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Busby pepperspray incident makes MSNBC Countdown

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The most boring party in the world makes Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" list, beating out Palin and Limbaugh.
Leucadia Blog: Busby Fundraiser/Cop Pepperspray Incident


  1. I actually feel bad for the young sheriff. who knows what went down.

    I would like to hear his side of the story.

    too bad his union bosses will stifle his side of the story.

    He will only be free if he comes forward with the truth.

    I for one would hate to confront a bunch of wine drinking 60 year old Rancho Sante Fe piss off house wives or lesbians.

    My god, what would you do?

    Come on young Sheriff, pipe up and tell the truth.

  2. Why would you think the deputy is not telling the truth? It is plain to see that the lesbians and her democratic buddies are trying to spin this story to make them look like victims. In reality I'll bet they are the aggressors and the deputy was just trying to do his job. Busby and her crowd are such losers.

  3. "Lesbians?"
    "Ranco Santa Fe piss off housewives or lesbians?"

    Sounds like bigoted white trash talk.
    How embarassing.

  4. Olbermann is still by far the world's worst person.

  5. Very few reasons to pepper spray 60 year-old lesbians.

    Keith Olbermann always has the best stuff.

  6. All of this hatred could go to better use.

  7. Adding on to 9:01, why don't we use this energy to help get term limits and an independent audit of this City? I will start the process if anyone is interested. Let me know via the blog or at

  8. BTW, Busby is really raking in the money! She is loving all of this attention. I hope Abbott sues the pants off of Busby, Barman and this MSNBC joker for slander. I wish he could speak his mind. But he is under an investigation because Busby feels it's all political. The Sheriff's Department has my support and I would call them any day if I needed help.

  9. So the hostess wouldn't talk to the cop, yet someone says when you're accused of a crime it is your duty to tell them your name and birthdate (the poster further states that the hostess commited a crime by not talking). How does that jive with our Miranda rights: "you have the right to remain silent"? Was Ms. Barman not Mirandized before she was peppersprayed? But that would be funny, peppersprayed and tied up and THEN told you have the right to remain silent, when that's why you were sprayed in the first place! Was the sheriff welcome on her private property? Doesn't sound like it either.
    As far as dealing with silent lesbians and RSF high maintenance cougars go, I'd take them over Betty Broderick anyday.

  10. It wouldn't be the first time a Sheriff got political if that's the case. A freind of mine campaigning for a certain Sheriff's re-election had signs on his motorhome. As he was driving the candidate around, someone tried to run him off the freeway. The candidate got his license plate number. When he checked it out, road rager happened to be an off duty Sheriff. Gnarly.

  11. Dont you all love the fact that Barman has been arrested before for hitting an officer.

    She sounds like an angry lesbian activist with an axe to grind.

  12. Meathead:

    The deputy was investigating a crime. Your not read your miranda right until you are arrested and asked about the case. You can be asked other things as long as it doesn't reflect the case. If your being detained, which the deputy was trying to do because she was accused of a crime, you are supposed to identify yourself with name and DOB minimum.

    Barman was not pepper sprayed. The guests and workers at the party who surrounded the deputy, assaulted the deputy and pulled Barman away from the deputy were sprayed.

    The Deputy was told where to find Barman, was let in by the people at a table in the entry way and he followed a person from the table who allowed his entry until they found Barman. So yes hios entry was legal.

  13. Anon 10:34-What crime was the deputy actually investigating? The noise curfew was not in effect at the time the deputy entered. The proper protocol for the deputy would have been to ask to speak to the person in charge, or the owner. Just because a person said the hostess is over there is no excuse for the deputy to go into the house. He should have asked the person to go get the hostess. This could have potentially been avoided if Abbott would have followed protocol.

  14. I wish there was more information about the neighbor, who obviouly has issues. Why hasn't his name been made public?

    Ask anyone who had long hair in the 60s', or is Afro American or Hispanic, or looked like a punk in the 80s'. The cops can do anything they want. ANYthing. They play their game, and you play yours. A few "yes sirs" and "no sirs" and that registers as respect, even though you may hate their guts.

