Monday, August 31, 2009

Leucadia Art Walk Roundup

Stray Observations:
*The heat was punishing in the areas without shade trees. The little roadside park was probably the best place to hang.
*The Art Walk is too big. The Leucadia coast highway is longer than you realize when you walk it, especially in baking August heat.
*The wine garden was popular, maybe next year we need a beer garden?
*The Magic Bus, Art Walk shuttle and Bio Diesel were well used.
*I was surprised that a lot of businesses didn't take advantage of the event to promote themselves and introduce themselves to people walking by.
*South Leucadia coast highway is really, really dangerous for kids and families and teenagers on bikes. I saw a group of 4 get almost wiped out by a big jacked truck with a huge SOLCAL sticker on the back window. Wow, COOL.
*Art Walk is a good event, still needs refinement,but we should keep doing it.
*The Leucadia Project Blog has a good post with photos about the Art Walk, click me.


  1. Art walk is good. Yes it does need refinement but it needs more community involvement.

    The Leucadia community lacks commitment unless it's a 12 pack. Right Jeff?? It's morons like Jeff that diss everything about Leucadia and the positive changes.

    Many Leucadia businesses are here because of cheap rent, they don't want to be more than marginally successful.

    Some businesses and property owners like at 934 N. Hwy 101 keep there property rundown and ugly. They are to be boycotted. 934 clean up your property.

    Support the Streetscape and support Artwalk!!

  2. I love the Art Walk. However, a beer would have been good too:) We have such amazing artists in this community. All I can do is say WOW! Having never had the talent to draw ANYTHING a person would recognize, I so appreciate all of you. Every piece of art I have in my home and office is now local:)

  3. A lunkheaded Leucadian that opposes everything about the community. He inherits his house from mom and pop and doesn't have to work. Unless you count drinking beer and being an idiot.

    Sound familiar??
    Jeff- get a job.

    Support Artwalk and the Streetscape.

  4. 8:59
    Awesome observation! Thanks for your beneficial information for our community. By the way, where are those numerous cheap rent properties you were referring to and how much per square foot are they paying? You've obviously done your homework and know what you're talking about.
    The "marginally successful" businesses of Leucadia are still doing better than places like Circuit City, Barratt American and some major American car manufacturers. But not everyone can be a successful home based shut in Amway distributor like you ya know. That said, I'm in complete agreement about the crappy looking business located at 934 and it's usless, ugly barbed wire parking lot next door to it. I do support Streetscape, Artwalk, and every marginally successful business in America. Regardless of how much rent they have to pay, or their ability or desire to expand.

  5. 10:40 - oh yeah, that Jeff.


  6. I almost was taken out by several cars. The sidewalks are to small from more than one pedestrian at a time. The City needs to close at least one of the south bound lanes during the event. I will not go back until some safety improvements for that area are done.

  7. coast is the mostAugust 31, 2009 1:00 PM

    Leucadia coastal properties are $3 a square foot. That is not cheap my friend.

  8. It was a good thing to see a sampleing of the fine art talents in our town. I do not think it was too long. About one mile and three shuttles to help get visitors there and back. We saw folks out enjoying their town, seeing friends, hearing local music and a lot of art. It seemed the business were getting a lot of attention and the resturants full.
    To say the sidewalks can only handle one person is just not true. It probably would be better if there was a lower speed limit to 25 during events like this. Lori, all our restaurants served libations and the artwalk seemed to help these businesses, not compete.
    It would be great to have all the businesses clean up their area like you would do whenever thousands are invited to your home.
    Pretty hot, but a good experience for all as far as I could see.
    Thanks L101, sponsors, helpers and especially the fine artists.
    Sopport our local artists and businesses.

  9. I think it just seemed too long because it was so hot. It was 92 in the shade at my house. Anyway, I got my Xmas gifts and it felt good to have my cash go directly to a local ar-teest!

    Slightly OT: who died at Beacons yesterday?

