Monday, August 17, 2009

The Great Derangment visits Encinitas

From the Women partake in Open Carry gun event in Encinitas

The romantic image,

The boring reality.

Excerpts from the article in bold, my commentary in italics:

The quiet streets of this San Diego seaside community were awakened to the Second Amendment rights as 12 Californians walked the sidewalks with their firearms. Six of the 12 open carriers were women and six additional non-carriers handed out informational fliers to anyone who was interested.

"Awakened"? Interesting word to use. I guess we have woke up to the fact that not even Encinitas is immune to The Great Derangement syndrome that is sweeping the country, especially with the presidential election of that Kenyan born Socialist/Fascist who is destroying the fabric of America.

Most of residents were curious about what was going on, some thought the open carriers were a part of law enforcement and a few were offended, but the morning event ended with educating the public about their right to carry a gun in the state of California.

Being bold about carrying guns in public is the hot new fad in America. TeeVee and radio personality Glenn Beck recently boasted about taking a gun to the movies, "I went to the movie this weekend with a gun and surprise, surprise, I didn't kill anybody." I would like to add the word YET to the end of that sentence.

Of coarse there are a few rules to be followed when taking your gun outside your home. First you need to be a registered gun owner, the weapon must be in a holster in plain site and it cannot be loaded. Ammunition is normally carried, but separate from the gun.

Once the group met, they notified the local law enforcement, as a courtesy, that they would be walking the downtown district of Encinitas.

“It’s awesome, we as Americans have the right to carry our guns and it can’t be taken away from us,” said Rochelle Howes, fellow open carrier participant. “This is my second open carry and it amazes me that some law enforcement officers don’t know we have this right.”

Fellow gun advocate, Mari Hayden, says this is her first open carry event. “This is great. I just talked to an off-duty officer who said they were creeped out by this right, but I told her I was creeped out that she was a cop.”

Hey, I'm creeped out too! Sounds like a real creepy event put on by creepy people. Call them the Creepy Creeps.

Another fellow carrier was Rosa Garcia, a Mexican immigrant who came here legally with a sponsor; “I do this to share quality time with my sons.” The Garcia’s are belong to the San Diego Minutemen group and since they’ve lost their business due to illegal immigration, they depend on the kindness of the Minutemen for help to get by in the tough recession.

"They lost their business due to illegal immigration". Gee, could you be more vague? So now they are on some kind of Minutemen welfare program or something? It's good to spend time with your kids though, I took my son to the beach this weekend.

Sarah Conner is another kick ass single mom.

When it comes to the importance of being able to carry their firearms, many open carriers had different reasons for the educational walk through Encinitas.

“I will save a liberals' life even if they won’t save mine,” says Pendry Boteler. “I don’t mine though because I’ve been around guns my whole life.”

Ah, this is getting interesting. “I will save a liberals' life even if they won’t save mine,” This is one of the most paranoid things I've ever heard. Under what circumstance does Pendry believe her gun will "save a liberals' life"? And, isn't it interesting how absolutely everything these days gets boiled down to liberal vs conservative? Normal life is extinct, now we just live in a giant Red Soxs vs Yankees game of Us vs Them. This is a prime example of the Great Derangement. This deranged woman believes that a "liberal" won't save her life. You know, one of my most liberal friends is a paramedic. He has saved more than a few lives. Just sayin'.

The goal of this group is to exercise this right in every North San Diego County city in order to educate as many Americans as possible, says Jeff Schwilk founder of the San Diego Minutemen.

Not everyone was convinced this was a good idea. A few residents left their table outside a cafĂ© and said, “You people are nuts and paranoid. You shouldn’t want guns in your Christian nation.”

However across the plaza the group ran into current City Council member and former Encinitas Mayor Dan Dalager. “I’m not used to seeing people walk down the street openly carrying guns. I’m not endorsing it, but I’m not freaked out by it either.”

He continued to say that growing up he used guns and referred to them as tools that they used on the property to get the fox out of the chicken coop.

And here is why I'm even blogging about this story. Good 'ol Dan Dalager, no matter what the issue is you can always count on Danny to lapse into some random memory of the good old days of his youth when Encinitas was Mayberry and he was Opie. Classic.

