Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Congressman Brian Bilbray on Healthcare Reform

*Astute observers will note his ironic remarks around the 3:30 minute mark.


  1. How dare they "wait till there's a crisis" for something they've been asking a remedy for for many years. Something that will even affect our grandchildren.
    Like what, making them healthier too?
    Did like what he dittoed at the beginning though about prevention. Many expensive health problems are preventable.

  2. What a tool. This is scripted from the playbook to sound like caring and concern, but amounts to blaming the victim, denial, obstruction, etc. The 1 -2 trillion figures are patently false and disingenuous in light of the trillions spent by the military to keep 900 unnecessary military bases worldwide and making war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. How good it must feel to those who want to dismantle all public services to know that all systems for the public good are broken, with California being gutted just this week.

  3. Health care is 16% of the GDP of this country and making a change to something that big isn’t going to be easy and is not going to happen overnight. This whole current effort is a blip in the 20 year overhaul of the health care system in this country. It’s not going to change without a major crisis. In fact, it seems the coming unwinding of health care is going to make the current financial crisis look like a Sunday drive. The system is going to have to completely implode and rebuild.

  4. On the other hand Kevin, it took about 11 weeks to get millions on Medicare in the early 60's without computers. I believe that - as usual - the complexity and cost is overstated. Mandated health insurance through countless private insurance companies is going to be a big mess (but a big profit for Blue Cross, Blue Sheild, et all). Single payer is far simpler by comparison.

    Personally, I love the idea of Jerome Stocks needing to find a new career. Love.It.

  5. The coming Swine flu pandemic this winter will wipe out millions worldwide and over half a million here in the USA. Surprisingly it will solve many health care problems this nation faces.

  6. @8:29 Correction - 11 months rather than 11 weeks.

    According to a copyrighted July 21 AP story by Ricardo Alfonso-Zaldivar,

    “President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare law on July 30, 1965, and 11 months later seniors were receiving coverage.

  7. A few notes:
    1. That Kevin comment was not mine. I'll sign in on my comments.

    2. Medicare example.
    But, isn't medicare unsustainable? "Medicare already has unfunded costs of $34 trillion over the next 75 years (in net present value terms)." Link

    The way the system operates there is unlikely to be any real option beyond Bilbray for someone who is conservatively minded. Most conservatives would hold their nose and vote for a convicted Cunningham before voting for a candidate like Busby.

    Some offer up term limits as a band aid to this problem. My guess is changing the voting system would probably do a better job.

  8. Conservatives - The case you make against heath care reform pretty much applies to medicare. Bilbray, etc. should stand up and say they want to eliminate medicare if they are true to their cause.

    Busby's Democratic opponent (Emblam?? Sorry name escapes me) seems better than Busby.

  9. We should eliminate Medicare. Its sinking the future of our children. If we want to get free healthcare to all the citizenry of the world, we should pay for each as we go not except our children to pay for it.

    Bilbray is such a carpet bagger. Go back to southbay loser. You will never be a north county resident or my representative. You are a stinky politician. Nothing more.

  10. Anonymous at 8:29, you state that the government always overstates cost and complexity. If so, please name one government program that has cost less than they anticipated.

    Note that the floundering Cash For Clunkers program lasted one whole week before imploding and needing 2-3 billion more of our tax dollars. Thanks anyway, but I'd rather not have the same folks who designed this program dictating the details of my health care. If their program is going to be so great, wouldn't you think they'd want to be in it, too? Not a chance!

  11. Bilbray is a tool!!!

    This blog is cool by the way, glad I found it.

  12. Single payer I believe is the way to go. We need to take the fat insurance profits out of health care, as long as money is made by denying care be it tests or second opinion the patient will suffer. This I know as fact I live the result of for profit health care for the last 15 years

  13. Give Bilbray credit for even talking about preventive care. All the other right wingers have a complete meltdown if you tell them to quit smoking and eat healthy. It's like the only thing they love more than Jesus and guns is the fast food drive thru.

  14. Tax fat in foods.
    Where else but in America can you find obese citizens on welfare and food stamps. But as long as they vote democratic its ok in the eyes of liberals.

  15. In america, all the poor are fat. Thats what happens when Uncle Sam, gives its needed little babies free candy and fatty foods all the time.

  16. skinny jeans and allAugust 03, 2009 10:08 PM

    All of you are fat. Poor people, middle class and rich people. You are all fatty fat fuckers. Blame yourselves and your drinking problem fools.


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