  10. some old guy.... but they zapped him back to life and took him off to the hospital.

  11. the artwalk was nice, I enjoyed the Encinitas School of music. nice music.

  12. During Art Walk we should shut down the southbound lanes or at least mock up the traffic measures that are proposed in the L101 streetscape plans. North bound lanes could be one lane each way :)

    Actually, we should pilot the streetscape plans right now, and try it out both on the weekend and weekdays.

  13. If its 'Leucadia Art Walk', stop it at the Pannikin and keep it out of Encinitas.

  14. Ned,
    The art walk good for all the businesses all along 101 in Leucadia, hopefully.
    That is one of the big reasons L101 puts all the effort into it. And
    promote the Arts. It has to be advantageous to have thousands of
    visitors in one day. If it was a two day event, like it was in the
    beginning and stretched the whole length, with more people movers,
    and a lane closed all the businesses could benefit. Hopefully this a
    benefit to our businesses and our community. Everyone's businesses
    seemed to be full. Most took advantage of the opportunity and were
    happy that they did, I imagine. Auggies was packed and he was out of the art walk areas. He was a sponsor too. I had never had his shrimp burger. Great shrimp burgers. I’ll be back.
    A few were closed,(?), or chose not to participate.
    I do not understand that choice.
    It seem it could be good to get even more citizens and businesses
    involved rather than less.

  15. The art walk isn't working out for most artists, especially for the ones tucked away behind businesses or in tiny little shrubbed in parking lots.

    The 101 group needs to look at how few repeat artists they have and all the complaints from visitors who didn't know where it starts or stops and if it's worth walking the next block. It's a wonder you don't see visitors peering over shrubs looking for elusive artists in their habitat.

    and realize if they don't change the event, it'll never be as big or as beneficial as it could.

    Closing off the 101 is a MUST, even if it doesn't reach all business. Business with no art walk frontage could get a free booth space to compensate.

  16. A few suggestions: August is too hot for a walk; artists could be showcased in existing businesses; designated tents could be set up for artists who overflow the businesses; marathon type tables with water and directories of artists and locations could be set every 1/4 mile. 101 south be limited to one lane. And, my favorite, fireworks at artistic reality tableaux.

  17. Rrhyne
    As I understand, most of the artists return the following year.

  18. Fireworks are a bad idea any time during the most dangerous fire season.

    And speaking of the walking danger of traffic, closing at least one lane is a must.

    Love the idea of starting right now to test the streetscape concepts by putting up temporary barriers with storyboards and suggestion boxes. Let people experience the feel of it and shake free of the status quo. Change terrifies so many it seems, so we might help them out.

  19. The first two concepts of the streetscape have been tried and work terrific.

    1. Reducing N. Bound to one traffic in areas of the streetscape- The north bound travel lanes were reduced to one lane for over a six month period during the construction of a pipeline in the street about two years ago. There were never any backups. The 2nd north bound lane is just unneeded blacktop which is ugly, expensive, reduces percolation and water for trees, and encourages speeding.

    2. Make the Leucadia Blvd/Hwy101 all way stop instead of its current messed up signals- This is proven time and time again, each time the signal goes to the all way red flash mode. The traffic ends up getting much less congested at the intersection. The reason is the all way stop allows many traffic movements to occur at the same time which improves efficiency. You are not stuck waiting 3 minutes at a light controlled by a timer while the coast is clear.

    The second item is not yet a concept for streetscape, but it should be.

    Bring on the Streetscape and savage that ugly, treeless, dusty, dangerous waste land.