Finally one of the carriers drove down from Orange County to learn about the organization in hopes of bringing a chapter to the Orange County area in a few months.

Vincent Burke is a lifetime National Rifle Association member and assists the U.S. Border Patrol on the U.S./Mexico border in counter-narco terrorism activity. “It’s tough work, but someone’s got to do it.”

It is tough work...for the U.S. Border Patrol. Maybe you should get a job with the Boarder Patrol instead of being some kind of comic book vigilante?

Once the streets were safe and the group hungry, they all ended their day at Giovanni’s Italian restaurant on Hwy 101 for lunch, guns and all.

"Once the steets were safe"? Seriously? What the f*ck? The Examiner article is suggesting that the streets of Encinitas are not safe? Well, gosh and golly and a big thank you to these brave souls for making the streets of Encinitas safe! Yup, even former mayor and current city councilman Dan Dalager was "not freaked out" by these pistol packing nerds. But hey, if you ride a skateboard down the sidewalk you are public enemy #1!

The thing that troubles me about these groups, I don't believe that they are sincere about expressing their 2nd Amendment rights. No, I believe that they have itchy trigger fingers and actually pray for the day they get to pull the trigger. As time goes on their excuse may get thinner and thinner. Do you feel that the streets of downtown Encinitas are safer with people openly carrying handguns?

*Now before you all start to destroy me in the comments section for being a liberal anti-gun socialist keep in mind that I keep a Made-in-the USA Remington 870 shotgun next to my bedside table, so don't get any ideas creeps.

The Great Derangement by Matt Taibbi


  1. Look, we need a decent concealed carry law in this state, you commie wimp. If you live in a rural county, you can get a permit no problem, but if you live in San Diego Cty, no permit for you!

    I lived in a state back east when they passed "must issue" CCW. The sissy libs started wetting themselves and writing editorials about soccer moms drawing on each other in supermarkets. The law passed, crime went down a little, and now no one talks about it. If they let Floridians carry - those weirdos are truly crazy - we Californians should have the same right.

    I carried for years and I didn't shoot anyone...except democrats and commies. Are you talking to me! Keep Leucadia Funky and Heavily Armed!

  2. NRA till death!!August 17, 2009 11:23 AM

    You pry my gun from my cold dead fingers!!!
    The only people I worry about with guns are surfers at Beacons, God help you if you jump the line up!!

  3. Right wing nutjobs, including 11:12.

  4. Are they planning to hold any open carry events in Watts or South Central LA?

    If they do, this small band will quickly be annihilated by the local Crips and Bloods. However, if they successfully reduce the crime there, they might have a point. My money is on the locals gangs though.

  5. I am amazed that the law actually allows people to carry firearms on the street in this way. This is no longer the Wild West, contrary to what some people might think. I have no problem with people having guns at home, however, I draw the line at people walking around with holsters, guns and ammo. Supposedly the ammo is not supposed to be in the gun, however who knows? Personally it scares me. I just hope I am not the one who ends up dead by someone who should have been seeing a psychologist instead of "packing heat".

  6. I own a gun. I look at it this way-it's a tool, like a fire extinguisher...something I pray I NEVER have to use. I don't show it off, I don't advertise it. A gun serves only one purpose-to kill.

  7. 2:03 - You "get it". Thanks for stating your very rational view. I would never have a gun, because it's a tool I feel I won't need. But I understand your view point and support your right to be a responsible gun owner (who does not flaunt).

  8. Some people think it's cool to tote a gun so they can show how tough they are. Loaded or unloaded, guns in public are a bad idea. It's only a matter of time before an incident happens that involves someone fully licensed shooting someone dead that didn't "deserve" it.

    It's great that you brought this idiocy to our attention, I just wish there was something that could be done to stop it.

  9. Just when you think you have seen everything...where are these idiots from?

  10. Look at the picture with the pink gun. When your son or daughter gets killed by a police officer because he can't tell if it's a toy or not you can blame people like this.

  11. According to case law, a city, or town can pass a law stating open carry is illegal. Make sure to check with your local law enforcement before doing this.