    I am sicked by the whole story, but as someone who has had the cops called on me many times, by a neighbor from hell, I got to know almost the enitre Encinitas police force, and this tactic worked well, and they always left, practiclaly apologizing for the intrusion. They never asked me for my birth date, either. In fact, they suggested I sue the neighbor. See, that's what the neighbor thought we would do, fly off the handle and get in trouble.

    Most cops are just doing their job, but some are out right wackos, and that is why you must be smart. You never know.

  15. 9:59 makes the blanket statement: The Sheriff's Department has my support

    This kind of blind support is the problem. Law enforcement has a lot of power, and a simple review of US and world history would show a pattern of abuse. This is why we need a strong citizen's review process.

    Law enforcement must be accountable to the people of a community. Civil administration should have the power to eliminate errant officers - free of union and "good old boy" influences.

    We need law enforcement to prevent anarchy, but all to often they are used to deal with petty issues.

  16. The D.A. announced yesterday that she will look into the pepper spraying incident in Cardiff, but she has never looked into the SLAUGHTER of the driver in Leucadia after being hit broadside by a 16 year old kid driving at 85 MPH with an illegal passenger on the 101!!

    I guess you have to be a dike, to get the DA's attention when it comes to crime.

  17. Anon 2:39-Could you please share more information on what you are speaking of? I don't know what you are referring to and would really like to know. Thank you.

  18. Don't feel too bad for Abbott. We, the taxpayers, are probably paying him a Marine Corps pension and a lot of dough for being a sheriff. He has to be held accountable if he violated the law.

  19. The Sheriff deserves a raise. HE serves our community. Busby and her gang of thieves do nothing.

    Leucadia Native

  20. Anon 3:04-Really. Busby does nothing. So then it makes it OK to break into someone's home without a formal request, and pepper spray a bunch of older people? Hard to believe that you are a true Leucadia native. Sure you aren't a transplant from China or Iran?

  21. Anon 3:04 - You sound like a Nazi. Yes, give the SS a raise.

  22. 12:10
    "This is why we need a strong citizen's review process. Law enforcement must be accountable to the people of a community."

    I agree, be we actually already have the Citizen's Law Enforcement Review Board (CLERB) that investigates wrong doing within the SD Sheriff's Dept. They are a group that "sumararily dismisses" the vast majority of cases that come before them. In 1998 we cornered them into admitting that Criminalist Charles Merritt of the SD Crime Lab performed an erroneous hair test conclusion that was used against my sister Cheri Dale in a murder case. When the director John Parker spoke with Lt. Takeshta at the SDSD, he was told that "Merritt admitted his forensic test result was wrong at the grand jury proceedings, in lieu of a better DNA test". That statement was false and was the subject of our second complaint to CLERB.
    But CLERB found a way to sweep both complaints neatly under a carpet, and this took them a year to figure out. They said that because Merritt was not a "sworn member" of the Sheriff's Dept, CLERB had no jurisdiction over him. Secondly, because the Takeshta (who is of course a sworn member) complaint was based on the first complaint, it was also sumarily dismissed. And that's how a strong, independent law review process works in our county.

  23. I am so sorry Fred. I have read your sister's case, and it all seems to be based on tainted, if not just false, evidence. How could this ever happen in the first place? That is why I don't necessarily trust the sheriff or police reports on everything. Your sister is in prison because the "system" failed" her and all of us. Is there anything we can do to help at this point. Could I be of any service to you or your sister or family members?

  24. Thanks Dr. Lorri for your well wishes, but it's an "all the kings horses, and all the king's men, couldn't" syndrome here where nothing has reversed this miscarriage of justice - and we've tried almost everything. We have only recently learned there is a "Civil Grand Jury" that can review the proof we have for material things like: false forensics, a false eye-witness, false quotations, misrepresenting facts, lying under oath (perjury), outrageous govermental misconduct, hiding exonerating evidence, lying for and fabricating exonerating tests for other suspects, interview tampering to name a few of the incredible things the prosecution got away with.

