Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coastal Shuttle Update

The North County Times recently reported an update on the coastal shuttle ridership.

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  1. Public transportation is the spawn of Satan, even if it's fueled by recycled vegetable oil.

  2. Let put Jerome on it and send him to Escondido where he would be a better fit.

  3. No....Escondido has nice hills and open space.

    Jerome belongs in flat urban sprawl. I wonder how much vegetable oil it would take to send him to Pheonix or Dallas. That's where he would be a great fit.

    I think we could get enough donations to send him there.

  4. I wish more people would use this greenmobile more.
    I tell non locals about it, one family came back to thank me.
    I think it is a good thing.
    What would help to make this a success?
    Outside of the Jerry concept.

  5. It went by me and I didn't know what it was. It needs better signage. Maybe something that says 101/BEACH shuttle.

  6. Have it go to village park. Those kids need a way to the beach.

  7. I agree with Anon 6/30:5:58 PM. The shuttle should go from the east to the beach and back. There could be pickup points at the shopping mall parking lots (eg old Target, Smart and Final).

    Of course there is also the issue of the city buses already serving this run. When our kids were teens, we bought them monthly bus passes in the summer for doing the beach runs.

  8. This is a test of the shuttle. Just to get this far was a big win - as anyone who followed the struggle at city hall can attest. I want to make a commitment to ride at least once a week - simply to help the numbers. Only if this tiny first step succeeds will those who are aching to obstruct any and all alternatives be shut up.

    Jerome is again attacking Teresa Barth via his sock puppet in the original post comments. What a tool. Glad there were those to refute him.


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