  12. It was our Bush appointed Supreme Court who finally ruled that the Constitution gives the right to individuals to carry weapons where it had been undecided up to now. I have an uphill battle with three boys who want guns, see guns on TV, guns in the movies, play video gun games (not at my house). When asked why, I tell them I am morally opposed to guns, that they are only designed for one purpose, to kill. If I see any gun toting morons in Encinitas in a store, except for uniformed police and the wanna be security guards, I will complain to the management and leave. People who tote guns around are promoting violence by carrying a weapon. Who needs weapons in Encinitas? What are these people going to do if they encounter a situtation, pull an unloaded gun? I won't let my kids have air soft guns as I don't trust the police, or others, to know the difference between fake and real. I forsee tragedy as this law is STUPID.

  13. I believe in the 2nd Amendment and do have several guns at home - FOR PROTECTION. I would never be so brazen as to flaunt my gun seems extremely unsafe. With as many wackos out there these days, you do not know if the gun slinging moron is on or off meds. It is completely irresponsible and WT!

  14. It is also a civil right to engage in sex among consenting adults,of opposite genders:(, in this State. But, some of us don't need to display it to claim it. These women need some serious TLC.

  15. Sad commentary on civil rights in this country where packing a piece is guaranteed by the Constitution but a child without health insurance will die of cancer that is treatable.

  16. If we outlaw guns, only outlaw's children will be accidentally killing each other"

    A clever spin on the old "...then only outlaws will have guns." that makes more sense.

    One of Hitler's governing moves was to collect guns from the people so they were defenseless. It worked well for him as he treated humans that he didn't like worse than cattle as he walked millions obediently to their horrible deaths. And of course, those who don't learn from the past...

    Guns are dangerous and terrible in the wrong hands. That's why all good citizens should keep theirs safe and accessible. I don't like hearing about home invasions. Not going to happen in my home or country without armed resistance. Call it what you will, I don't like innocents to suffer.

    The reason we have the second amendment is to protect ourselves.
    The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects a right to keep and bear arms from infringement by the federal government, including federal enclaves and Washington, D.C.[1] The American Bar Association has described this right as among the most controversial of the rights codified in the Bill of Rights.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that an outright ban by the federal government on the personal possession, at home, of an operable firearm, such as a handgun, violates the Second Amendment.[3] The Court has upheld the constitutionality of longstanding restrictions on the personal possession of firearms, including handguns.

  17. "Look, we need a decent concealed carry law in this state, you commie wimp..."

    -why???? You fucking neo-nazi crazy fucks!!!Snap out of it! No one is out to get you! This isn't fucking Texas where people shoot people out of boredom.

  18. Support the NRA.... no comments for or against the people needing attention, but gun possession is just smart insurance. Break into my home and threaten my family and you better have good life insurance and coffin maker.

    Look at the countries that outlaw guns, only the outlaws have the guns....the citizens are sitting ducks relying on police no better than the pink panther.

  19. Support the constitution... don't be such pussies

  20. 8:32
    Name one child with cancer that was turned away from treatment in this country.

  21. 8:32- A child like any free American has the right to die at any time. We are not and should not have the "right" to free healthcare. No one should be born with the rights of free passes. That to me is a privilege that one gets from working hard and earning a living. Plus our country is about to financially collapse. We can not support status quo and the current liabilities of our Failing Social Security System, Medicare, and welfare, US Debt…..on and on… Forget about free health care for every illegal alien in the world smart enough to crash the bleeding USA. I am sick of this nonsense about government healthcare. Puke. That will get you sick!!!!

    Fucking commies in this country want everything for free without working for shit. Next eating McDonalds all day and supersizing yourself like some many fat ass Americans will be a “right” to the left. Just like in the movie Wall-E

    The day will come when you will be crawling to your neighbor with guns for protection against all those needy no liberty bastards the government created.

  22. These are crazies packing pistols. They are dangerous and should go back home.

  23. Anon 10:42--

    That is some funny shit you write. Puke. Keep a good tight grip on that gun. You never know when one of those hard-working neighbors of yours might run into some tough luck and come crawling to you for a bite to eat. But fuck luck, eh? I guess your solution to all those problems you list are guns? Sure.

  24. 10:42 - Read the proposed bill. There is no government health care in it. Under the plan, health care will be run by private insurance companies and private doctors as it is now. All the plan does is make sure all have health care - which they get anyway since hospitals don't turn people down.