    Me and my family would have never believed such things could happen in our country - before 1995 when our rude awakening occured. Not at all looking for sympathy, but a way to correct what went wrong, raise some consciousness along the way and perhaps prevent such things from continuing to happen. No American should be a victim of any of these things, let alone all of the items listed above. I try to not talk about it for the very reason no one can do anything about it and it makes them feel helpless. But damn it, I have to sometimes if it relates to thread in any way and the previous post I made related to someone else's comment about how we needed a law enforcement review board. Got one.

    I agree with another poster though, good manners go a long way in most situations.

  25. 2:39 make a great point.

    One of our own innocent residents was murdered by a reckless driver and a family shattered. This was less than two year ago.

    Yet no manslaughter charge was ever pursued.

    Pure corruption. Someone paid off the DA.

    This case should be pursued!

  26. Fred's sister is in jail because she was, convicted, lost appeals, sentenced to jail.

    Fred's whining is a sad comment on his and Dr Lorri's character.

  27. Anon 11:51- Thanks for the support, it's open season on the 101. A do nothing DA, with no guts at all. If my son was killed in this manner and the DA did nothing, I'd find my own justice.

  28. 8:26 - You fail to see the logic here. It is possible for the system to fail - as we now know from 1000+ rape convictions overturned by DNA evidence. Fred and Dr. Lorri are simply noting that the system failed their view.

    Your statement implies that all those who have been convicted, lost appeals, sentenced to jail, are guilty and deseve to be there. And that any attempts to seek the real truth are "whining".

    If you or a friend of yours were falsly convicted, lost appeals, and sentenced to jail how would you feel?

    The system is generally good, but not perfect.

  29. Well said and accurate, anon. 8:45. You must be a writer, or at least a thinker.

  30. 8:26
    You have no clue that wrongful convictions happen, do you? I hope you stay in your comfort zone and never have to find out. I agree we all should be at ease to trust authority in our country, but you're sadly mistaken if you think the criminal justice system in San Diego is ideal.

  31. Cardiff bystanderJuly 03, 2009 12:22 PM

    Back to the Busby brouhaha. Numerous neighbors witnessed the incident when the sheriff's team arrived. It included a helicopter, a K-9 unit, a fire truck, and a team of deputies. This wasn't a response to a noise complaint. It was more like an assault on a terrorist hangout or a drug kingpin hideout.

    Will an internal investigation by the Sheriff Department reveal what motivated this? I doubt it.

  32. Republican cops butt fuck eachother all the time but they aren't gay it's male bonding.

  33. Busby did this to herself, to draw attention and money. She is trailing in the polls big time, and needed something to spur her supporters. This was set up by her camp.

  34. 3:10 - Even if this were so - K-9 unit? Helicopters?

    Seems a bit nuts to go that far for a noise compliant and refusal to give a date of birth. I think the guy was power hungry and his pride was hurt that an middle aged woman didn't say, "Oh yes, sir, massa, my birthday is xyz".

    He should be dismissed (with no pension) if the facts are what they seem.

  35. 3:28- Thanks for adding an element of racism to this posting. Even Busby didn't go that far...Asshole!

  36. Anon.12:54 didn't help either. I wonder why we have to use such language to have a intelligent conversation.

  37. 12:54
    Then what's your excuse?

  38. The five bigoted poster, or multiple poster, give readers a view that Leucadia's locals are bigots.
    Racisms and bigotry shows a lack intelligence and exposure to the rest of the world.

  39. 5:19 - The point as that law enforcement is so high on their power that they expect people to act like deferential slaves. I stand by that.

    The victim in the case is not African American. Therefore, there is no accusation of racism being made.

    Not sure where you get off calling me names for simple rhetoric. Seems to reflect you more than me.

  40. anon 5:19

    You are a typical liberal making accusations supported by little or no fact. I guess you think if you yell loud enough the rest of us will believe what you have to say. It is only in your small circle of liberals that think that way. Most of us think for ourselves.

