Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Encinitas has no money for Hall park

There is a good letter to the editor about the Hall Park and the financial realities in the North County Times FORUM: Encinitas has no money for Hall park


  1. So what else is new?? Anyone paying attention knows that the city is broke. Let's move on to more important things like...???

  2. More important things like....
    Setting the record straight concerning the way 'the boys' handeled this situation.
    Paying for a city wide survey to determine what the public wanted for their park and disreguarding their wishes.
    Not being open to any compromise to get a community park built.
    Ignoring the advice of the planning commission concerning the Hall property EIR.
    Ignoring the majority public sentiment that they do not want a Special Use Park/Sorts Park.
    Ignoring the concerns of citizens related to safty and diminishing quality of life in the surronding areas.
    Not addressing these issues could easlly delay the project even when money is available.
    We would probably have a community Park now if it were not for the stuborn actions of the penis laden majority.
    I believe everything that this writer shared.
    Don't you?

  3. Just remember who is responcible for the brokenness of city finances. All the previous councils from the last 20 years.
    What is a suitable punishment for these cretins??

  4. Totally agree with 1:00. It is very important to re-state history, otherwise people forget and make up their own. The boys and the SD Union have just done this. The boys did the same thing with the auto dealer building purchase. City staff is the same way. People just make up stuff, when are are memos, meeting transcripst, etc. which say otherwise.

  5. Obama will fix it, he fixes everything!

  6. 4:44 gee, what an original puke- how much did you get paid to post that

  7. Yes, I really appreciated the NCT piece by Jerry Sodomka.

    What I hope is "new" is that more people will become aware, write Council, and vote out Dalager next year . . .

    Business as usual is not working.

  8. I thought we decided to make the Hall property a shooting range and the NRA were funding it? What happened to that plan?

  9. Here is an idea; sell part of he Hall property to individuals for single family homes. Maybe the perimeter. No tract homes, individual lots like the rest of the neighborhood. Possibly in phases.

    Use the proceeds to build a real community park.

    The current neighbors didn't bargain on being adjacent to a regional sports facility. If the new neighbors buy homes at least they know what they are going to be next to.

    Could be dedicated development imapct fees to pay for park maintenance and reclaimed water costs.

    I figure 25 lots, at $400K per house = $10 million.

  10. too logical. it would never fly with the current council majority!

  11. I didn't think that any of the Hall property could be sold, as it was paid for by lease revenue bonds. Am I wrong on this?

  12. I don't see why this current arrangement shouldn't be reviewed and revised if possible.


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