    This is necessary to stabelize the economy - American business is subsidizing the cost of providing treatment to the uninsured, making it harder to compete with Adavanced economy contries where government takes care of health care and Developing countries where health care is cheap.

  25. AJ- Its sure not government self entitlement. Welfare kills the soul.

    Funny shit huggh?.... just like every other large civilations (greeks, Romans, British Empire, Russia), USA is destroying itself be self entitlement and government debt.

    I am glad you beleive you can trust big government. I don't and I don't feel its what our constitution is about.

    Please give me all my liberty and the armed citizens will keep the government in check.

    Don't trust the government too much AJ. You'll loose all your liberty and your soul.

  26. Aunt Grizelda: You asked to name one child that died because they would not be treated for cancer due to lack of money or insurance. I can do that. My grand-nephew, Phillip, died because my nephew did not have enough insurance or possesions, nor did we, to keep in alive. Happy now? Sick system to spend tons of money at the end of someone's life, and let a child die IMHO. We have universal healthcare in this country. It is called Medicare and it is for people 65 and older. What is so special about the number 65? Makes no sense. As I approach that age, I would gladly die to let a child, or younger adult, live.

  27. I wonder how we would have felt if 12 black men in hooded T-shirts and baggy pants showed up toting their registered assault weapons. A free country I suppose, but idiots can still ruin it by exercising their rights.

  28. Welfare doesn't kill the soul. Nothing the government does kills the soul. Some people seem soulless, no doubt, but that's usually related to the depression that they suffer from that goes untreated because they don't have access to a doctor. Depression sucks.

    But there are tough people like you: Never missed a day of work in your life, paid your taxes, and all you can focus on are the "bums" sucking on the tit of "Big Government". This image is a conflagration you've created in your brain. Alas, there's no medicine that can treat that away. Your attitude has developed over many years and will not be going away anytime soon. Sigh.

    Meanwhile, back to the subject at hand: I want you to have your weapons. Just because I don't own any firearms doesn't mean I haven't trained with an M-16, an M-203 and an M-60. Took some flights on UH-60's, C-130's and C-141's too. I like the part of the Constitution that acknowledges that our right to a well-regulated militia cannot be restricted by the government.

    And what did the people parading downtown with unloaded pistoles have to do with the 2nd Amendment?

    I am not for big government. I am for the right size government. We have some big problems in this country. Not a single bullet will solve them.

  29. Ladies In Black SayAugust 18, 2009 8:25 AM

    Now that Obama is president, war is OKAY!

  30. In states with concealed carry laws, the murder rate dropped 8%, rape went down 5% and aggravated assault fell 7%. At the same time, nationwide, murder increased 24% and rape 71%. Source: "More Guns, Less Crime" by Prof. John Lott. He got his statistics from the federal and state governments - FBI, Dept. of Justice, ATF, states' attorneys general, etc.

  31. There are some misconceptions about carrying pistols in California.

    First, people are legally (we know criminals are already illegally carrying)carrying concealed pistols in San Diego Co., just none of them live here. State law gives the Co. control over issuing permits and San Diego doesn't issue them to anyone. Some counties issue permits.

    You don't hear much about people with permits committing crime because they rarely do.

    The majority of states now allow people without criminal records to carry concealed pistols. The irrational and hysterical fear shown by people here is not backed by evidence. Is anyone here really afraid to visit Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Vermont, Virginia, etc. because they allow non-criminals to get concealed weapon permits?

    A liberal really seems to be a person who lives in mortal fear that a somewhere a Conservative owns a gun.

    Lighten up. The unloaded open carry people are silly, but the fear and loathing and hysteria they provoke is funnier.

  32. JTF--

    I have much less of a problem with "Concealed Carry" laws than with the show-off stuff going on now. That said, it is inevitable that an "accident" happens where someone fully licensed to carry a concealed weapon shoots someone that was an innocent bystander. I know, shit happens.

    Meanwhile, I'm not all that convinced by the statistics you cite. If a city had 200 homicides one year and 20 less the next, that could have as much to do with the weather as the fact that you had a loaded pistole strapped to your calf. But whatever.

    Let's face it: we live in a YouTube society, where people are out to get their 15 minutes of fame. Very Warholian.

