll think a plumber is pulling over to pick you up.

    Nice try anyway.

  7. All of you who are negative, including JP - please let us know what you have done to help. Just saying "nice try" is not all that helpful.

    It would be nice if everyone who put energy into being critical put it that same effort into doing something good to help our community.

  8. The $1 fee to ride the bus seems low? How much will the bus cost the taxpayer?

  9. The Coaster, busses and Sprinter train currently subsidize each rider to the tune of over $25 per ride, and that's just operating costs. The cost of the initial infrastructure will NEVER be recovered. It would be cheaper to provide door-to-door limo service or buy each user a Prius and pay for their insurance. Think I'm joking? Google it.

  10. This shuttle was created to drive Leucadians to downtown Encinitas business district?

  11. 5:04 & 4:16
    The coast cruiser bus was created to drive anyone to 11 stops (and back) in all 3 coastal communities of Encinitas, not just to drive Leucadians to Encinitas. And yes surfboards are allowed inside if they're not longboards. Although it is co-sponsored by the city of Encinitas, there are 6 other major sponsors along with numerous businesses that advertise on the Coast Cruiser Map (that is available free at the three coastal business group offices and I hope of course at the Visitor Center). Bus Stop signs have also been purchased by private businesses. It is a pilot program that has been mulled around for many years but was basically brought to fruition by Teresa Barth in the Cultural Tourism Committee at the city. Time will tell how well it does, but so far there has been much support for it from the private sector. But to compare its costs to the Sprinter would be comparing apples to peanuts. Make that one peanut.
    Not impressed at all with the Sprinter myself. It only shaves 5 minutes off of the express bus trip from Oside to Escondido, runs less 30% less than the express bus did, and drops folks off about a mile from the courthouse in Vista. (The express bus used to drop off passengers two blocks from the courthouse.) I had to laugh at my jury duty paperwork extolling the virtues of the Sprinter. Ya gotta get up an hour earlier because of that train to get to jury duty on time. That's progress.

  12. This shuttle will be used by many locals and many tourists. If you don't believe me don't spread negativity, just wait and see.

  13. There are many times I have driven from Cardiff to Leucadia down 101. I think this thing is great. It will get me off the road, there will be less wear and tear on both my car and my temper, I will be leaving an extra parking space for someone else. The list goes on. I think it is well worth it and I am excited to use it.

  14. The shuttle that began today at 10:00 is a pilot program that a lot of people, who care about their city, have been working on for a long time.

    I can't see, as others do, downside of a biofuel mercedes cruising the coast offering cheap transportation powered by fuel supplies by our fine resturants.
    If you are too cool to use the cheap new mercedes at least support the pilot programs concept and think what, with support from the community, it could become.
    I very much support the new program and see how our local businesses could benifit from locals and visitors utilizing the shuttle.
    If you don't happen to like the paint job on our mercedes that wafts the flavors of our cuisine, maybe you should have been more involved.
    I want to thank all those did get involved, for getting this pilot program implimented.
    If you know anyone in business along the shuttle route, understand, it is to their advantage to have this program succeed.
    Support the program and it could become a nice positive asset and good for us.
    JP , your dis is not very caring of your local businesses.

    Sopport the Shuttle

  15. It is a pilot project! Lots of pieces to this one in a few different areas involving emerging tech.

    An eventual system would be three to four electric buses running every 20 minutes along the coast powered by solar p.v. on city hall or the public works facility.

    The city will be field testing two full electric mini's for BMW (saving taxpayers $20k in gas and wear and tear of the two cars they replace) powered by solar.

    The coast cruiser pilot is not the ultimate answer, it is a beta test for the summer to gain insight and rider info.

    If you think the city can buy a purpose built vehicle for their 10 K well that's a little far fetched.

    Santa Barbara has an awesome electric shuttle on two routes and their residents and businesses are much much better off for it!

    We could only hope to be so lucky in Encinitas.

    L101 and Encinitas Environment day are the best! Great job today at cottonwood creek.

  16. anon 655,

    If you were more involved you would know that JP was involved and is not making suggestions only after the fact.

    JP has a valid point that should be greatly considered if we want to make this even more successful. If you want the mode of transport to be the draw, you have to make the mode of transport fun and cool. If you want to get people to the destination most people can already drive to the destination, ride a bike, or take the bus. A bus runs along the 101 already.