  20. LeucadiArt Walk had a good turn out, even at the outskirts of my shop in the 1200 block. A tree Mary Fleener gave me a few years ago now provides lots of shade in front and it was actually cool there with a good breeze coming through. Unforutnately, a few days before L'artwalk, the county cut down three heatly trees and a few olianders on the east side of 101 that the city had planted 8 years ago. The stumps can be seen across from Bamboo 2 U and A Little Moore Cafe. My friend Bret Hurst brought it to my attention and we both crossed the hwy to take picutres of the carnage. One of the chainsaw yeilders announced "Activists!". Then the Sheriff who was with them asked us not to take pictures and wouldn't give me his card or what entity ordered the trees removed. The city is supposed to get back to me about exactly WHO did this. It wasn't the city crew. Some sonofabitch won't be happy until Leucadia's corridor is a linear, treeless desert.

  21. bonddi- join L101 and get involved, it's your community!!

  22. bonddi is involved in the community.

  23. Hey Fred-

    I agree with you points, but I don't understand

    "Some sonofabitch won't be happy until Leucadia's corridor is a linear, treeless desert."

    That stretch of road now looks like a treeless linear desert.... I would say some sonofabitch was successful! The question is who is the sonsofbitches and how can they be repaid for their raping of Leucadia?

  24. 2:19

    There are still a few good vantage points, like the one with Scott's orange Studebaker by the Longboard Grotto goin to work. But if those three trees are outside of the 50 ft. mark of RR right of way and on Encinitas' property, they will be hearing from me.

  25. Fred they are outside the NCtimes right-of-way....

    What the hell is wrong with NCTD, they have trees all along their right-of-way. Jerome Stocks the leader of NCTD must have gave the order to clear cut Leucadia. Way to go Jerome. You sure no how to destroy a town.

  26. speaking for the trees, access the google maps over the past 10 years..they are archived, 101 has been revealed as the trees have been ravaged. the coridor is dead not only because the leafing limbs were pruned but also because healthy growth was deciminated. I think this really is a plan for a redevelopment government intervention. Why else would the Leucadia trainway look any different than the rest. Our representative with the NCTD is stocks, who has done nothing to improve the train corridor in Leucadia. Isn't that his job? Is he so ineffective? If so, vote him out.

  27. It WAS slightly surreal to hear 10 year old girls singing "Is This Love" by Bob Marley.

  28. It was surreal to have my balls get blisters from rubbing against each other in 100 degree heat while walking a half a mile. Boy was that fun!

  29. It's nice to know the city allows the flowers on garden View to die just as they do on the 101. Equal oppertunity gardening.

  30. "You can send me dead flowers in the morning
    Send me dead flowers by the mail
    Send me dead flowers to my wedding
    And I won't forget to put roses on your grave."

    Name that tune.

  31. "Encinitas policy towards landscaping!!" by Wall of Sausage

    Ok so what do I win??

  32. Close but no cigar. Although it certainly could apply to Encinitas.

  33. You win three new fire McMansion costing the citizens more than $15,000,000.00. This gobbles up all the City's remaining money after they get down paying for their godlike pensions.

    No wonder the City has no money for the Hall property or anything else including flowers!

    At least the fire crew has nice workout and sleeping quarters. Sleep well fire princesses with visions of flowering pensions in your sweet dreams.

  34. "Dead Flowers" written by the Rolling Stones. The Album: Sticky Fingers

    Too EZ Doc!

  35. The sidewalks under our stretch of art walk are safer than ever. Lowering the speed limit makes any place safer. But I get a feeling the same people would bitch about art walk if every possible precaution was taken.
    Anything can be made safer. Look at how that's affected the toy industry. But you can still suffocate in the plastic bag they put your toy in. (At age 5 I got a wood buring set. It didn't take me long to learn respect for danger.) Twenty feet of nerf plastic on the front of trains might gently place suicidals down on barren earth next to the tracks out of harms way. To what lenghts does a town have to go to please everyone or to protect them from themselves?
    But anyone who cannot walk the walk of art is either lazy, doesn't like art/music, or is unfortunately walk challenged. The sidewalks work very well. It would be more convienient for everyone to cluster artists in an area built as a grid, but then it wouldn't be the longest artwalk in the world, would it?


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