  33. What is the purpose of a firearm? It is to kill. Have it in your home if you must, but on the street? What are we teaching our children. What if someone decides to play a joke on the police and pulls their "unloaded piece" out? The cop shoots to kill. Now, the cop gets in trouble? What is wrong with this picture. And, how do we really know the gun is unloaded. I believe that this has more to do with pushing the 2nd Amendment, which gun people have already won. What more do you want? the ability to kill anyone you don't like?

  34. 10:12
    Only suicidal people pull an empty gun on a cop as a joke. The kind of people who would take a nap at night in the fast lane on freeway 5. You can't prevent idiots from doing idiotic things, (which is also the charade of preventing terrorism) and virtually anything anyone can hold in their hand is a lethal weapon. Especially cars. 50,000 people dead a year in this country from cars. I remember a neo-Nazi telling me one time in a restaurant that "That's pretty good, considering how many miles are traveled!" I remember the look of horror on the woman's face behind him. If the speed were lowered everywhere to 35 mph, death by car would almost not exist. But we silently set the standards on how many lives we sacrifice each year, don't we? And that by far exceeds accidental shootings.

    Sorry to hear about your grand-nephew. Which treatment was it that may have cured his cancer and how much were they? Had anyone told the family about applying for County Medical Services?

  35. Aunt: They were on MediCal and they refused to pay for the treatment which would have run about $500,000. We do not have that kid of money either or we would have paid out of pocket to save him. The story is too sad to tell here.

  36. J.P., is THAT REALLY your photo accompanying this post? And YOU call US "nerds"?! Look in the mirror pal; YOUR picture appears in WikiPedia's definition of "Nerd". The limp-wristed, Casper Milquetoast "look" you are cultivating (where are your shoulders?) tells the story before you stroke the first key on your keyboard. You have the 'look' of weak, effete, whiny, ineffectual, un-American jerk. Sign up at a gym, for God's sake!

    Those of us who actually strolled around the Lumberyard on Saturday are true American patriots, with the historical knowledge of how the country became the great beacon of freedom and personal successes that it is.

    Most of the posters here don't have the guts to come out from behind the "anonymous" name tag! I PITY the kids growing up with such twisted, fear gripped, paranoid mom's, who won't let them play with the toys of their choice. My dad gave me my first shotgun at age 8 on the farm. You prohibit kids from something, they become fascinated with it.

    I am a retired Navy Captain, with 30 years of service to our country, an MS degree -and a family history of 'taking up arms' that extends back to the Revolution. NOT some 'nut job', like the ones posting here.

    There were retired Marines, housewives, professional people and immigrants (naturalized, legal American citizens) who participated. The Second Amendment "GUARANTEES" it is my God-given right to walk down the street in Encinitas -or, anywhere else, packing my unloaded, 1911, Navy-issue .45!

    "Education"; THAT is the point of these 'public displays', but it appears from the commentary here, that most of you LibTard whack-jobs are uneducable.

  37. Ghost Of Charlton HestonAugust 18, 2009 11:31 AM

    El Capitan - carry on! I salute your service!

  38. 8:32
    To have health care available only to the rich is certainly not humane nor what the Hippocratic oath is all about. But the cost of health care has absolutely nothing to do with the second amendment and doesn't take one cent away from medical care. But a government program to locate, collect and destroy all guns? Now you're talkin about the sucking sound of big bucks being pulled away from health care and everything else. In a perfect world when everyone loves each other they'll be made into plow shares. But until that's possible, I'm pleading the 2nd.

    12 white men toting registered assault weapons, wearing hooded T-shirts and baggy pants might also be a frightening sight. Everyone knows baggy pants leads to a life of break-dancing and crime, and I've never even seen a hooded T-shirt worn by any race, but it sounds really scary. I hate to even think about what colors they might come in.

  39. El Capitan--

    Thanks for your service. I appreciate your willingness to protect and defend our freeedom. But namecalling is unbecoming of you. I would think a guy as secure as you wouldn't feel the need to do so much educating. My guess is you're still trying to get over that little dick of yours by scaring all those housewives with your little ol' pistole.

