Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grandview Update

Following a series of south swells, the summer sand berm has built up at Grandview. The color of the sand is notably different than in recent years. I'd guess that reflects a change in the sand mixture due to the Pacific Station project.
At high tide, the waves run up against the bluff.

So far, the summer sand bars haven't been as good as they were in 2006 and 2007, in terms of wave quality. These Avo Street infiltrators gave up on their fishes and quads and have been body surfing, because of poor wave quality.
After the recent south swells, the berms are building everywhere. Moonlight Beach is pictured above and below.
Seaside is pictured below. The sand level at Seaside is threatening to cover the cobbles, which hasn't happened in a long time.
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  1. Wow. that is one wide beach!

  2. Check out Dr. Lorri's comment on the ETA regarding Encinitas's actions last year to increase huge pension and salary's for Staff.

    Dr. Lorri for council in the next elections!

    Comment from: Dr. Lorri [Visitor]
    I only wish that the managers of Encinitas were as smart as the union reps. of Encinitas. The workers got a great package. The reason has to do with the managers and Council. They could learn from the Union Reps. Let's see. While the rest of us non-governenment workers are getting no raises, and if we are lucky getting to keep our jobs, the City employees got 3.5 percent increase each year for 4 years. Plus, let us not forget they can't get fired! They also get great healthcare, a four day workweek, a pension. Have I missed anything? What's wrong with this picture. I say clean house, beginning with Mr. Cotton and work down. Then, in 2010 and 2012 elect Council members a bit more fiscally intelligent.
    01/20/09 @ 20:48

  3. Don't forget Mr.Cotton get's his Marine corps pension also, he is a double dipper.

  4. There is also a lot of shit in the water and on the beach @ Grandview, pieces of blocks/bricks.

  5. Bob, the debris is probably from the construction dirt that Council directed the City to pay DeWald, the developer of Pacific Station to dump on our Leucaida beaches as bogus and unwanted "sand replenishment."

    Steve Aceti, as we know through this blog, sits on the board of directors of the foundation that subsequently gave the City an "award," for dumping the construction dirt, NOT SAND. Aceti is into dirty tricks and fake sand. He is a lobbyist and he gets paid by various cities to subsidize businesses, to increase tax revenues through tourism, supposedly, which is fine, if he could be HONEST.

    Excellent comment(s) Dr. Lorri.

    I also support term limits.

  6. Another wasted driver crashed going through a roundabout.

    A wasted old dude took out a fire hydrant and streetlight at Hermes. He could barely walk.

    That drunk will be paying big time and deserves it. He should feel lucky the roundabout kept him from killing some innocent victim.

    Hail roundabouts. They help filter out the drunks and make our roads safer.

  7. Roundabouts seem to promote these kinds of accidents. A driver was killed at the Santa Fe Drive roundabout. Normal intersections appear to be less prone to these unfortunate events.

    Death to roundabouts, not drivers.


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