    Liberals like you are what is going to make this country fail. From your blogs, like Fred and Dr. Lorri, you don't have the capacity to think for yourselves. (Fred ohhhh the shy is falling my sister's innocent, but convicted by a jury, so the criminal justice system is bad.) You are better at repeating some liberal clap trap that the likes of Busby are feeding you. Remember, your icon Busby has lost three elections. Her only claim to fame is the Cardiff School Board with 650 students in the entire district. That Busby board has seriously over spent your tax dollars. She and her cronies on the board have proposed another school tax because they can't control their urge to spend your tax money.

    I suggest all you people that think this country is so bad move to Venezula. You will love the politics there.

  41. Anon 9:36: I guess you're mentally challenged yourself. Anon 5:19 appears to agree with you. I can tell from your use of language that you are pretty uneducated. You should probably go to college, though I suspect you don't value education.

    It's the liberals that have prevented us from becoming a police state. It's the conservatives that value law and order at the expense of liberty.

  42. Has anyone even had a thought that the Deputy called for back up after he was attacked? That's why all the deputies, the K-9 and helo came to help him? They were not responding to the original call. Only one deputy did one time. How do you know he entered illegally. There were many people at the event. Anyone person could have allowed him in and it would be legal. Do you think he just showed up, pushed the door open and said, "taste my pepper spray old hags!" No, There are a lot of holes. Generalizing the who thing doesn't paint a full picture.

  43. Barman has been arrested for battery before. She has 3 civil court cases where she is suing someone. She has the FU attitude. Is it hard to believe that the deputy was investigating a crime and she became combative! He's not a mind reader. He didn't know she had surgery. And even if she did does that give her a reason to not cooperate? The house was an open event. Anyone could attend if they wanted. The door was open. How could she legally expect privacy? The deputy was there to investigate, not say she was guilty of a crime but she didn't even allow the investigation. She got defensive and walked away instead of cooperate. The deputy who was investigating her for a crime had a right to detain her.

  44. I wonder why this never happens at a Bilbray fundraiser. There was one in my neighborhood that was really loud. Why the noise complaint on Busby. According to one of my friends that lives on Rubenstein, and lives practically next door, he didn't even hear noise until the sheriff came.

  45. If someone has a noise complaint and is willing to place the person causing the noise or responsible for the party under arrest then it must be investigated. It doesn't matter if it's quiet. The deputy must investigate. The deputy is walking into a situation blind. If you feel your peace is being disturbed it's your right to be able to place someone under arrest for disturbing your peace. Barman could have called on her neighbor.

  46. Lots of speculation here, and guessing as to what really went down. The fund raiser goers have stated what they think happened. It's time for the sheriff's department to state what they think happened.

    There seems to be a lot of bais here, one side thinks the sheriff's department is 100% right always. The other side seems to be saying they were wrong in this case.

  47. Yeah, what's up with the blind sheriff is always right attitude?? They're human, they make mistakes, right?

  48. Cardiff bystanderJuly 04, 2009 12:19 PM

    I was invited to this fundraiser. I declined to go, although I know some of those who attended. I have never met the persons hosting.

    Let's remember that by the time of the fracas, Busby had already left. Everyone agrees the door was open, but this was an event by invitation only. An open door doesn't necessarily allow anyone to just saunter in unannounced. It was also a political meeting. There are very strong constitutional protections of both free speech and sanctity of home.

    Two things bother me. The fundraiser was scheduled from 7 to 9 pm. Why was the response to the noise complaint so late at around 9:30 pm? And why the fire truck? There had to have been coordination between the Fire and Sheriff Departments. Both things are very odd.

    I will be awaiting the internal investigation by the Sheriff. This will probably be a whitewash. When has it been any different?

  49. 9:36
    For the record: I'm voting for Tracy Emblem for assembly, not Busby. If you know her history, with freeing innocent prisoners, you'll know why.