    Understand that nothing you could be packing will scare me. Nor does all you namecalling move me. Remember those people that you are so quick to dismiss are the ones that are paying for your pension and VA benefits and provided you a pretty good living to raise your family. Don't be such an obnoxious puke.

  40. 11:18
    I stand corrected. My condolenses.

  41. El Capitan,

    You're just jealous of JP cause he gets on the online babes.

  42. a.j.foytunate said..."Don't be such an obnoxious puke."

    What you might not understand is that Navy fighter pilots are screened for EXACTLY that attribute. And . . if a nugget does not posses it in sufficient quantity, he soon acquires it . . through constant beatings by instructors and senior officers -and occasional water boarding at SERE School.

    Then you throw in coming home from serving your country and doing your duty -only to be greeted by commie scum bag whack jobs, screaming "baby killer" and spewing jars of urine and human feces -which only tended to enhance the "obnoxious" attribute in one. I lack the patience, when it comes to people who are trying to destroy the country whose 'Oath' I have taken. Sorry.

    Looking back on the original article, I don't believe *I* initiated name calling.

  43. El Capitan--

    The oath you swore, sir, was to uphold the Constitution, that remarkable piece of writing that men spent so much time debating and amending and fighting about, oh so many years ago. It's interesting what was in the 1st Amendment and what was in the 2nd; and here we are kicking them both around today.

    Meanwhile, I've known a few fighter pilots in my day (certainly not to the extent that you do). All of them were perfectly capable of checking their obnoxiousness at the Air Station. I could see it now and then, but nothing where they needed to strap on a handgun to "educate" someone.

    As to what happen to you when you returned from war, I'm sorry for that. But there will always be people that cannot separate the Warriors from the War. No matter whether I agree with the decisions our elected politicians make to send our military into battle, the men and women that are serving deserve nothing but our respect and support, which includes a First Class healthcare system for casualties. (I seem to recall Walter Reed was a dump for quite some time, and wasn't seriously addressed by the last President until it hit the news.)

    The notion that anyone objecting to the parading of firearms in downtown Encinitas is "trying to destroy the country" is just ludicrous. You may not agree with me about how to solve problems, but to suggest I'm trying to destroy this great country of ours is nuts.

  44. El Capitan Is Just The Same as AnonymousAugust 18, 2009 1:49 PM

    These folks preening around with their guns are part of the 30-35% of people in this country who will never accept that we just elected a black man for president. Because he looks "different", they conclude he cannot have their best interests at heart and must be after their freedoms as some sort of retribution. They fear that the country is passing them by, and they are lashing out in attempt to hold on, not realizing that we are trying to carry them to a better place too. Reminds of a kid who has to give up the lollipop that is rotting his teeth.

  45. THAT seems to be the Progressive 'talking point' of the week. Limp ass pukes like you would have NO way of knowing that I rode a rickity yellow school bus from Providence, RI -to Selma, AL with 46 other white and black college students to march with MLK, Jr. in 1963. WE, people like us, created the Civil Rights Act of 1965!

    MLK, Jr. was famous for saying, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

    The FACT is, that O'Bumma is only 16% 'black' BUT has ZERO % 'character'. THAT'S what patriots have a problem with. His total LACK of character. Martin Luther King, Jr. would NOT have voted for him because he is a Marxist, traitorous, slime ball, who hates America.

    YOU are "carrying us" to HELL . . and I will fight you with my dying breath!

  46. Some of the funniest images I have ever seen! Hilarious.

  47. El Capitan--

    Whoa, dude. Maybe you should put the gun down for a while until some of the anger has subsided. I wouldn't have made this discussion about race, but I hope you would be willing to admit that a significant percentage of the Obama haters are racists. Glad to hear you're not.

    Some of us patriots think President Obama has a whole bunch of character. Obviously you don't. There were plenty of "issues" that Hannity beat to death during the campaign, but when it came time to vote, a majority of Americans decided Obama was the right man for the job. Apparently, that make anyone that voted for him and supports what he's doing now whack jobs.

    I guess you want to fight about it; I just want to debate. Hopefully your dying breath is a long ways off and the future is better than you fear.

  48. Wow, some people on this Blog are really really angry, and it has nothing to do with the topic. What is the point of walking around displaying an unloaded gun anyway, kind of like having your picture taken posing in a cardboard Maserati. Some serious issues with self-esteem.