  17. I think I saw one of the cars at EEDay.

    talked to the drive, no doors 25mph and 25 mile range, looks like a golf cart on steroids!

    I suppose on 101 it would work but not anywhere else!

  18. 655

    You don't care about the positive bussiness impact it could have?

  19. 8:11
    You seem to be ' in the know'.

    With all due respect, JP put the subject on the blog, but what has JP done , other than diss the project?
    Why he took the time to lambast the shuttle is confussing. JP seems to be supportive of program that benifit his community.
    I too, support the shuttle pilot program and offer kudos to those who did work on this project for the last two years.
    Thanks Theresa, L101, Paula, Cardiff 101 Chamber, DEMA, Peder, the City and all the others who offered their energies to better their community.

  20. And the sponsors.

  21. JP has a point. A white bus is a white bus. Speaking as someone who likes to wrap entire buses with images, I did the best I could do with the square footage I was allowed for the magnets that come off of the Coast Cruiser Mon - Fri. The company that owns the bus uses it for other things during the week.

    In the event the project is successful and we could have a local bus full time, only then could it be customized and made more visually appealing. But life is long.

  22. I agree with JPs comments and also hope the program is a success. I will ride it when I can, but I don't see it panning out.

    I don't see the great benefit and need for the project. I think having safe bikelanes and slowing traffic is much more needed to get people moving around Encinitas.

    A much bigger issue opening up the huge neighborhood the east of the railroad tracks so people can safely walk or bike to shop along the Hwy101 corridor without getting in a car.

  23. anon 612,

    Why all the whining? Is the real problem something to do with his evaluation ringing true?

    Why don't you send JP an email and ask him what else he has done?

  24. How about a $3 per gallon gas tax so that we could make public transit really work and be "free"? Nothing would do more to get cars off the road.

  25. Read my lips. No new taxes.

  26. Come on, Meathead, that line is old and tired. Expensive gas would create the incentive and the cash to do the things we need.

  27. AJ, you keep talkin like that your chances for a seat on the council will be in serious jeopardy next time.

  28. aj,

    you're all silly talking. You are saying the government should try to force people to take the coastal shuttle?


  29. I support the beach shuttle.
    Read this blog post:

    I just think it needs a cool paintjob so people know what it is.

  30. My comment from May 2008,

    If you are a tourist family staying at the Leucadia Beach Inn and you don't have a rental car the shuttle would be great getting you, your family and all your beach gear to Moonlight beach. It's an added bonus locals can hop on too.

    I would like to see a beach shuttle on Encinitas Blvd. It could pick people up in the Henry's parking lot (or somwhere around there) and drop off at Moonlight beach. That way younger people without cars who live in Village Park could go to the beach in the summer.

  31. The drivers of this bus will be much more personable than if they were some union grouch monster that worked for North County transit or the City. Once they go union, they loose all sense of work ethic and appreciation. It all comes down to their entitlements. Plus the cost would have to go up to $50 a trip to pay for their pensions.

  32. JP I'm sorry about the anon posters. Why is it every time someone comes up with constructive suggestions to make the city better they get attacked for being negative?

  33. Anon 5:40--

    No, I'm not trying to get the government to force you to ride the shuttle. Drive if you prefer. My point is that most people don't use public transportation because 1) it doesn't run often enough and there are several connections to make, i.e., ridiculously inconvenient; and 2) gas is still relatively cheap. Change 2) to fix 1) and our traffic congestion problem might be mitigated.

    Meathead, I think you might get a "read my lips" pledge from Dan Dalager, which may be why he was elected and is likely to be reelected. I'm too impolitic to have much of a chance at being elected to anything.

  34. Irony-

    What the hell are you talking about? I see more positive comments than negative comments.


    Run for Council. I will glady vote for you over Dan.

  35. aj,

    Dan has gotten on the endorsement bandwangon for regional tax increases.

    He also raised taxes illegally and forced residents and a regional Taxpayer Association to sue the city. Only then did Dan back down and drop the illegal tax. Then he personally signed the letters to the residents for Prop C, another attempt at raising taxes. The ETA fought that and won. Dan was also behind the lighting fee increase, which also went down by voter denial.

  36. I think it will work out if they advertise it enough, not just to those people that go on the Leucadia Blog.
    (Seriously, people need to walk more, and not ride.)
    If this is for environment, then that is great especially, if it goes electric, and people use it.


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