    As far yelling loud without basing anything on fact, I have to wonder what you're talking about. Let me give you an example:

    A cop (Carlsbad Officer Robert Wick) tells a reporter (Janet Lavelle) that an eye-witness saw YOU (anon. 9:36) washing out bloody clothes on Hymettus St. a day or two after a murder. That information gets put on the front page of the North County Times, but it's not true. (Imagine what happens to your reputation). Why is it not true? Because the cop's "eye-witness" (Roberto Ibarra Franco) was in prison at that time and the cop knew it. Still that information is never told to your jury, and the judge permits the prosecutor to refer to some "bag of bloody clothes" connected to you that never existed. Fair? You tell me.
    Want proof? Call me 760 707 9009.

    Have a nice 4th.

  50. i grew up in encinitas and i remember
    many encounters with the sheriffs Dept. most of the time pretty cool and mellow BUT there were allways a couple of guys that everybody knew were complete power hungry, nazis,or just dicks.
    according to my sister who is still growing up in enci this guy is all three.

  51. Fred: Can you tell us why you are voting for Tracy? I don't know much about her. Do you think she can win over Bilbray, who really must be put out of office, IMHO? And, good analysis for the poster that believes that all is well in sheriffland.

  52. LOL My bad. Tracy Emblem is running for CONGRESS not ASSEMBLY. Geesh. Sorry about that.

    Check out Tracy's website
    Tracy was born to solve serious problems.

    A few years back she was attorney for Kenneth Marsh who wrongly spent around 20 years behind bars. She knows how to correct what's wrong with our justice system - few candidates even acknowledge a problem with it.
    Currently, she is representling Dr. Sam Dubria who was wrongly convicted for a Carlsbad murder in the early 90's. A judge will decide his fate this month (if it doesn't get postponed again).

    But I like to wait until the last bucket of mud is slung before I'll mark my ballot to see how much more underhanded one side can be. So watch out, Busby and Billbray.

  53. Jordan,

    Your sister knows this deputy well enough to say that he is a power-hungry dick head nazi?

  54. she just said that is the word on the street.
    for all i know he could be just one of the three things.
    the point is you can't talk about the sheriffs dept as a singular entity. it is made up of all kinds of PEOPLE. some cool some dicks.
    just like the general population.
    but their job is to protect and serve
    and i hope that if abbot was on some power trip, it is brought to his attn. that it is unacceptable
    for a public servant.

  55. Jordan, I agree with you. Some cops are reasonable - others were bullies in high school and became cops so they could continue bullying. I think there is fault all around here. Ms. Barman probably could have circumvented the whole thing by giving her birthdate. On the other hand, after being heckled and cursed at by a neighbor, and most likely a victimized by the same neighbor in an unjustified noise complaint, I can see why she was angry. If there is one person I see as ultimately culpable, it is the neighbor, hiding in the bushes, throwing abusive epithets at the gathering. That's the kind of behavior we should all condemn, regardless of politics.


  57. A Busby bush basher.

  58. just a bad situation all around
    i do hope they release the 911 tape

  59. i want to hear the call for back-up by Sheriff Abbott..."Calling all available or not units, dogs, and air me, help me, woman refuses to give her birthday.....I had to grab her and throw her to the floor for refusing to answer my question! Intolerable! The middle aged guests all look really buffed and are armed with brie and crackers! I AM SHERIFF! GET THE WHOLE SHIT AND KABOODLE HERE ASAP AND LETS SHOW THE POWER OF THE BADGE!

  60. What I don't get is why the sheriff's report says" Loud Democratic Party with Loud Speakers" on the report?. Did the caller say it was a democratic party? ALso, who was the second person with Abbott?

  61. For everyone's information, 9:36 - the only person here who has the capacity to think for themself, never called me.

  62. The second person with Abbott was not Costello but a mental health person. Now why did they need a mental health person to go to a noise complaint>

  63. 8:51 The police have had odd radio code #'s in the past that shocked me, like one special number for a "drunk Indian". So it wouldn't surprise me if they have a code for a psycho lesbo.

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