  49. Sorry JP, I meant to say "...gets all the online babes", not on.

  50. 11:46 -- who and where on the on line babes?

  51. So, El Capitan, what do you think we should do about this O'bumma, slimeball, America-hating, character-free Marxist?

  52. Limp-assed puke. Now that's a high-minded description. Reminds me of pencil-necked geek. Are you a Freddie Blassie fan?

  53. El Capitan, just what specifically do you think is being taken away from you? Do you think we are going to strip you of your right to carry a gun? Do you make more than $250K so perhaps your taxes might go up? Do you think the stimulus package is too expensive? That the bail-outs were a corporate giveaway? That we are embarking on socialized medicine?

  54. I'm training to become a cage fighter.

  55. I love how El Capitan actually thinks thats your picture...classic!..what a dumb ass!!!

    El Cap- I appreciate your service to our country, but to be honest your just backing up my theory that most meatheads such as your self that enter the armed services were just too dumb to do anything else.

    I mean you get the odd ball smart one that sneaks through cracks but you guys are just such brain washed idiots!

    And to make matters worse, once you people retire from 30 years of service, you come back trying to shove this "commie scum bag whack jobs" attitude down our throats. What the fuck is up with that?

    I mean I totally understand how war can fuck with your head, but man your a fucking nut!

    That's scary to think that freaks like you are allowed to carry guns around our children.

    Again I appreciate you putting your life on the line for the rest of us, but with all do respect---PIPE DOWN YOU SCARY FUCK!

  56. Can we all chill and call Dr. Lori?

  57. this aggression will not standAugust 19, 2009 8:20 AM

    Stop using your 2nd amendment right to intimidate people out of their 1st amendment right.

  58. Wow all these comments and the only intelligent one is coming from Auntie Grizelda. A government is less likely to take or repress if the public is armed. Although I don't agree with unconcealed weapons on the streets I will support the freedom to do so. So sad this blog is usually very mature and informative but labeling people with different values as deranged? You are no different then the crazies comparing Obama to hitler.

  59. Not even the bible thumping Christian religious right has the number of Kooks the NRA has... downright scary.

  60. Mr. Toad,
    You're on the right road.

  61. NRA forever.

    A kook by defination is someone who believes the government will take care of their every need. Silly Kook! Somepeople will never learn.

  62. The NRA will be gone in 10 years. Its a terrorist organization.

  63. NRA is only a terrorist organization if you are Pansy Communist needing the government to wipe your little butt.

  64. People "open carrying" guns are like Rollerbladers. You think you look cool or whatever....the rest of us think you look douche bags.

  65. Gianni-

    The douche bag is the one thinking the government will wipe your butt and feed your kids. The rest of Free America care to raise our kids with liberty. Google liberty and the USA constitution and learn a little bit about how to appreciate the fortunate position you had when you were born into this country.

    Liberty is great. Communism sucks!

  66. @ 9:03

    So you are obviously an avid Rollerblader, and paranoid about it. Sounds like the perfect prescription for someone to go Plaxico and to accidentally and unnecessarily harm yourself through pure stupidity. Liberty could be best defined as the soul's right to breath...and since you're fascist it's only a matter of time until your ilk tries to take our liberty from us.

  67. These gun-carrying NRA members are the kids that got pushed around in a circle at school, took up karate (didn't help) and now need to threaten with guns in order to try to establish some self esteem.

    Look at Timothy McVeigh. He's their poster child.

  68. I love the gun zealots protecting the Constitution. What a joke. They sit idly by for 8 years while Bush desecrated the Constitution. The moment society (govt by the people) decides it is more ethical and financially prudent to provide insurance for those private insurance won't cover, the wingnuts start flashing their guns.

    What a bunch of sheep in wolves' clothing. "Don't trust the govt!" they bravely yell, yet when the govt tells them anti-constitutional and illegal measures are necessary to protect these bed-wetters, they're as cozy as can be sidled up to their powerfully daddy.

    I support the 2nd Ammendment, though anyone with a half a brain knows that it doesn't mean guns cannot be regulated at all. But the 2nd Ammendment wingnuts are some of the biggest cowards this country has ever seen.


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