Monday, August 24, 2009

Leucadia Art Walk Sunday Aug 30

click poster for large view
click map for large view

Started in 1987, the tenth LeucadiART is on Sunday. This is the fifth year revival.

There will be over 100 artists in varied media and live music artists to share their talents with our guests and locals. This show has always been an only fine art. No window sales, hawkers or the like. No China imports. Additionally there will be art activities for kids, a wine garden, art demonstrations and more. LeucadiArt has been extended north to Bamboo 4 You and south to a half a block south of Mad Potter.

There will be the Magic Bus, (double Decker), The Coast Cruiser, (powered by Capt. Kenos), and an additional LeucadiART shuttle to help folks around. Park at city hall or coaster station, if you like and ride the bus. It’s free and fun.

Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association invites all to attend and enjoy. IT’S ALL GOOD.


  1. "A is for Art" and "P is for Potty".
    Nice to see that once again, everyone is named: the businessess, the bands, the sponsers, but none of the artists who paid money to be in this event.
    However, the artists and the potties share the same style icon.


  2. Hey Anon- Join L101 and then you can do the poster next year!! Those that can, do. Those that can't whine about those that do.
    If you want your name on a poster, print your own, then distribute them around town.


  3. All of the artists will be listed and their locations.
    Additionally all the artists are listed on the poster.
    Thanks, again for all the artists support on this event to showcase their talents with their community.

  4. Fred did the art for the poster and map, I see.
    Nice work again.

  5. 9:34
    Thanks. It's no small task, as only Kevin Doyle who did it an outstanding job on it last year while I was in the hospital really knows.

    You're wrong. All of the artists participating are named, not only on the poster but on the map. The 2500 maps also contain each artist's contact information. If you'd like to donate some snappy icons that would not offend you next year, you may send them to for consideration. BTW, Who could you be? I must have stepped on your toes at some point.

  6. Fred- U the man!

  7. One Of Countless Fred FansAugust 25, 2009 4:39 PM

    Fred has for decades contributed generously both his time and talent to better his hometown. He is one of those rare people who actually walk the walk.

  8. Another nice job Fred you've got it going on.

  9. And thanks to all the others who have donated their time and energy to start and keep this fine event going.

  10. Awesome! Can't wait! We just need to step up and block off the south bound next year. Even if we have to string it out with huge gaps in between booths to get all local businesses involved, it'd be great.

    Think of all the exercise people would get visiting all the booths!

  11. I agree block of the southbound traffic for the day.... Encinitas does it for 2 days, why can't Leucadia

  12. I'm so happy about all the great art along the North County Coast! Up here in Oceanside, we have Artists' Alley filled with local artists today, too! YAY! GO ART!


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